August 16, 2022

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52 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 6/2/19

    1. Last blind item is Ayesha Curry, Rosalyn Onwude (TNT reporter who no longer covers the Golden State Warriors team anymore) and Steph Curry. She said that Steph is her favorite player and her “ideal man” or something.

      If Steph don’t do better, I give their marriage about 2 years.

      1. Rosalyn Onwude has very suspect photos with Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant. Was rumored to be “dating” both players.

        I’m not fond of Ayesha but she needs to watch out for Rosalyn, Kristin Ledlow, and Taylor Rooks.

  1. Im still in shock over the def jam segments. So I can’t think right now. I will patiently with someone else to answer.

    1. Wow! I totally agree with you. But what would be interesting is who would film with her. Because Drea talked so bad about that show and pretty much everybody on it when she left. Remember she was refusing to steal him and all of that stuff. And when Brooke was on there she just acted like she was on a whole other level now and couldn’t communicate with the same people anymore. Let’s see how that works out.

  2. 85 – Draya
    86 – Naomi?
    87 – I would say Jamie but idk if she considered B list….seems more like a C/D list
    88 – Ayesha

  3. #85 sounds like Blac Chyna..I could be wrong,,
    #87- Jaime Lynne Spears
    #88- Either Aesha Curry or Savannah James?? I’m sticking with Aesha though

  4. I think…

    85— Farrah Abraham
    86— Halle Berry ?
    87— Britney & Jamie Lynn Spear
    88— Ayesha Curry

  5. I’m not sure about the other blind sugars, but I think the last one sounds like Beyoncé & Solange.

  6. G do you have anything on Luda? His marriage seems solid. Just can’t get over how he took that baby from the mother because she asked for more money. If I recall correctly rumor was that he told the judge that he didn’t make that much money anymore. Yet this nigga takes care of the wife’s sister. (The. Wife don’t work) so he’s basically paying for everything. They are forever on luxury trips. (Which is awesome) but why take the child from the mother. And also have the audacity to request to the judge that she (the mother) not be allowed to post anything (including pictures) on social media without his approval. Wtf. But yet his wife can post whatever she wants.

    1. I don’t know if the custody has changed to joint custody but by the mama’s IG, it looks like she spends as much time with her mother as she does with Luda & his fam.

    2. Ommmmmmfg I felt I was the ONLY person who was watching that situation. Eudoxie rubs me the wrong way! It seems they show their baby more live than the side baby which was born FIRST. Luda told the courts he didn’t want his financial status out in public… idk I don’t like luda light skin black mentality but I hope the real mother can get her daughter back

      1. yes! He rubs me the wrong way as well. Rumor is that the mom is unfit. Yet he didn’t have a problem sleeping with her on top of that raw. He also wanted her to have an abortion. I’m a mother I can’t see me giving up my child. And I wonder how will the wife feel if they broke up and he took their daughter?

  7. G, did you get this from Karceno4life on youtube. He just uploaded a video on Ayesha allegedly sending Rosalyn Onwude away from the team? Not accusing you of anything. Just wondering.

  8. #86 Halle Berry
    #87 Jaime Spears
    #88 Ayesha Curry

    Now about #85 I’m a little confused on actually who this may be.

  9. The only one I guessed was the last one..Ayesha Curry. I’m gonna hit the comments for the rest..they sound juicyyyy

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