October 4, 2022

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45 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5-23-19

  1. Jhene is so volatile. Big Sean needs to stay away from her. This Khloe Jordyn Tristan thing is killing me. I understand she feels betrayed but I wish she had this same energy for them chicks he actually had sex with. I just feel bad for Khloe at this point

    1. I don’t. Even tho G (Hey Wifey 😊) broke the timeline down right here on the blog, Khloe got exactly what she deserved. Shiddddddd, I truly believe Khloe is jealous of both Jordan Craig and Jordyn Woods. Why I am saying this? Because you don’t see Jordy C putting her business out there like Khloe. Plus, Tristan admires baby mama Jordy C. Jordy C doesn’t craves attention like Khloe. She minds her business, takes the high road and pushed forward with her son. With or Without Tristan, Jordy C is being loved by everybody and everyone. Even when her and Tristan broke up, you didn’t see Jordy C. make an ass of herself like Khloe. And look what Tristan posted on Twitter. Dude said, “He will have a third party involved when it came to True and when basketball season started, his son’s mom Jordan will accompany him back to Cleveland when the basketball season starts.

      Now as far as Jordan Woods, Khloe played herself big time! Hell, Kris, Kim, Kourtney, and Kylie played themselves as well. Khloe knew damn well that shit back fired on her ass when she tried to blame her breakup Tristan on Jordyn W. She knew damn well her relationship with Tristan was nothing more than an attention exposure for Tristan and a trick baby for Khloe. She also knew Jordan wasn’t the type to go after Tristan. Her dried up ass needs to go find her real father and quit blaming this bull crap on Jordan W. Better yet, her and her dumb ass familt needed the ratings for that dry ass show that no one is going to watch. What was the purpose of Kris, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kylie getting mad for? Those simple minded bitches be want to be black so damn bad, then why in the hotness in hell when it’s time to be black when they in trouble, oh they all of sudden they are white? What it is all boils down to is they all got “Kardashian-Jenner Syndrome” on their dumbasses. They are also scared of Jordyn W because if she wanted to, can write a tell all book about them ( don’t even care about no damn NDA) and can get away with it. Thank you Jada and Will Smith for backing our girl up. And to the rest of us ladies, “Thank you! For backing up these ladies and showing them it’s okay to make mistakes (Jordyn Woods, which it wasn’t a mistake) and pushing forward and taking the high road and not making an ass of yourself ( Jordan Craig, you did the right thing not following up on that bullshit).

      Three women finesse three people in that family and didn’t blink for a second when the “Kardashian- Jenner Syndrome” hit that family. Finally, Khloe, Robert Jr. and Kylie first hand got a taste of their own medicine.”Karma is like a bullet, It does have a name on it. But when it hits, it’s going to hurt like hell!”- Christina McLeod

  2. So Khloe is still holding a grudge against Jordyn but still wants to get back with/desperately chasing the trash ass ninja who ain’t even worried about her? Got it! 🙄

  3. Damn the tea!!! Jhene why?? Did she really think he was gonna stay? Let riri make music 🗣 and is that billionaire jay?

  4. I just want everyone to win and I’m not even a fan at all of the Kardashians. I get Khloe wanting her family but Tristan is still young, rich and an athlete. It sucks Kylie lost a friend…those are hard to find. At least Jordy’s brand is on the come up.

    Weird about Jhene and Big Sean they both seem to suffer mental from their relationship or the breakup.

  5. Jhene looks like she gets violent. She is jealous and controlling but i love her music. Drake is entertaining on the sidelines lol. Kylie seems like she doesnt make many of her own decisions- i feel bad for her, but I get sticking by your sister. Hopefully, Jordyn figures her life out with oit the jenner/kardashians.

    Chris Brown should take a break for a few years and focus on healing and intense therapy. I wish him we he is so talented.

      1. Are you a Taurus? I am an April Taurus and Taureans are way too loyal to how hopping back n forth between two people. It can be exhausting.

  6. That photo Kylie was in the other day she look pregnant. Chris need to change his type🙄 I’m tired of seeing him with the same face and body females. Jhene getting that karma for what she did to that husband.

    1. Okkkkk, I CLEARLY remember her messing with Sean before her marriage.. just to turn around and leave him for Sean. KARMA

  7. Tyga is a weirdo for that s*** haha how you gonna sue that girl for not wanting to be with you after YOU cheated haha he must’ve forgot who Kylie mama is, Kris Jenner is MEGA business savvy! She will take him to the cleaners! Plus if you didn’t have paperwork proving that it was your idea then you are the stupid one not Kylie! Sorry :I

  8. Whew! G you been on a roll lately with all these updates! Thank you :). I cannot wait to see John and Chrissy implode. It took me a second to even realize who you were referring to. As for Chris, how you let another broad wear your girlfriends shoes and how as a woman are you comfortable wearing someone else’s funky heels? Mess all around.

    1. Taurus men will cheat w the dirtiest hoes. Yall clean but ya bisshes aint. Tf! Love tf outta then but damn why yall gotta be so ratchet on the sneak tip Chris? Jeez…

  9. Chris is rotten lol..

    Before G I was really rooting for John and Chrissy… now I question everything!

