August 15, 2022

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32 thoughts on “PR Diaries The Stories we Used To Talk About On These Pr Streets

  1. Oop. I knew Kerry and Tony had too much chemistry. A real life scandal 😂😂. Brangelina vibes lol

  2. Hmmmm and all this time I thought Jezzy was rapping about coke…. No surprise about Jessica Simpson liking black men or thugs as most white girls do but I do wonder if this went down while she was married to Nick Lachey…now that’ would be some juice lol…. and Kerry Washington spending 40 minutes in the hotel room with Tony Goldwyn is a pretty quick scandal 😁😁😁

  3. The industry is a fucked up place I don’t get how anybody would want to be a part of that

    1. I agree. I don’t idolize any of these people like I used to. Once you know what they have to do in order to get and maintain their fame, it is not the same.

  4. Poor Drew Barrymore :’( and the fact they have pedo parties is just simply sick! Are all celebs required to go to the pedo parties or is it just something for the creeps who enjoy that alot to attend? Smh it’s one thing to do sick shit to each other as grown ass adults but leave the f****** kids out of it!

    But on a funnier/lighter note Jessica Simpson And her fetish is humorous considering she’s from the south lol she said she don’t want no polish rapper I want them hood boogers hahaha

  5. Poor Drew. She never had a chance.

    I’m not surprised at all by Jessica. All of those white bubblegum pop stars from when I was growing up loved them some black dudes (ex. Christina Aguilera, Brittney Spears)

    Kerry ain’t shit lol

  6. Also, G. Can you talk about Rihanna supposedly being a billionaire and richest musician (Forbes) and whether that is true. There is a blind item about Beyonce that says she is mad about it and tried to give Forbes an interview in exchange for getting a higher position (over Rihanna) on the list.

    I heard Beyonce was livid about it.

      1. She has this mentality that NO ONE can be better than her or come out on top because she is the almighty “queen”. She seriously must suffer from a personality complex because my God Rihanna’s not even thinking about her, but it is her that spews the unadulterated hate. She gives off this vibe of I’m better than everyone else, and those that she deemed aren’t must bow down to her.

        I remember on the blog it was said that Giselle felt as if Rihanna didn’t show her enough real genuine love. There have been plenty of interviews during Rihanna’s earlier days in her career as stating her as an influence. Now probably not so much because of the toxic energy she receives. She knows this but she wants somebody to kiss her ass, while she never really did that for those that came before her. It don’t matter if Rihanna were to do exactly what she wanted and kiss her ass, she would still have a problem with her because she is really jealous of her SUCCESS and she wants to be the ONLY WOMAN in this era that reaches that level of SUCCESS. Hmm talk about FEMALE EMPOWERMENT😏😏😏

    1. Considering all of the choices and sacrifices she had made to get to where she is I can see that. Literally when Giselle came out she ran for like 10 years straight with no break (music, married a serial cheater, commercials, touring, perfume, make up, hair color, movies etc..) LITERALLY.. Than u have Rihanna same moves. Dates who she wants, while being her total authentic self and giving 0%f*cks. She worked HARD as well but she was not being forced down our throats. Then BOOM! She is a young (er) black, educated, self approved, confident billionaire. Giselle is actually mad herself but she can’t blame herself openly because of her image she is portraying it won’t work. so RIGHT NOW Rihanna is her target. I Love both ladies and their talents but I get Giselles anguish. It’s a sad story but only Giselle is in control of her destiny and if she surrenders this to someone else shame on her🤕🤪😔

  7. I so believe this about Kerry! That man was crazy about her and it wasn’t all about acting.

  8. I always liked drew that’s sad.

    Kerry Washington said I only need 40 minutes I gotta get back home😂

    Ok Jessica had us thinking Jeezy was talking about drugs lol

  9. I always wondered about Keanu Reeves. He seems so low key but I wonder if the death of his girlfriend after she gave birth to their stillborn child a sacrifice because it seemed to happen around the same time as the Matrix.

  10. Oh Kerry was fuckin fitz in real life ion blame her he fine as shit 😂😂😂 jk. I knew that chemistry was too good.

  11. Is the news of Ri being the richest woman in the industry the start of the fall of Giselle? Bc Giselle is supposed to be the Queen of Music, right?

  12. Mannnnnnnnn….Drew was partying at Studio 54 at eight years old. I’m surprised she isn’t burnt out yet.

  13. Heather O Rourke the little blonde girl from Poltergeist was also raped by Steven Spielberg and raped to death by three other Hollywood Pedos smh

  14. This is really sad about Drew, 8yrs old getting come to be violated, this is just sickening and merely sad😡🤮🤢🤬

  15. Is the beef with Robin and Giselle over the fact that when she 1st came to the US Inga told Robin the ropes on how to survive DeafJelly and to stick with J at all costs? Robin was willing to get initiated in ways Inga wasnt and is secretly loyal to Inga bcuz she never lied to her about how the industry operates. Robin was ALLEGEDLY pimped by her mom to the rich boys at the resort and Robin had grown women hating on her until she put it on a female exec so good and got signed immediately? Robin has a whole bank at her disposal in her home country and gets paid in euros only now so her treasury exchange rates is A++ and this is why she will be richer than Giselle even before she marries the arabian knight? Giselle has to downplay Robin bcuz Robin could buy the Roc and let J run it and render her financial power over him irrelevant ALLEDGEDLY.

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