August 15, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Season 9 The Truth Behind The Beyonce and Sean Paul Situation

  1. How crazy J cheats w/a girl named Blu then Beyoncé names their kid after her 😩 I could neverrrr

  2. Jay Z is the type of man I can’t stand. Will cheat on you with everybody for egotistical reasons but the minute another man looks your way he wants to have all of this control smh. She should’ve left his ass and just been as big as she would’ve been without his help even though it probably wouldn’t be as big as she is today

  3. Damn. She seems trapped in that relationship. Thats crazy. Jay has a lot if control iver everybody- including her.

  4. He got paid or else Jay and Bey wouldn’t go to Jamaica and film any videos. Coppershot would have reach them.

    I hope he fucked. The more I hear about the “alleged” demonic duo the more annoyed I get. I just will have to take joy that the sun the moon and truth do not stay hidden. They have kids now and not even the Baba they visit in Los Angeles can save them. He actually crowned them Shango and Oshun. That’s why she always in yellow and gold.

    1. Straight copper shot unda dem rass yes! You can never disrespect a Jamaican artist like Sean Paul in his prime and think you can enter our country because your big in America ever! It could be 50 years from now it don’t matter.

  5. So did Jay run Sean Paul Out the industry and that’s why faded out or did his time just pass?

    Also are we not using the name Giselle anymore 👀 I was living for the pettiness of it all lol

  6. Welp if she did smash..they’re weren’t married and had broken up right 🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. Thanks G. Glad to have it confirmed that she had a thing with Sean Paul. For the life of me I can’t I understand why she has allowed Jay’s ugly ass to play her for YEARS. He wasn’t faithful before they got married so what the hell did she expect after? Mess.

  8. Ugh jay z camel looking self has the nerve why women like him is weird to me he’s not handsome he needs to sit down somewhere. He can cheat but Beyoncé can’t boy bye

    1. He’s filthy rich rich and word on the street…. He has very big prime USDA 👀 Grade A

  9. I don’t think Giselle is innocent. She has witnessed this same stuff with her parents. She probably slick with hers.

  10. G, Jay did mess with Blu. There was a club on west 23 bet 7 & 8 a lot of celebrities used to be there. And I saw him there with her a few times. If Sean Paul took that threat then he’s a dummy. And so is Beyoncé. She always wants to be mad at the women but she lets him slide🙄.

  11. This is why I will never respect or say that their relationship is “goals”. The foundation of it was some BS.

  12. Damn! Sean and Giselle should have gotten married! And the chemistry was definitely there! Sean a Jamaican Reggae Dancehall artist and Giselle a Southern Creole Pop artist. Both are Earth signs, (Sean is a Capricorn, January 9th) and (Giselle is a Virgo, September 4th). Both families dabble in dark magic too! Jay wouldn’t stand a chance. If Sean would have pushed it, Oh man! Those kids would not only been beautiful, but would have major talent!

  13. What the hell was so special about Beyonce tho? Women were practically dominating at that time and they were so many other female artists that were better looking, better singers than beyonce. I don’t ever remember folks checking her out like this back in ’99. They probably had a contract to be together at that time. Damn Papa Knowles must’ve been really desperate to sell her soul so bad for power.

  14. Sean Paul’s album was 🔥 🔥 🔥 he’ll be iight without that performance with her! Without him on it would the song even exist? That’s his culture😳

  15. Dont forget SP and J had a hot remix song on his BP2 album while all of this was going on and Illmatic and even Killa Cam was taunting J on mixtapes saying how you even promote a song with that Jamaican n99a smashing ya girl. J deaded their collabo relationship and then boasted about Sigel threatened SP with the Pharell song by saying Do You Need A Light n99a LMAO. SP made the shotta freestyle with 50 Cent and listen to SP verse where he responded Dem Nah Ready Dem Act Bad And The Selecta Gon Select It etc.

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