August 16, 2022

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33 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Marriage of Steph and Ayesha Curry

  1. She’s made a name for herself with this cooking thing. Not sure what else she feels she needs to be “noticed.” Sometimes wanted attention will turn to unwanted attention….men can be disrespectful and brutal with comments

    1. Well said Naya and I agree!!! She has made a name for herself along with being Steph wife!! All attention isn’t good attention!!

    1. Exactly. My issue with her is that she used him. She never wanted him. But because of his pedigree and status, he could provide alot of the things she wanted. But she never wanted him like that. And I just hate when people use people for their own ulterior motives.

      She would have been better served striking out on her own and struggling as an actor in LA and finding a regular dude with a 9-5 because she is not cut out for the NBA lifestyle.

      The whole thing is just sad.

      1. The Fact that you gathered this negativity from this? this is in the end hearsay. Wow!!

      2. How is it hearsay? If you believe that you think it about all of G’s sugar. why you here ?

      3. Naw now. It’s not that serious and those two love each other and have a beautiful family. Lol the hate is real.

  2. Thanks G. Personally it seems fame is like a drug addiction, once you get a hit all you want is more. Ayesha is good, I understand her insecurities, they are no different to the ones non famous women go through however I do believe she should leave it alone. Shes got the cooking and a humble fame. I think that’s enough. Stay in the light 👊🤣

  3. So basically she was pressured into dating him everyone has a motive when they’re with someone no matter who it is but it happens I guess she has a right to be insecure being vocal about that just gave people ammo to judge her more than anything in Hollywood everything is fake anyways it’s kinda messed up that yes she has success but she literally just his wife hopefully she’ll love herself more money won’t make her do that and the reputation nba men have definitely doesn’t help if he is indeed cheating he’s good at it

  4. Steph strikes me as the type that knows he isn’t the cutest (at least IMO) so when chick is throwin him the signs, he don’t know how to turn it down because no matter how wholesome he appears to be, he is still a man who loves his ego stroked

  5. Hopefully Ayesha realizes what she has with Steph & stops this fame-seeking attention bc everytime she says something, it either comes out wrong or completely backfires altogether.

    Her cooking side of things is booming & she should continue to build on that if that’s her passion but there still needs to be a balance as well with her husband and kids

    Had Jada not revealed her & Willow’s porn addiction that started when she was a child, folks would still be talking about Ayesha’s interview

    I wonder if Ayesha thinks she can do better than Steph since he was her second choice, but at the same token if she was chasing after dudes that only wanted to smash or associate with her for who she is, then I would think she would be blessed & grateful at this point to have a good faithful (that we know of so far) husband that loves & adores her

    Groupies are apart of this life but it is up to the man on whether he’s going to step out or not. That being said, Ayesha is practically now at every game & away game @ this point so even if a groupie shouts something crazy, Steph’s the one looking for you and your kids together & looking for you to kiss when the game is over so why are you still this pressed and insecure?

  6. Sounds like 50% gold digger to me that took a chance and it worked out in her favor. All In all Steph is probably one of the few good NBA players And Ayesha better fall back with the clout chasing before she lose her blessing! Why are you competing with women that are only out thotting like that so they can get like you? Those women are looking for love AND money…you already have that and more but you feel you still need to compete because of some “dream” that didn’t take off the way you thought it would be still kinda took off cause YA MAN IS RICH AND LOVES YOU! she better calm down before someone takes her spot completely.

    1. exactly… people want to say it’s “hearsay” and “negativity” but it’s the truth.

  7. I am not gonna judge the ” friend zone” position. There a lot of couples who THOUGHT that someone was nothing more than friend and something clicked where they saw more in the person. Does it always end up like that? No. But sometimes it does happen

  8. Well why doesn’t she just get her body done if she isn’t satisfied with it ? I don’t get why she’s trying to be some saint mother of Mary for the people. If I had the money I’d do it too. Any woman who doesn’t like something about herself should do whatever they please. But with her money I’m mad her boob job is botched she probably rushed to do it and get it over with too fast and didn’t do her research. She’s a gorgeous girl if she has to change her body to gqin more confidence I say go for it.

  9. I’m low key glad this wasn’t too salacious. I understand that she doesn’t just want to be seen as Steph Curry’s wife, but you don’t need to prove it to the world. She needs to do stuff for herself and not the world smh

  10. The Currys are like 7day Advantageous so this was a church thing? Even his brother is marrying Rivers daughter so they were all always raised boule. I find it interesting that Ms Curry announced her curiosity to a well known swinger. Either way Ms Curry wants some of that Jordyn NBA scandal clout to build her social media and she got it! Nobody in the league is dumb enough to cheat with Ms Curry so she tried to weave the possibility of future scandalous affairs smh.

    W!llow and J@den were ALLEGEDLY IDK both twins from the same egg and Ms Smith spaced them out 2 years apart. Test tube. The big questions is whose seed was it Fresh Prince or Fresh Prince Jr? IDK ALLEGEDLY.

    1. Ohhhhh ok thank you for that info on The Curry’s cause i was Most definitely wondering about them on that level and lord The Smith’s🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Whew chile u dropped some good tea on me then

      Wat about Ice Cube??? You kno anything on him and his family?? They down too?? And the artists like Plies n them type rappers wats up with them???

  11. These comments are outrageous. Everyone has dated someone that they hit it off with but found a reason to friend zone a dude. Thats why so mant older people go hook up with that old flame or someone they passed up in their younger years. Im glad she listened to her mom. If you marry your best friend what do you have to lose?

  12. SOO.. I DONT UNDERSTAND Y EVERYONE WANTS TO MAKE HER THE VILLIAN. I pretty much have felt the same way. I never get to complain about guys in my inbox. that doesnt make me unappreciative of my man. but yess.. while in conversation, hearing other women speak of it, makes me say. well dam. nobody is ever in my dm lol ( i could appreciate a hey baby..i see you… although i would ignore its just confirmation that u still have it. We all appreciate a little ego stroking every now and again. How you think these ugly women have so much confidence. tom, dick and harry stay gassing them up in their dms. An added boost of confidence, especially on a rainy day.

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