August 15, 2022

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38 thoughts on “The Truth Behind the Statement Giselle’s Publicist to the Beyhive

  1. In other words, someone with more money & influence that can mess up their bottom line she’ll release a subst coated statement but all that slander, most of it unfounded she was mute on

    & she wonders why she’s so miserable & like I said the previous post her karma will be epic

    Notice the ppl she remains mute on that her fans drag continue to prosper & do even better things in comparison. I wonder why that is?

    1. Basically especially if they have the power to mess up money bags and future dealings for the camel

    2. Girl bcuz she loves when her beehive attack other people. I’ve come to the conclusion that she feeds off that bullshit.
      I also feel like she deliberately does that shit, she to get a reaction from the beehive. I stopped being a fan of her a while back. I wonder how she feel now that Rihanna is richest music performer.

      1. I feel she likes it because they get to say the things she wants to say but can never do because she have to keep up this “perfect image”. “Aw, she doesn’t bother nobody”, “she’s the nicest celeb ever”, bullcrap she’s very sly and sneaky about the things she does. She comes across as a bit of a narcissist and an undercover mean girl.

        By her fans attacking other people and celebrity artist such as Ciara, Keri Hilson, and Rihanna it helps to stop their shine and dim the progress in the music business. Making it seem like she had no competition her whole career, when she intentionally behind the screens blackballed some of them or stolen concepts and ideas. To me that scresms INSECURE to the highest degree, blackballing another female stopping them from being great. She continues to gets away with it creating this egotistical monster. I used to really like, but as of lately not so much😑😑😑

      2. Ur right. I also feel she knew exactly what she was doing when she did it. Acting shady as fuck, knowing it would stir up her crazy ass beehive. I’m with you on no longer being a fan.

      3. I agree!! She has never before addressed anything. Now you want to release a statement for Becky. She’s a great entertainer. However I don’t buy the we are sisters shit she be trying to sell. She’s the prime example of “we are good as long as I’m always on top”

      4. I love bey as an artist & im a part of the hive. But I don’t partake in internet bullying especially when the person doesn’t deserve it. What the woman said happened is really what happened nothing more nothing less. You can actually read their lips in the video too. Just love on your fav & leave ppl alone.

    3. You know she salty that Rihanna is the wealthiest entertainer. She was the underdog and Beyoncé has always treated her like she’s not worthy and second class citizen. Yet, Riri has more character in her pinky than B could ever… That’s why she’s publicly wigging our I bet. Her programming glitching. 😂

  2. Also why didn’t Giselle release the statement herself? I would have advised my client to post the same statement on her page too. Right now it just seems insincere. She just wanted Jay off her back as other owners wouldn’t invite them back with her not knowing how to act *rolls eyes*

    1. at this point where she really fucked up was the next morning posting an edited clip of the video cropping the lady out. That’s a passive aggressive move and basically whistle blowing her savage cult. Fueling the fire acting innocent though. Pure evil.

      1. Right what was the point of even putting that video out, knowing the public done seen the whole video. She should have tried to diffuse the situation by not posting anything at all, because now it looks like she’s poking fun at the situation on the sneak tip. She knows tension is up in the air about the incident so why bring more attention to the same thing that caused it. She should have post a message addressing her fan base. That would have been the right thing to do, instead of sitting back and watch them attack and bully people😒😒

      2. Exactly, it would have seemed more genuine had she came out and spoke herself but to hide behind the keyboard is is the option she chose here.

    1. Giselle has always been passive aggressive….

      Once upon a time SoloK got vexed with a reporter asking her about why Giselle broke up DC4 and said nobodys gonna diss my sister in front of my face so what idgaf about this interview.

      This is bcuz when social 1st became popular wave the hive asked SoloK why Giselle wont address them and interact with them personally online. SoloK said Giselle doesnt have the patience for trolls like she does so address anything they want to ask Giselle to @her? The hive took this as @solok account was really being shared by both her and her sister and depending on spelling they could tell whether it was Giselle or SoloK. SoloK followers spiked and the early hive used to hang on to her every post.

      Until LL was making her comeback and said why do ppl always ask her about Giselle and DC4 when they never asked Giselle how really she felt about them? LL said she was paid good $ to quit DC4 and was not interested in breaching any NDA and paying Giselle $$$ when she was already superrich as it was.

      SoloK said she was tired of the speculation and since she was never really a DC4 member she was free to speak on what really happened with the DC4 breakup since Giselle would never. MTO and the hive was calling Solo out to not flake out and claim she was hacked either. In summary SoloK stated:

      – LL and LTR wanted to fire Matt and Giselle and KR wasnt having it and it was a 3 to 1 vote for them to leave, surprisingly KR was the one who wanted everybody to stick together for the last album but Giselle had a like a 40% vote to 20% for the other three DC4 members so her and KR agreed to buy them out and KR gave up her cut of WOTW to pay the other girls so money wasnt the issue?
      – LL and LTR got the idea to fire their dad from the JE twins but they would never try JD like that so WTF glad they left and they was stupid for listening to JE anyway since JD would never sign them.
      – LL played it smart but LTR let twin spend all her $ and sold her DC4 pub for pennies and Giselle had to pay triple price just to get WOTW back from the random people she sold it to.
      (Is this is why LTR never put out any music bcuz she wanted to be a rapper and it just wasnt working so Giselle got mad at her for selling and banned LTR too?)
      – Giselle fired FF bcuz she was entitled and was creeping with Matt to go solo before Giselle and KR not bcuz their mom told her to?

