October 5, 2022

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84 thoughts on “So Tired Of The Complaints EVERYONE READ

  1. Gina, you’re doing great hunny. Don’t let ANYONE discourage you and your work. People feel they have some sort of authority because they paid a measly dollar? Foh!! You do what you want on your damn blog! If someone doesn’t like it they can simply leave. Don’t stress over this. You have bigger problems than this ish.

  2. Keep doing your thing! How else are you going to achieve what you have set out to accomplish? By listening to ppl who don’t want to think? or figure out uh lil riddle? Maaaaan PLEASE!

  3. You have a large following and as you know some of them are fake pages that just want to steal your sugar so they are only here for the new… keep your head up, you are doing great and your babies love you and appreciate all the risk you take. You know I never commented but have been and will be a rider! Sh$$ I come in rereading the old stuff like its brand new all the time.😘😘😘

  4. Block Party G!!!! I’ll bring the drinks!!! You’re amazing G. Complainers are people who could never and would never be able to do what your doing. COMPLAINERS…QUIT BITCHIN! START YOUR OWN GOTDAM BLOG!!!!!

  5. You’re amazing G!! Anybody who wants to complain, should be banned from the blog! Why come on here just to he negative?? You do a great job and you’re really sweet, don’t let their negative vibes get you down or stop you from doing what you love. I would just remove anybody spreading negativity on here or the IG pages

  6. For the the record I so love this page. Please don’t give up. Very informative and I love it. Annual subscriber.

  7. G, you are risking too much. You cant make everyone happy, and please dont stress yourself out trying to!

  8. Go on a block party. If you can’t figure it out 9 times out of 10 they are in the comments.

  9. I love your blog. I am thankful for all your hard work. Keep doing what you do. Sometimes you have to do the same stories over and over again, because people keep asking you about the same people. It seem like you telling the same stories but you not. People keep asking you to talk about the same shit over and over again. How can they get mad at you. They need to go back and read your older blog stories.

  10. There will always be haters and that will never stop. A lot of people love this website just as much as I do. Please don’t give up, everyone loves it. Just block the haters and ass holes!!

  11. I enjoy the sugar recycled or not some people are miserable and live to complain. Refund and remove them, problem solved.

  12. I feel so bad that it’s making you discouraged after all you go through to give us this info we’d never know if you didn’t risk so much. Losing friends on top of it has to be so hard. And to come in here and see people being ungrateful and complaining ughhh. You’re so sweet G please don’t let them stop this amazing idea you came up with. It helps a lot of people believe it or not. I have learned so much about this evil industry from all your inside info. If I were you (not telling you what to do) I would kindly ask them if they want a refund next time you see a comment like that. And let them go their merry way. Please don’t let a couple sprinkles of Splenda spoil our sugar. 😂😂❤️ That was corny I know just tryna make you smile.

  13. G, this is the best blogg/gossip page out there and for such a great price, keep up the good work don’t be discouraged, we love you 🤗🤗🤗

  14. Girl can’t you just cancel their subscriptions. People always gotta complain about something never satisfied. I have seen the good in all of this because I would have never known about damn near none of this sugar these celebs try to hide. I always said people with money problems are way more interesting cause they be trying to hide the shit hahaha and it be worse. You have to make sure that you are protecting yourself. If you gotta take a break from this blog then do what you gotta do because in the end it’s not worth your mind body and spirit. Also like you said you have lost major major long time friends over this blog. I am extremely appreciative of what you have been and hopefully continue to do. Honestly and truly cancel their subscriptions and refund the hating ass complainers !!!

    1. People really have too much time. If you have time to complain about a service that nobody is “owed” you really need to get a life I agree with brownsugah, if you need to take a break I think you should. They will never learn otherwise. This is at will so you can refuse service to ANYONE. Keep doing what you’re doing girl.

  15. You’re doing great! I enjoy reading your content! My thing is if they complain and don’t like it refund their money and keep it moving. You can’t olease everyone

  16. Gina I appreciate everything you do for us REAL sugar babys💯Please don’t stop because us real ones appreciate you and know that you are taking a huge risk! Don’t stop please we look forward to everything you do for us!!!😘🥰

  17. G, please tell these complainers to have several seats, offer them a refund, close their accounts then block them.
    They obviously have no business on this blog if they’re complaining.
    You’re real ones appreciate u and all that u sacrifice! U keep doing U!

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