October 2, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Decode – The Truth Behind The Secret Def Jam Parties – Part 1

  1. The first person that comes to mind for me, is Bill Bellamy. But I have to think on the rest of this some more. This is tea for real! Thanks G!

    1. Yea i was Thinking Bill Bellamy too maybe that’s y i always Called him yuck mouth😂😂😂

  2. Bill Bellamy. Ronald Wilson/Simpson is that Donnie Simpson? But i don’t recall ties to def Jam so maybe not but he did have a show on bet

  3. Russell Simmons is Russell Wilson or Simpson. Bill Bellamy suspect and Martin Lawrence maybe beef about not being cast as he was a regular on Def Comedy Jam.

  4. This reminds me a little of that BET show, Games People Play. Has anyone else seen it? Lauren London is on it

    1. I mentioned the show to G on her IG page couple days ago…. I made the comment under a post that was OFF topic but I told her to check it out cause ALOT of the things she tells us about THEY PORTRAY IT ON THE SHOW but uses fictional characters. The whole time I’m watching the show I’m thinking THIS SHOW WAS MADE ABOUT REAL PPL IN THE INDUSTRY AND WHAT GOES ON AND HOW IT GOES being that G already put us on game so I can’t UNSEE it now when I watch the show 😂😂😂😂

  5. Ronald Simpson = Russell Simmons.
    Men in this movie were comedians in their own right.
    Bill Bellamy (G, didn’t you mention him in another Def Jam blind? I remember guessing him as the actor on the label who ws blowing up around that time).
    Bernie Mac, J. Anthony Brown & A.J. Johnson.
    Comedian who was mad at not being cast as the lead: my guess = Jamie Foxx

  6. Russell Simmons is Ronald Simpson
    Bill Bellamy is the first man that comes to mind as suspect. And the actor/comedian who had beef with Russell is probably Martin Lawrence

  7. My first thought was Bill Bellamy because he was the lead of course. But my guess is Martin Lawrence because Def Comedy Jam but was he still hosting around this time.? I was also thinking Joe Torry. Idek I love Bill Bellamy though. Smh

    1. Damn JOE TORRY n his brother fell completely UNDER the radar I TOTALLY FORGOT BOUT THEM and their existence!!!!! 🤔🤔….. WHATS UP WITH THAT G????? Wow they like totally fell off the face of the earth

  8. Ok I remember you sayin he did something strange for that part cause he wasn’t known like that yet. Russ is something else.

  9. I love when you say to protect the innocent and guilty lol just looking at them people you know they be guilty of all the bs.

  10. Ron: Russell Simmons
    Comedian with secret beef with: Martin Lawrence
    Actor in ?: Bill Bellamy

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