September 29, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/26/19

  1. Loving all of the drama, free Britney and I need her & her sister to come together. I’m not shocked about all of this tea and shocked that drake hasn’t been mentioned.

    1. I feel so bad for Britney she definitely deserves better. She came into the industry at a young age her dad definitely sold her out. G how can she get out? Can her and her sister come together and really expose her father? Or can she find someone big in the industry to help her?

  2. Free Britt like every day I pray she’s at peace one day.

    Wendy keep on winning

    Do you have anything on cardi and her botched surgery? Like is she going to get her body redone?

  3. I’m so ready for Britney to be freed AND for her dad to drop dead…it ain’t right to wish death on someone but f*** it and f*** him!

  4. Shame on heather locklear and Charlie sheen. And shame on Richie Sambora for not protecting his daughter.

  5. I hope Britney gets away from that POS father and I hope Kevin Hunter goes to prison. I don’t feel any pity for the mistress…

  6. Yes Britney!! Times are turning for the better. I’m happy she is finally about to get some peace and freedom.

  7. I pray for Brittney to have the peace and happiness she truly is worthy of

    Eff Kevin Hunter…I hope he goes down. It’s good to see Wendy with so much less stress in her life.

    Damn Ava!! That’s sad to read.

    1. You can definitely seen the change in Wendy. It’s like that sparkle is back. And her show doesn’t seem like it drags on anymore. Hopefully with this divorce, it’s a clean break. Especially with the son being an adult.

  8. I hope Britney wins. I’m going to continue to pray for her. God’s got something for her dad.
    Jennie and Bones spelling are annoying leave Shannon alone she’s fighting cancer

  9. Damn! I know Tori needs the money, but Idk about Jeanie, in order to Reboot 90210, you definitely need Shannen on the show. But I can definitely understand why because of her attitude, the alcohol, demanding more money, causing problems on the set. Hell, I can go on and on with this. G, did Shannen slept with Aaron Spelling back in the day? If she did, that would be another reason why Tori and Jeanie don’t want her back.

  10. She (Wendy) should send his cheating ass to jail. Hasn’t I been ages since Shannon been difficult and not have work? Isn’t it about time to see if she learned yet to get along with others? And I’m wondering y Swiss picks Alicia or was it a conspiracy to end his previous marriage?

    1. It been so damn long that the last time I have seen Shannen on the screen was on a Lifetime Movie. And that been years and I do mean years ago!

    1. I did honestly that video with Mashonda him and Alicia from last year. He was looking like idk what I got myself into.

  11. What’s the beef with Shannon Doherty? She had beef as well with her charmed co start Alyssa Milano👀

    1. Girl! That chick cause and stay in more trouble that the average prisoner who is in jail for theft! That’s how bad she is. She can’t get alone with co-workers. She comes to the set late, demanding this, this, this, or that. Causing chaos and hell among the studio crew. Like I just said above earlier. I can go on and on about Shannen.

  12. What’s the reason Jemmia, is pushing Swizz to cheat ok A Keys? Is she fucking him on the low? Is she secretly in love with him? This one is SMH…

    I hope Brittney prevails in all of this and get the help she deserves.

    Can’t wait for Wendy to get a clean slate and start a new chapter in her life.

  13. Damn, Doherty must really be a bitch out chea! 😩😆😆 Charmed bitches aint want her, 90210, what’s going on? LoL

  14. Btw, I’m loving the mix of “ in whypipo news” incorporated in us colored problems 😆😆😩 @ncaseudidntknow LoL

  15. If Wendy is married in NYS she can’t do shit. It’s considered “his” money too. Look it up.

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