September 26, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/3/19

    1. I can’t wait for the Wendy vs Gayle 👀👀
      I hope the Steph Curry tea isn’t true. I don’t know what to make of the Ayesha part – she’s got to realize being in the shadow isn’t so bad. Steph has a pretty good shadow = good reputation.

  1. But isn’t Irina a beard for Bradley anyway? I always heard Irina was miserable with him on top of it.

    1. Same. Think this just means they’ve found a better beard who’ll also benefit from the relationship.

  2. I hope Wendy keep her foot on gayle neck

    Poor nicki, this shit is ridiculous You would have never thought the industry was like this.

    Ayesha curry and steph are starting to be weird to me

  3. I like Ayesha and Steph I hope he didnt slip up like that, but most men cheat in this industry. A baby outside the marriage is too much to overlook. Lets see how this plays out. Ayesha can be her own brand without him.

    Chris Brown should take a long break from dating and go into intensive therapy.

    How does Nicki NOT have the money?? She has MAC money and all those sold records and tours?? Did she slend it all on legal fees for her brother and boyfriend?? Poor Nicki- this is a lot!

  4. Why are Wendy and Gayle having beef? what’s the backstory about it. tbh i always wanted to know who was Wendy’s plug for BTS activities lmao

    Aesha needs to lay low ..seriously always thought she was starving for attention. I never cared for her like that..

    I thought Bradley was gay tho and Irina was a beard. You mean, he’s banging Lady Gaga. Isn’t she engaged?

  5. I am waiting for this show down between Wendy & Gayle. Gayle can have a sit down with R. Kelly and NOT with Wendy? Chile please. Get her Wendy!

    I really hope this is nothing but lies, fallacies, and fantasies with these Steph Curry stories. Ayesha NEEDS to lay low. I can’t help but to think that all the attention she has brought to herself in these last few weeks is what is driving these stories.

    Bradley and Gaga? Is she(Gaga) really messing with him? Or is this just something that is in the girlfriend’s head?

    Chris Brown seriously needs to stop dating for the moment and go into intensive therapy. That boy got issues.

  6. Hey remember when Gaga hugged Madonna? I remember G telling us to watch out for her. I heard she fainted during a big performance last week. Never hug Madge.

    Ooooooh Steph. I believe it sadly.

  7. What incident happened last year with Nicki in China? I didn’t catch that. I don’t think Steph one is true… Why does people what him to cheat so bad.

  8. I thought you said Bradley was gay? And did Gaga break-up with her fiance, Christian Carino, bc she thought Bradley was gonna do the same with his marriage? All I know is that this is not gonna be a good look for Gaga. She opened up some doors for herself after the industry tried to run her out and now she’s gonna have all the soccer moms that went to see ASIB think of her as a home-wrecker.

  9. I thought Nicki refunded them fans at the event and how would she be the one responsible for the promoters scam ?

  10. Steph Curry seems like a great guy but looks can be deceiving. It’s always the quiet innocent ones you gotta watch out for!

  11. It doesn’t make any sense for Nicki to be held responsible when she didn’t book the event so how is she being held accountable? I find this very hard to believe.

  12. Even if nicki did have the money to pay them back why should she ? Them scamming ass promoters used her as false advertisement to sell tickets to a fake ass show. She needs to countersue and make them have to pay it back.

    Whewww wouldn’t that be some shit if that rumor about steph is true. I hope not though I love their family & believe he’s truly a good man. I don’t know all the details of their marriage but I don’t wish that on anyone.

  13. Nicki needs to understand that she’s done in the industry. I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow. Easier said than done. But @ the end of the day she has a whole life ahead of her. She can do so much important things like actually live her life. Or else they’ll drain every cent she has until she’s broke.

    1. Humiliation that’s all to humble her . She has to go through it in order for her to come back and they kick cardi out. Scandal is coming soon to embarrass her .

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