September 26, 2022

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45 thoughts on “H.O.T.P Yesterday’s Evening action

  1. I remember when Lamar and Taraji we’re dating… It was only a few months before he got with Khloe.

    1. I heard him and Tariji were ✌🏽 allegedly ✌🏽engaged and that she was blind sided when he got with Khlorenthal…

      1. No, he proposed to Taraji but she broke up with him because she thought it was weird that he proposed so soon.

      2. Funny he proposed to everyone but the woman who birth him 3 children. I went to Christ the king with him and Lizá. Their 3rd baby died and he didn’t even attend the wake, his friend Jamie had to handle it. Yet shortly after it he was out here proposing to hoes. He said his BM was too depressed and cramping up his style. Fuck him he deserves the shit life he lives.

    2. Right, and he proposed to Taraji as well but she thought it was weird being that they had only dated for a short time frame. I want to say she broke it off with him because of that.

  2. Do you think the girl Chris Brown is with now is pregnant? One blogger was allegedly saying it. For some reason I liked Khole with Lamar. I think they can work things out.

  3. Thanks G for the tea. I hope Chris Brown make up his mind about who he want to be with. I never let go of his ex girl friends.

    1. I need to know when you figure it out! I don’t know why she didn’t just drop it on us! Lol! My brain tired.

  4. Its hard to give an accurate take on Rih & Hassan bc this is the most private she’s been as far as relationships go & she lives overseas now & isn’t with her crew as often. There’s been tons of rumors & speculation on them, yet they’re still going strong.

    Rih to me doesn’t seem the type to put up with cheating especially when she dealt with that with her famous exes & ultimately left them for good

  5. Thank you G! Something about Hassan is off, it would be a shane for Rih to settle with him

  6. Wait I’m confused so Chris “got the word” that Vic is cheating so that’s why he’s trying to talk to Kae… or he got a response from Kae? I honestly hope not she really hasn’t prospered since she left CB

  7. I don’t trust Hassan either, mainly due to the fact he was dating her former homey Naomi… so Kim K and Kanye had their son, Trey Songz just had a baby, Chris has one on the way this year… do they time these pregnancies as part of a ceremonial thing or am I thinking too hard?

  8. I still think she better off without Chris, geeez, he needs to let his past girlfriends go. Let them live their new life with there new fuck ups. Stop trying to save a hoe

  9. Who hasn’t John Mayer tapped? Most of the songs he writes are about the women he has been with.
    I do remember Lamar & Taraji though.

  10. Just knowing how this industry works, it’s a reason why Rihanna and Hassan are so “private.” It’s ok to have your private moments, but no pictures together at all unless the paparazzi catches one or he so happened to be in the background of a picture? I see something alarming about that. We know she’s Rihanna, but I can only think maybe he has the business connects that she needs for her makeup line idk, but it’s something fishy. As far as in Karrueche, where yall getting these cheating rumors from? I’ve heard, but haven’t seen any receipts at all. And what if she knows? A lot of these relationships are just arrangements. I don’t take none of them serious anymore. They all cheat

    1. I believe hes cheating because hes a professional cheater he been caught before one time he was cheating on his girl 5 different women

  11. G’s gut feelings have been right about every couple so far. That’s why I’m here! I’ll stay tuned to see how these situations play out.

  12. Poor Karruche. If Victor is cheating, Chris is DEFINITELY NOT the place to go back to. Drop both of their azzes Karruche and keep pushing forward.

    Taraji and Lamar? Sis must have been drunk that night.

    I don’t think Rhianna will be pregnant, she is still so busy creating/opening brands. But I could see her in a engagement. Now if she goes through with it, that is another question lol.

  13. I’mma go with Wifey on RiRi and Hassan. Hassan is reminding me of Wissam Al Mana. And if Hassan ain’t careful, RiRi will pull one on him quick! Her third album said it all, “GOOD GIRL GONE BAD!” I’mma leave it at that.

  14. The Lakers were ready to go back to the finals in 2011, Lamar was hype off winning the 2010 title and eloped with Khloe right before training camp. The Lakers were disturbed that he didn’t formally announce or invite them to any wedding but WTF?

    The problem was Ms Bryant hates the Kards and now Lamar gave bigfoot and her sisters an excuse to be around the organization and Black Mamba.

    The second problem was Mo had her new young husband who was considered to be the next replacement for Mamba and he had a rep for being endowed ALLEGEDLY IDK.

    The third BIG problem was the big Spaniard and his brother ran a locomotive on bigfoot ALLEGEDLY at the Olympics in 2008. The Kards were guests of the Anthony’s and Ms Bryant was watching Ms West every move around Mamba.

    Spaniard took Lamar starting spot + they got married without telling the team so Spaniard decided to let the past affairs just stay that way. But Spaniard had a new rich Portuguese fiance, and she was star struck by the Kards and hung tight with them and look down on Ms Bryant.

    Ms Bryant try to warn Ms Lisbon not to be seen around the Kards because it would knock her image down, ALLEGEDLY the Kards Wives Krew all had a big showdown with Ms Bryant at a game and only Mo had her back. But Mo stayed neutral because she just wanted to clarify if Mr Brown was involved in the shenanigans with Ms Lisbon or the Kards.

    The Ms Bryant big reveal that Ms Lisbon was hanging with a bigfoot who slept with her fiance and never told her and was smiling in her face got back to Lamar. Lamar was frustrated and punch Spainiard in the face at practice for not telling HIM about sleeping with bigfoot. Mamba and Fish told Spainiard he was wrong for not warning Lamar, but why he Lamar popped up like hey guys this is my new wife so WTF? Spainiard felt betrayed by a bunch of negroes and gave no further effort on defense. Magic and Phil were perplexed at the level of simpery that basically torpedoed their championship season.

    Lamar got traded and bigfoot left him so his career spiraled, the sad part is French had bigfoot in his video mocking Lamar talking about dont panic ni99a lol. Now bigfoot messed with MVP wit da beard and beard mocked Lamar too until he almost died at the brothel so Beard felt it was bad karma so he ALLEGEDLY messed with Rose AND China and also had Ms Foolish as his side piece?

    Lamar tried to warn young Ben about Kendul but Ben is arrogant not realizing that him and Lamar are basically the same type of player. Now Ben wants to go to LA to replace James, Lamar 2.0?

    Bigfoot baby daddy only let her trap him for the clout but when James left to go to Lakers, clout left too and baby daddy was gonna get traded to the Beards team in TX. TT would rather have sat out and play injured than have to play with a guy who had his baby mama and it MIGHT be Beards baby all along ALLEGEDLY IDK.

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