October 6, 2022

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23 thoughts on “H.O.T.P. – Behind The Scenes Of a PR Group Chat

  1. I feel sorry for Beyonce. It’s like she always has to be #1. Always has to be in someone else’s lane. She’s never satisfied. And she has accomplished alot in her own right. Yet it is never enough.

    She is incredibly narcissistic and feels the need to be on top and #1 all the time. Everything is a competition with literally every artists. Its sad.

    Rihanna has a lane.
    Beyonce has a lane.

    And if Beyonce stayed in her own lane and her own course in life, alot of black artists would be eating and getting that bread.

    She just seems like a really jealous, egotistical, competitive, and narcissistic person.


  2. I do want to know what her true worth is in comparison to Rihanna. Since she conducts interviews in order to get a higher ranking.

    1. Cloning I think? When someone gets cloned they always come out the facility fatter then before.

  3. I don’t understand ppl like Giselle. Like wouldn’t you be happy that another black woman is doing the damn thing? I can’t believe I used to be a fan of this woman & foolishly went to her concerts until I saw the light & enough evidence that this woman is a fraud, insecure & a bully.

    Giselle cares more about potential women talking to her cheating husband & lying about her success to feel superior than her peers versus actually working hard & putting her all into everything she does & let the results speak for itself. & what’s crazy is that Rihanna is finding multiple streams of income outside of music to build for her legacy & future offspring

    Meanwhile, Giselle is not original. Releasing several “surprise” albums bc she’s not confident enough to let the music stand alone anymore. Lying about the amount of all her deals that the companies have to come out to release the real figures.Then, the fans overpay for her concerts for the same routines bc she hardly incorporates most of the new music on the tour or sometimes purposefully squeezes in another tour with more production & pyrotechnics while waiting to release the next album right after

    I think a few of Rihanna’s best qualities is that she’s a few moves ahead compared to everyone else. Rihanna also knows she has a loyal fanbase that will purchase anything she comes out with which most celebs can’t say the same thing. Giselle now with an Adidas deal all of a sudden after Rihanna did Puma already? Although we know with House of Dereon & even with Ivy Park did not garner the success or longevity that’s needed & Ivy Park will be repurposed again under this Adidas deal & we will see if the same thing happens like her other non-music ventures.

    Another great quality of Rih is she’s capitalized off her strengths to continue to create multiple streams of income. She knows she’s a fashion designer’s dream, so why not partner with a top fashion house & go from seasonal clothing lines to garner enough demand to build your own high-end fashion house?

    She knows ppl go crazy over her glow & looks, why not release a makeup line? Also her skin is perfect, so I’m sure the skincare line will come out next if/when the final album comes out. & the best part, she’s completely involved in the process & isn’t simply licensing out her name for a check. She literally wears everything from her businesses months in advance before releasing compared to almost any other celeb would wear it for the promotional phase then stick to whatever high end brand they normally wear or receive gifts from

    I think finally Rih’s best quality is she doesn’t give a crap anymore of what ppl think about her. She’s heard everyone say she’s a one hit wonder, she couldn’t sing etc. yet she’s worked hard & has accomplished way more than her peers compared to where they were at when they were her age & she hasn’t had to buy off magazines, buy awards in exchange for 20minute performances, or offer bribes to lie about your real net worth so that ppl can delusionally believe you’re more rich & relavent than what reality is just so a fanbase can continue to worship them like they’re God

    Female celebs out the woodworks now coming out with makeup lines & fashion partnerships or the few that have makeup lines now expanding to more shades to target black women & more professional packaging to compete with Fenty Beauty? All this from the Rihanna effect. Yet in the end, she’s still very humble, not fake or a backstabber & as a result of that good-hearted nature, she comes out on top

    1. Ohhh Hell no who reading this …. these responses are suppose to be short answers not novels 😂

    2. This is like the best break down I have ever seen when it comes to these 2 women. Well said.

    3. You hit the nail on the head about Rihanna. She’s doing the damn thing. You stayed everything eloquently. I like that you didn’t hold back.

    4. Well said!!! I like both ladies but Rihanna expands with products in her brand – makeup (beauty); lingerie (sex appeal), and a fashion house (clothing). I believe she’s got other trademarks in the works like wine, so it should be very good.

  4. this is way off topic but anyone seen that beauty influencer, Jackie Aina, put me on blast over the comments I said under a post G and her team posted on the ICYDK IG about her cover on Essense with her covering one eye. Funny thing is I was rooting for her til I seen the cover. I never responded back ‘cause there’s no point, especially since she has her fan base backing her. I wasn’t expecting her to do all that, let alone see my comments, but it is what it is 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Sucks to see the elites are trying to get into every field possible….I learned my lesson though. You just never know who’s watching lol

    1. Yeah, I saw a few comments she answered (though I can’t really say which one you left…she and her minions came out accusing people of jealousy, saying she works hard, blabla….). Listen, don’t feel bad…you said what you had to say (which is true: she covered an eye… she wasn’t showcasing some pressed-on nails) and you didn’t invent something. She was recently hanging out with Rih and people expects us to believe it’s free or hard-work?Why not Missy Lyn? Hmmmmno nothing just happens in the industry… we know that! Especially when you follow a page that is a “woke” page on the gram. And where does she find time to answer? Lol I’m
      Sure she’ll be here answering this as well 😂😂😂

      1. Yeah they attacked me saying she’s a Christian blah blah and I’m bitter
        I’m like bye

      2. I don’t feel bad, but I appreciate the reassurance! I locked my Twitter too to avoid my mentions from blowing up. and girl I was wondering the same thing as to why she had time to do all that 😂 she’s obviously shook by what I said, hence why she did what she did. Insecurities definitely showing. I don’t usually comment on the IG page either because of the ignorance people comment on the page but hey if she sees these comments, then that’s on her. Can’t stop the truth either way

        I’m glad I found people like who understands/peeps the bullshit. And thank you to G and her team for being a vessel between us everyday folks and the rich and famous. Knowing the truth makes me appreciate life more everyday, whether I have it all or not

  5. I thought her net worth was $800Mil 😳😳😳😳 when I heard $400 I was like wtf!!!!

    Now it makes me question Kylie’s net worth and Forbe’s credibility🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. Beyoncé is a lame and dull af. I’ll take Rihanna over her any day all day. The NBA Game situation and her silence was it for me.

  7. Kylie is just being a Leo at this point. That damn pride will mess you up and she’s trying to be loyal to her sister knowing damn well she misses her friend. Fuck Khloe and her karmic debt. I think Kylie and Jordyn need to make amends. Life is too short.

    Is Cardi still a thing? Bless her heart.

    I think Kevin Spacey AND Harvey Weinstein are going to get off scott free. Well, Harvey probably will be paying off many people but I think ultimately he’s going to be a free man.

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