August 16, 2022

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32 thoughts on “The Truth Between The Ananda Lewis and Aaliyah Situation

  1. Whoa! Damn explains a lot poor Aaliyah, but was the plane crash a true accident or was her knowing about ananda all orchestrated to get her on that plane?

    1. I think I saw a video on YouTube some time ago that said it was pretty much orchestrated. It said that aaliyah was killed before the plane even crashed

      1. I have to find the video again but I cried when I heard it. I’ll post the link when i find it

    2. She was sacrificed from wat i kno It was either RKelly,Dame, or JayZ…i think it was Dame tho

  2. She was guilty as hell! That’s why she disappeared after the 90’s she was feeling the heat and dipped out! Everytime a celeb passes that’s when everyone who did them dirty start feeling that guilt and it becomes too much to bare. Watch when Nicki Minaj for example take her last breath everybody and they mama gonna have to be put on a freakin sucide watch cause that guilt gonna eat them alive!!

    1. I’ve been thinking the same, if Nicki died tomorrow everyone would act like they haven’t been dragging her for the last year & 1/2. Smh appreciate people while they’re here!!!!

      1. I don’t know how you remember everything that you do! My brain does not do as well as yours 🙂

  3. This explains a lot for why Aaliyah was rushing back. And damn..with friends like Ananda, who needs any damn enemies? That was one shady boots chick!!

  4. I heard a few times that Aaliyah’s crew and Stacy Dash did not care for Ananda at all (they thought she was a tryhard) and Kidada Jones had to check her over Dame Dash

  5. There’s also a story she was pregnant when she died which saddens me because she shouldn’t have been on a plane if she was

  6. Very sad I know he eats at her soul that she couldn’t make it right before Aaliyah passed

  7. You just dropped a BOMB ! Goddamn well if I was Amanda or whatever her name is and if this is true I would never forgive myself

  8. Jay-Z and Dame were both wrong for dating Aaliyah, both of were are/near 30. She was late teens/ early twenties. G, has Ginuwine, Missy, and Timbaland resolved their issues? Aaliyah and Ginuwine were the two biggest sellers out of the Superfriends crew.

  9. Dame supposed to have received a call from Aaliyah when she arrived at the airport where she told him she didn’t like the plane and that it was too small. He claims he told her not to get on it if she felt that strongly about it. Wouldn’t surprise me if he ENCOURAGED her to board. Damn shame all the way around. I will agree with what Mary J Blige said ON CAMERA. It was a spiritual murder – quote/UNQUOTE

  10. Wow. I believe J and Dame was in on it. Reason being Bey was in DC around that time and rocawear and rocafella records was starting to get hot J probally promised Dame majority of both if he got in on it and then convince bey she could go solo and be big as aaliyah or bigger then after her passing a few of bey albums did good then boom J somehow took everything from Dame it kinda makes sense but this was definitely some good 🍵

  11. What’s the tea on Ananda because she MIST CERTAINLY been through it!! I think Maxwell crushed her heart!!

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