September 26, 2022

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20 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Khloe Kardashian Addressing Lamar Odom About Him Telling The World She Beat Up A Stripper

    1. If you are gonna come for me you better have facts. TRISTAN DID NOT HAVE A GF WHEN HE GOT WITH KHLOE JORDY CAME OUT OF HER OWN MOUTH AND SAID THIS. SMH A little research please babe is not a lot to ask for. Anyone else gets with someone and they are not with somebody they are allowed except the Kardashians khloe met Tristan 5 mponths after he left Jordy he left J ordy cause at first he said it was not his child and he was cheating on Jordy because they were off and on for almost 3 years . Kevin Hart introduced Tristan and Khloe Jordy and him went to the wedding because they were already invited but they broke up so of course they still went together. Kevin hart would have never introduced his wife’s cousin boyfriend to Khloe he did it because Tristan and Jordy were no longer together and Tristan was waiting on the baby to be born so he can take a paternity test that is why he never signed the BC

      1. This is not the case. I dont know whats up down South but up north you can get your wig split about that. Pregnant is pregnant. And she was a complete dumbass and got what she got bc karmically she was wrong. Which is truly evident on how she was treated. How is everyone mad at khloe criticism when if she just had one real friend they would have told her no fing way! But we are bad. No, her friends are bad bc you should know not to sleep w a man w a baby on the way. Ijs. Jordy and Tristan are fine. Khloe looks like an entire jerk for this. She needs some damn friends!

      2. You just did entirely too much. First of all I did not come for you, I came for khlogre. Second of all if you wanted to correct me okay but you definitely did not have to do it in such an aggressive manner especially since I’m a supporter of yours WTF. I know you like them and always feel the need to cape for them but I never will nor will I respect them, that should not trigger you like this. :/
        This wasn’t very cool.

  1. The old Khloe (when she was with Lamar) was my fave kardahsian cause yes, she was a real one and she held it down and I have the most respect for her for this! I was so gutted when her and Lamar divorced because I loved them together- she always had his back and made this very clear to her family! It’s sad that Lamar didn’t recognise this then but I don’t blame Khloe for finally leaving him cause a bitch can only take so much!

    On the other hand, the new Khloe – the Tristan third trimester Khloe.. gets on my mfcken nerves! I’m still not over her shifting the blame to Jordan for Tristan cheating!! However i can appreciate that hurt does a lot to a persons reasoning and could change them for the worse! But girl you should’ve seen the signs when Tristan so willingly left his heavily pregnant girlfriend..she can say that Jordan and Tristan weren’t together then but girl..karma has shown you and the rest of the world different🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. smh not his girlfriend yall really should stop saying that SHe was not heavily pregnant she got pregnant in feb he left her in March


  2. I feel like Khloe is taking out her anger and issues from the baggage she had with Lamar Odom on all the wrong things. Which thus leads her to settle for something like Tristan. She may consider to seek help to let go the hurt from her past, also face the insecurities stemming from her family.

      1. Khloe admitted she faked fertility issues as she didn’t want his baby. She was on contraception pretending to be trying for a baby that’s messed up.

      2. @Christon1 idk she faked fertility’s!!! Wow that explains y she never got pregnant from Lamar! I always wanted her to have a baby with him

    1. 😭😭😭😭 u read all these comments and got down to this one and was completely THROWED … Lamar said that About Khloe in his book? 😩😩🤢

  3. What I want to know is did they pay off the stripper to stay quite? Because one of them kardashians beating on someone; would be a payday most people would love. You know damn well that Stripper would have retained Gloria Allred’s ass and had a whole press conference about it. So she had to get some dough; she couldn’t have just let Khloe beat on her.

  4. This makes me sad . I feel like deep down Lamar isn’t a bad person, just someone who struggles with addiction. I really liked him and khloe together.

  5. I hope the stripper was given a settlement. IDC what the deal is, don’t put your hands on me. #lawsuit

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