September 26, 2022

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48 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Why Rihanna Said, “No Drake. No time soon.”

  1. What would cause Rih to wince when Drake’s name is mentioned? There’s only a few reasons I can think of

    That being said I’m glad she’s done with Drake & Chris. Hopefully she’s done with industry dudes for good

  2. I’m proud of Rihanna for not tolerating Drake’s bullshit. She needed to apply that pressure to let him know she not one of these regular chicks.

  3. No homo but Rihanna is gorgeous what would make my baby daddy and corn ball drake cheat on her. I guess it doesn’t matter how pretty you are I can still get cheated on

    1. I like ReRe, I would like to hear more from her. But I know she’s not into the music industry anymore. She been in the industry since she was 15 or 16.

      1. I think she was pregnant by him and had no choice but to get an abortion because that’s embarrassing af to be preg at the same time as a pornstar. Periodt

  4. Around this time last year, the Vogue article came out and soon after it seemed she was having problems with her boyfriend. Now this one comes out. It makes me wonder if she’s having boyfriend problems again. Like, if she and her boyfriend are on a break, she makes sure Drake knows that she will never consider going back to him. Ever.

  5. I think maybe it was a pregnancy. Maybe they were both knocked up around the same time. Drake said if he had a baby with rih his mom would’ve been happy and she was not happy that he knocked up a pornstar. A baby changes the dynamic to a lot of things.

  6. Too personal…Hmmm… hey everyone remember that Lebron interview when asked about Adonis and drake started it off by saying having a baby with Rihanna would’ve been great in life and on paper and he wanted that at one time but it of course didn’t happen?…. and it was lowkey random AF…. If drake shot the club up and then played Rih and she had to go through a “procedure” he the biggest dumbass and jerk around! You (maybe) had Rihanna for a babymama and you screwed up and instead got a pornstar!?! FOOLISH

    1. I believe this too. She will never forgive him if she had to have an abortion. Its why Drake, how could you? Such a big L.

      1. Why would Rihanna ever have to have an abortion? She loves kids and she could easily be a single mother. I think her birth control has worked for all these years, anyway.

    2. October507 Yes Rih has a maternal instinct to her but that doesn’t mean every woman wants to go through life being a single mother. Especially someone with the status of Rihanna. That would be embarrassing and/or irritating to have a fellow big name as a baby daddy and he can’t remain loyal to you and settle down FORREAL forreal. But I’m just making guesses, the STD route can be an option too. He was lying saying chicks is “friends” when in reality he was smashing and stds can prove that.

      1. If she was still willing to iron things out before Jlo, it’s hard to guess what it was 🙁

    3. Yes Perry, I remember G had a story about Rih stating “she might’ve been prego and had a miscarriage or abortion” I gotta check on the search bar cus I’m not sure.
      But your def on to it girl!

  7. I’m so nosy I wnna know the too personal details 😭😭😭😭 but I’m glad she had enough self esteem and confidence to leave him alone. There are a lot of women who struggle with that even with their fame, status, and money. Khloe should take notes.

  8. Ok too personal to tell… Hmmm. It is either STDS, pregnancies with side chics, OR maybe Rhianna was pregnant, miscarried, tried to work it out with him, but instead he cozied up with JLO, ONLY to go and have his 1st child with a random porn star he doesn’t even know instead of her(Rhianna). I would think that would be hurtful. Either way I believe some pregnancies and/or STDS or involved.

  9. Whatever it was hurt her to the core and burnt the bridge for real!!! How you finally get the one you wanted and mess it up!!! I know it haunts him!!

  10. Oweee you know as much as I love drake, he can be one dumb mf sometimes. I don’t get it. As much pussy as he done got since his career popped off, he still can’t pass it up?

    1. Rihanna was seeing Drake but already talking to Hassan…the Dakota chick and her friends were dropping hints on social media constantly insinuating that she and Drake had something going on…Rihanna’s best friend Melissa followed Dakota and her twin sister during this time…Rihanna was looking for a reason to break it off with Drake.

  11. Thank you soo much G for this one!! Damn sleezy drake he ducked up she building her make up empire and getting out of the music industry good for her!!

  12. I wonder who’s dick is bigger Drake or Chris and who is better in bed and has the better tongue game

    1. I know someone who hooked up with both. She said Drake is thicker, Chris is longer. Equal on tongue game but Chris lasts longer and is better overall, Drake wants to play in the bootyhole.

      1. Wow thanks cause I thought Chris would’ve been bigger and more selfish. Judging by his dance moves I would say Drake should work on his stroke game and when to go faster or slower.

  13. So Aubrey sucker punch Chris with a bottle and tore up a NYC club (and almost got deported) arguing over Robin — and she made a #1 hit with him and kicked him to the curb anyway SMH he has to be the biggest simp ever LOL!

  14. I remember this photo a few years ago of Drake coming out of the “clinic.” He probably got that itchy itchy ya ya

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