August 16, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Word Has It 5/25/19

      1. Her mother is just as bad. Britney’s mother encouraged Brit to date an 18 y.o. while Brit was only 13 so that Brit would be more ‘popular’ at school. Britney’s mother and father both deserve the electric chair

    1. This stuff hurts my heart poor britney. Hopefully these people pay and her dad with his illness hope he gets his karma.

  1. At the very least it was big of him to at least try to get it out there through someone else. It’s so sad what they all have done to her especially her own goddamn father. Hell is hot and I can’t wait till his judgement day comes.

  2. My heart breaks for her. Its is disgusting what people are able to get away with in this industry.

  3. I was just listening to britney yesterday, I feel so sad when I think about everything she had to endure smh

  4. It makes me sick to my stomach to know any father would ever take advantage of their daughter like that 🤮🤮

  5. Its all in God’s time. Could be today tomorrow tonight whenever he decides to he will blow the lid wide open about this sick freak Jaime Spears And Hollyweird.
    Remember God doesn’t blink or sleep

  6. Poor Brittney.. do you think she’ll ever get out ? Or they’ll kill her first? I hope her dad rots in hell

  7. Is t hat the reason why her parents divorced? I just can’t believe all of this was happening to Brit. Where is her mother? She . used to be so close to her and now I barely see her around or mentioned

  8. I hope Brittany is one of the very FEW who makes it out these situations ALIVE….. This is too much I feel so bad for her smh WHERE IS BRITT MOM? Why she ain’t defending her child or she just as ILL and EVIL as the dad?

  9. Karma can’t come soon enough for that man!! What is he planning for Brittany for when he does pass? Who will take Jaime’s place? He’s not just going to let her live her life after his death. Or does she go, when he does? Pure evil that man!

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