August 15, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/6/19

  1. Twitter is saying that owner’s wife was asking jay what drink he wanted and he said vodka soda and she asked “with lime”?. She had already asked Beyonce what she wanted and she said water. The beehive is ridiculous and are practically a terrorist group with their behavior. They are out of control

    1. Yes!!! They make me sick 😒😒!! They need to stop it already before they have ppl not want to sit near Beyoncé at all !!!!

  2. I wonder if trump is backpedaling because he don’t want them royal issues 👀 the Queen is no joke!

    I thought Bradley Cooper was GAY gay? Now he’s delivert for Gaga? Lol

    Kourtney just wants sex and she don’t want Sofia Richie or anyone else to have Scott Disick. Sorry but all that back and forth makeup breakup crap is dead.

  3. The Beyhive have to be stopped. So many other artists & celebs have been bullied by them & received death threats & they literally act like Beyoncé is their Christ & Savior & nothing is supposed to be done or said negative about Beyonce even if it’s true

    They look completely ridiculous going hard on a woman just bc she’s speaking to cheater Jay-Z who clearly would not be saying/doing anything inappropriate right in front of eachother’s spouses. SMH

    Part of me thinks Beyonce gets off & co-signs her fanbases antics bc it worse & worse each time

    Theyre going to mess around & it’s going to start to hurt Beyonce & Jay’s pockets for real if prominent ppl in business don’t want to deal with the headache from her fans.

    Also the fact that Beyonce never says anything just fuels her fanbase even more to act out of pocket. A woman who is clearly sitting next to her billionaire husband had Beyonce & Jay as their guests for the NBA Finals game & the optics of this look absolutely terrible & then while this woman is receiving death threats Beyonce posts the video with the owner’s wife cropped out

    Karma is going to come so hard with a vengeance

    1. Couldn’t have said it better. Makes me sick that she never says anything about their disgusting behaviour

    2. Exactly and oh the nudge because she asked with lime smh.beyonce can’t say anything about what she’s wearing hell that women have a husband too and that’s why they’re just jay friend Giselle.

  4. Kourtney must want another baby. Thats what she uses scott for. Bey’s facial expression was just entertaining. Did y”all see the minority owner of the warriors shove he Toronto player?? R. Kelly is gonna get off- I dont believe he is gonna do 30 years.

  5. All that harassing over another billionaire’s wife being a good host. Beyoncé does reek like insecurities though. Her face the minute another woman addresses her serial cheating husband is very telling. She made a whole album exposing his cheating ways and yet stayed with him. She’s really a sad case. She looks miserable and why does she look so bloated in these pics but in her Ig she looks flawless?! The lies! Lol

  6. Beyoncé doesn’t stop her pack of dogs because they say what she doesn’t have the guts to say.

  7. I like Scott with Sophia…I think Beyonce could and should make a post supporting what that lady said about being a good hostess…her fans WORSHIP her and the only thing I have ever heard Bey say was her fans are “crazy”. She never tries to reign them in and it’s ridiculous.

    1. Right and they can’t use the excuse of she’s shy or doesn’t like to talk as much she can tweet out a message. I mean if she can get up on stage and say “I’m with her” when supporting and defending Hillary Clinton for president, then she can do something as simple as tweet. Now, it’s looking like her fan base is a hate group of bullies. It makes me wonder do she get off on it because they intentionally do her job for her and she gets to walk away clean. Leaving threatening messages, throwing lemons and CDs at other artists (Ariana Grande & Keri Hilson) and she still doesn’t say nothing. I know fans will be fans, and for the most part that is true, but you can at least say something to let people know you tried. They tell Nicki to address her fans because she likes tweets, but what about Giselle not saying nothing, just like you said only saying they’re crazy and she had the nerve to laugh and smile with it😒😒😒

  8. I agree that Beyoncé really needs to control her fans. They have no boundaries or respect.

    Kourtney is pathetic, she has access to so many other men yet she still wants Scott. Does he even work? He’s a bum… i guess its for another sibling.

    You’re right G, outlets are reporting that Bradley & Irina are no longer, my guess… Contract is up? How convenient is the timing of it all? Ha.

  9. I just knew Kourtney was going to go back to Scott at some point. It was only a matter of time. I just hope he doesn’t fuck it up this time around

  10. I saw the performance at the Oscar’s between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, they was looking like they wanted to kiss at the end but then they realized they were where they were

  11. Kourtney can’t let that Gemini go ctfu. But she still in hopes of Scott being perfect for her smh she needs to let it go. I like Scott with Sophia he’s grown so much.

    Kris needs a break from her children’s bs, I’m sorry but they’re going to drive her more crazy.

    Nicole boots are cute.

  12. Beyoncé is such old news to me. That whole video made me yawn like who really gunna be that bold to hit on her ugly ass husband right in front of her cmon now . You can clearly tell they couldn’t hear and then she bumped the chick . Sigh next .

    1. They at the top and just there😂 it was fun when they were trying to get there now it’s not fun nomore lol

  13. She’s really sad of a woman and public figure to let her fans attack ppl like they do and extra sad how she literally love the attention they give her😣😖

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