      (FF later said she was only getting paid a flat salary and joined as a comeup and that Giselle was threatened by her singing lead thats why she was blackballed she didnt even want Matt it was Momma T who made it seem she was a tramp. And Momma T did the same thing to LL and LTR and Giselle personally blackballed her after she fired her bcuz she was more cool with LL and LTR and couldve made a better group with them so KR bought her XXX pics out and used it as a reason to ban her for lying about doing porn.)

      – okay solo so what about the rift with KR and MW as DC3? MW knows her role so she better not complain and she said the real reason KR wasnt around is complicated but not Giselle fault.

      – Solo said her and KR was both had the same due dates but when KR lost hers KR had the blues and went into a shell. Solo tried to keep KR involved with her baby but Momma T told her to let KR go thru her process bcuz seeing lil Juelz was heartbreaking for KR? SMH that was some cold shyt for her to air out about KR that KR wasnt comfortable even acknowledging herself.

      – Ms Supadupafly and LL were up in arms about Solo trashing KR and LL was like now I got time to beat yo azz without being sued so dont run when i pull up. @SoloK told LL bring it and KR know what time it was and KR was already hanging with Moesha real tough so fk her too.

      (Is this why Giselle never rocked with KKW like that bcuz she was KR friend 1st and she felt it was cheap for KKW to drop KR to hang with her out of loyalty like KKW doesnt diss her sisters for anybody so why diss my sister for KKW?)

      Wooow Solo really went there OR WAS IT GISELLE ALL ALONG?

      Anyway it took for Ms Thang from ATL to calmly report Solo LL and MissE for cyberbullying and get their accounts banned so the whole exchange was scrubbed from the social media the next day so IDK if you dont believe me but my deck was ringing off that day at work and I had just got the Iphone and the new blakberry so this was like super entertaining at the time LOL.

      I like KR and she was in her feelings when she popped up on ustream and almost aired it out later on she was like people treat you bad and then call you they sister look how they talk about you when they dont have to face up for their words with this online shyt, so dont ask her about no DC3 tour bcuz she didnt care at that point. I try to flirt with KR online but Solo lived by Wall St so I saw her too and just said forget that whole entire sisters it was too wierd and dysfunctional so IDK ALLEDGEDLY.

  3. Beyonce brought this on herself. It was clear she didn’t like the woman all in her space. Beyonce was literally sitting in the middle. If the lady was having a hard time hearing, all Beyonce had to do was relay what the woman asked Jay and then in turn give his answer to the lady… Bam! We have all sat in the middle at events where ppl are talking to each other across you. And a lot of times the places are noisy. To stop ppl getting in your space, you just deliver the message, especially when you know the 2 ppl sitting on either side of you. People can really bring unnecessary drama.

    1. And it is time Beyonce starts speaking for HERSELF when things are bothering her! Who the hell waits 2 damn years to put that shit in a damn song! I would probably have a stroke. Girl, if YOU don’t say how YOU feel and stop letting your damn fan base speak for you lol. Tell from YOUR lips sis!

    2. She could have also just lean back some so that the lady wouldn’t be all in her space. It looks like the both of them had to lean in to look around her to talk to each other. She always look like she has a resting bitch face, I just don’t get it. She doesn’t look like she would be pleasant to be around because she’s seems so uptight about everything.

  4. I don’t know which one is worse?! the obsolete mentality that you can’t speak to a woman’s husband without addressing her first (and asking for permission basically) or the idolatry for this broad. The elites have done a number on the dumbing down the masses with this demon. The societal mind control runs deep with this one. I’ve been in her presence a few times cauSe of work and I don’t see wtf is the bid deal. Besides, I ain’t idolizing some bitch that cheats cheated on just like I did. Only difference is she stays with a dirty dick adulterous man, riding him with others juices and I divorced mine. Money and fame aside, of course. She has no dignity or real self worth. Fuck that shit! She gonna die like everyone else. Only shit above me is the Lord and my momma 😂.

    Her fan base and all these other celebs that cape for her got issues. That woman “humble” yet superiority complex is masked inferiority. That’s what happens when you sell your soul for fame and money. Empty vessel.

    1. Bey has NEVER been good at hiding when she’s irritated *look back at old interviews especially with Farrah* she bumped old girl at the end of the video and it was clear as day… and she was clearly irritated (not buying that whole it was loud excuse, she’s been to a game before…)

      1. She does that with all her group members she be even giving Kelly the side eye when she talks during interviews almost like like her eyes are saying “shut up stupid” or “don’t make me look bad” like they couldn’t speak or do anything in that group it was all about her😑❌❌ From the very beginning she was a bit of a mean girl, now it just got out of hand and worse. I guess FAME really did got to her head that she thinks she’s above everyone😒😒

  5. But isn’t her publicist paid to do this sort of thing?? Come on now.. she never said anything when the whole world blasted Blu’s hair for years, 🤔

  6. Did Giselle delete the cropped video she posted on her IG? She’s so passive aggressive and you can tell she secretly agrees with her fans attacking that woman. She’s so insecure about Jay Z

  7. Rich, beautiful but insecure as fuck. At least Kanye makes his “whore wife” confident comfortable. She cant stay still cuz she knows JayZ fucks everything and so does the dumb ass bee hive

    1. No. She, Beyonce looked high high to me….my initial thought. So, I looked at Jay…which looked normal… Then I thought he’d look normal if he gets high on Mary Jay wanna often. But Bey on the other hand… she appeared very spaced in my opinion. And with the lady leaning over to converse with Jay that seemed to interrupt Bey’s high hence she gave that resting bitch face someone earlier mentioned…SMH lol. Had Bey not been Zonked she would have been able to better curtail herself and laughed it off as a conundrum. But nah Sis it wasn’t just you. I saw the spaceface look too.

      1. Yup he looked normal but she looked high as hell😂😂😂. She was probably like i wish this bish would shut the fucc up. She fucking up my high.

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