August 15, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Decode – The Truth Behind The Secret Def Jam Parties – Part 2

  1. I know Billy Valentine as Bobby Valentino
    Not sure about the others. Im gonna go back and read.

  2. I understand how these women fuck these dudes knowing there out here sticking dick to other men. Idc if it’s industry or not. They are GAY

  3. Ronald= Russell Simmons, Ronald’s Wife= Kimora Lee
    WW Fly Guy= L.L. Cool J
    Kurt= Kevin Liles
    ?Billy Valentine= Bobby Valentino

  4. I honestly NEVER figured out who Bobby valentine was cause BOBBY VALENTINO came TOO easy for me and I feel he wasn’t popping round that time so I NEVER knew who Bobby valentine was……


  5. The rest is quite easy so I agree with everyone else on the rest…. Idk who BOBBY VALENTINE is I really do NOT think it’s Bobby V‼️‼️

      1. But she said her client was new to Def jam and came in in 2004 and Bobby V had his first hit around 2005/2006 so it does make sense!! She made her first “APPEARANCE AT DEF JAM IN 1999”.

      2. Bobby V started in the group Mista in the 90’s and was really popular. Lol, BlackBerry Molasses used to be my jam!

  6. New male R&B Artist in 1999 on Def Jam only person comes to mind is Sisqo and “Got To Get It” which was fairly popular (Thong Song came out in 2000)…. Montell Jordan was on his second or third album in 1999 and Case had dropped his second album Personal Conversation which featured “Happily Ever After”…its one of these three or someone else…but cant think of any other male R&B Singers on Def Jam that came out in 1999

  7. Thanks for making this easy enough. Seems like most people in the comments got what I would say already written

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