  10. Whatttt?
    I thought Chris was staying faithful to Amnex?
    Kylie is dumb khlomadiya had it coming TT is community dick
    John & Chrissy whatttt
    Who else I see nick & privonka erica &safaree princess & ray j are going strong
    Jhene is like naya Rivera whew chile
    What’s going on with Jason Mitchell the guy who played Eazy E ? Humiliation ritual

  11. Does Magic really have that ninja? Because how he getting mad cuz somebody won’t sleep with him??? Not being mean but that really stuck out to me lol.

  12. John and Chrissy? Them rituals ain’t fun no mo’ or something?

    How does an initiation work if you’re already gay? I guess the kiss can be seen as scandalous by people because she has a fiancée.

    1. I knew Jeannie was doing Rob Pelinka like who hasn’t she done! Smh! I thought Jeannie did Magic yrs ago 😳

      1. I felt like she’s been messing around with Luke Walton too… everyone could see he needed to be fired. His actions/attitude made it look like no could touch him

  13. Disappointed in chris.. I don’t understand him. No one is perfect but damn you will think with all the bullshit he will chill..

  14. I hope Jhene don’t try to get back with Sean. I can’t see Kylie getting back with Tyga.

  15. Gina, are you sure about the Rob Pelinka thing. I am a due hard Lakers fan. We are all furious for Pelinka’s backstabbing and are wondering why Jeanie chose him over Magic in terms of running the Lakers. It would explain her public silence BUT it would really suck for the Lakers.

  16. Whew Sean likes them crazy doesn’t he! First Naya now Jhene 😫

    I don’t think Chris has ever been really serious about Ammika so I’m not surprised he’s creeping and he mad disrespectful for letting them wear her shoes! If I caught my man cheating and then ever find out he letting his hoes wear my things bruuhh im burning everything down!

      1. Sounds like you’re asking the wrong person…LMBO. Wasn’t it Chris that let other girls wear his lady’s shoes? A man can get you pregnant and not be serious about you. Hence single mothers…..Just saying.

  17. Why doesn’t rih drop the album and bow out the music? Or under her contract is she required to do a world tour? If that’s case were never getting music. Lol

    1. That’s what I’m thinking ain’t nobody Giselle, rih did say she don’t want to tour a lot and as she got older. I think she should do one more before she really say fuck it. It can be just like anti. But hey I’ll except whatever she’s the only one I want to see again.

  18. LOL
    Good luck with that lawsuit Tyga, if you don’t have anything in writing or recorded, your case will be thrown out. Kris Jenner don’t play.

  19. That reminds me of when will smith was being forced to kiss that white actor and he refused was that initiation .. and will jhene ever get back with Sean ?? What was in that letter to brandy still want to know .. did Beyoncé mess with Sean Paul ??

  20. Is Rih’s reggae album the last album she needs to fill with her recording contract?

    It’s funny bc ppl sabatoged her last album to release fake streaming numbers for others but since Rih is their money maker & sees how successful she is in other business ventures, now they want her to focus on music?

  21. I need more regarding the Magic, Jeanie Buss & Rob Pelinka saga. I’m a huge sports fan & I can’t get enough of the soap opera going on in LA

    Also is Jeanie Buss still screwing Phil Jackson also since he’s also giving her advice on how to run the team?

  22. Wow what is wrong with jhene she gives me misery vibes 😂😂
    So did they give riri a deadline on when she has to put out the album ? Cause she has been working on it it’s just these other ventures in between. Maybe she could merge some like the makeup, clothes, and music all in one. To have time for all. Idk lol
    I doubt tyga would win if he does that & everyone would drag him for filth.

  23. Oh man! I was really rooting for Chrissy and John!

    Rhianna, girl, if you still under a contract the label is gonna harass you. Just drop the album, do a quick tour, and be done.

    So, Jhene is crazy.

    Chris needs therapy.

  24. Dang…I like John and Chrissy together

    That Lena Waithe kiss took me by surprise. Mostly because I saw in an interview and she seemed so in love with her fiancee.

  25. Jeannie was telling Magic to stay under the salary cap, and Rob is telling her to swing cheaper deals with other free agents. Magic would want AD to get his supermax extension with LA because he can help him make smart investments outside of sports?

    NO got the #1 pick due as a settlement against Magic blatantly tampering with AD. The Pelicans refused to deal with Robs scams and got their own GM fired due to ethics violations. Their new GM is James old GM from CLE and he is not going to help him build yet another LA dynasty by giving him AD.

    There is another sentiment that James is an owner of the agency that reps AD and it would be a total scam if he trades for AD and is also his agent and also in cahoots with Magic to split that $250M supermax deal.

    Magic quit because he was told to go the extra mile to get the superstars in LA and now he was being handcuffed by the salary cap and blamed for tampering and Magic thinks Rob was snitching his out to the Commish?

    People also think that Mamba is salty bcuz James doesnt respect players who were drafted by their team and always tried to buy his way into being a superstar. Kobe would rather watch the LA draft picks continue to miss playoffs and then clean house once and for all. James didn’t respect Luke because they are literally the same age and he doesnt feel he has to emphasize defense to win, unlike Mamba IDK.

  26. Ammika is just the main girl. She knows the rotation and sends her back home to Germany when he wants to mess with other girls. That’s why when they called themselves going public it was a crock of shit 🤣🤣😂

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