September 26, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/29/19

  1. Yessssss G this was some super good sugar…Cardi need to stop getting surgery that shit gne kill her. Nawl Lil Moe..chile she probably been doing it. I just Hope she dnt get pregnant cause she real dam fertile😂😂 and idk Rah was still wit her husband. Like who is he anyway??? Man i wanna kno more tea on all them!!!

    1. I honestly don’t even think it’s the surgeries that the problem. It’s the fact that Atlantic won’t let their money machine rest after the procedures.

      1. Yea u right about that cause i dnt think she was all the way healed up from the last one that i
        kno of which was the stomach lipo or wateva it is that she had dun. When she had on that yellow outfit and her tummy liked funny. It was flat flat but it looked funny

  2. What happened with cardi b plastic surgery I keep hearing about it but all people saying is we praying for a speedy recovery

    1. Cardi wanted to have fake abs and there you have it. She can’t correct her botched hydrogel ass shots but she can correct the way she eats and go work out. She posts her eating habits all the time and from the looks of it she eats garbage. Lobster, shrimp and crawfish is not healthy eating. She also looks very unfit else where but with a six pack?! Dafuck lol she still has that stripper from the hood mentality. Instant gratification.

      Rah Ali is a bitch and has sabotage a lot of other women in and out of the industry. She’s scammed people out of large amounts of money and stabbed someone. Then they wonder when karma shows up.

  3. Yeah what does DJ Khaled do besides scream “We DA Best!” I thought he was just a Dj/producer 🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾

      1. I couldn’t even listen to his new music…I was so damn tired of hearing him chime in with his bullshit!

    1. Honestly, I’ve been to his house in Miami. I was working on a project that he was involved in and I asked the same. I honestly think he does other types of transactions and distributions for the elite. Kitty being one. He’s a tool for sure.

  4. May God put his healing hands on Rah Ali 😢 .. I’m praying for her and her family 🙏 bless her Lord.

    1. She’s robbed a few people’s livelihoods out in these streets. Karma comes when you least expect.

    1. Yep she sure was but this is wat happens when u wanna be famous and rich. They said the elites make you get stuff done to your body.

  5. All of them damn surgeries she is gonna end up like Lil kim🤦🏽‍♀️ And I hope God gives rah Li the strength that she needs cause whew! I would have lost it

  6. That’s why Kim cut steph off as an assistant lol cuz her and kourtney couldn’t stop messing around but the pics are obvious.

    Poor cardi idk what to tell her she’s always negative

    Right wtf do dj Khaled do?

    Do you have anything on joie chavis like her and future that whole thing still seems weird and now she’s looking like a lost puppy

  7. I feel for rah that’s sad her baby died right after

    Cardi lies about Lipo but you sign a 360 deal and you take that signing bonus you get no breaks she better stop now before she be sick like kmichelle

    Dj Khaled is a glorified producer

    50 cent is annoying asf and a loan shark

  8. It’s about time people start asking exactly what DJ Khaled does. Are these songs he released, actually produced by him? That’s what I want to know.

    1. Him and 50 other no name young kids he has in his studio. They throw them $5k and a free paid of sneakers and they’re happy. He’s like a Beyoncé song. Takes 30 people to make one. All the while Mariah has produced and written most of her hits. Lmaoo she doesn’t get enough credit until now, which I find suspect. It’s like she’s on a farewell tour.

  9. Off topic but G do you have any sugar on Iyanla, Fix My Life lady?????? Wats up with her?? Wats she all about?? How she get her own show??

  10. People been wondering what Khaled did though 😂😂😂 ig he’s like a Diet diddy super producer who doesn’t really do shit but makes money doing it. 😂

  11. That’s super sad about rah even more sad cause she didn’t know she was pregnant. May time heal her pain & maybe in the future she’ll get her rainbow baby.

  12. I THOUGHT KHALED WAS A MUSIC PRODUCER??????? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 now y’all got my nose wide open with him so WHAT DOES HE DO?????

    Cardi…. smh….. I’m still feel on edge for her…. like….. they gon do cardi WAY DIRTIER than they doing Nicki…. I hope this industry does NOT end up being the death of her and god knows I AINT wishing death on her AT ALL. I just have this GUT feeling something bad will be the outcome for her and or OFFSET. I been saying they give me the BOBBY N WHITNEY vibes 100%.

  13. It’s sad what happened with Rah smh….. n also WHY IS CARDI GETTING MORE PLASTIC SURGERY??? On WHAT? She came in with her ass n titties done ALREADY…. Boy they is using cardi n tearing her down and they gon spit her out and dispose her…… I hope she realizes soon THESE PPL AINT FOR HER AND THEY DONT GIVE AF BOUT HER. but she don’t cause she so clouded by the FAME and bit of money they give her smh

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