October 4, 2022

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53 thoughts on “H.O.T.P. – Hot Off The Press (From My Publicist Chat To Your Eyes)

  1. Safaree will always want Nicki back. I don’t think him and Erica were ever real

    Whew Chile, that Britney tea tho 👀👀

  2. I remember when Brittney Jones posted a sonogram pic but people said she was lying…. but ALOT of people are saying she’s the mother.

    1. Drake looks like a snack with those fake abs 😂😂.
      I was heartbroken when I found out trey actually fathered a baby.
      Kimmy cakes knew not to get involved with mr. third trimester 😂😂

  3. G straight did a hotp drive-by on us LOL whew, the erica mena and safaree split will be ugly when it happens (I have no faith in them lasting)

  4. I hope that erica and safaree get married I actually like them
    Even though it looks like erica has a diaper on

    1. Nah erica isn’t a nice person and always in a bunch of mess. She was still trying to holla at Cliff(Rip) when she was with safaree

  5. Brittany daddy old and nasty…ugh!!!
    Safaree will never get over Nikki!!
    That dam Tristan is something else smh

  6. Well Ben is definitely no Star🙄 he’s definitely trash and I hope they trade his bum ass

  7. Not drake got fake abs 😂 what is the point lol

    Ben is dumb as hell if he marries into that family and deserves whatever comes his way.

  8. Ben needs to be taking notes and look at what happened to all of the men who have married into the Klan. I think the only smart ones were Kim’s first two husbands who got away quick…

    1. Well what I read I think g posted it Kim first husband was abusive and her father threatened her to leave him or he disowning her and she took what her dad said serious and left.

  9. When I read who trey songs baby mama was MY WHOLE JAW DROPPED cause I REMEMBERRRRRRR THIS TEA‼️‼️‼️‼️🤯🤯😲😲😲😲💀💀 so it wassssss truuuuuue 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

  10. I used to never want safaree and Nicki to get back together because how he did her but you know what…they have history and the both are petty and were hurt after the breakup and for some reason I give it like a slim percentage of wanting it back.

    Who I don’t want her to ever give time to is Meek ass! Safaree was retarded in messing up with her and letting HER fame get to his head but he was with her from young and before she was Nicki Minaj. Meek ass took advantage from the jump and used her for clout straight out the gate and she went along with it to spite Safaree.

  11. Whewww baby I had to clutch my invisible pearls for that Brittany sugar. I’m speechless.
    I’m so anxious to find out who treys bm is. What a way to announce his first child to us too.
    I knew saforehead was still on Nicki’s heels they were together for a decade plus. Can’t no rundown industry buss down erase his feelings for her.
    Oh G do you think amikka is prego by Chris ? He be trolling callin her bm. And everyone thought they saw a bump the other day.

  12. Curious to know, if Britney is a clone/ the person we see as Britney is a clone, what’s the purpose sending her to an extensive “rehab center” let alone perform MK Ultra on her?

  13. Drake’s abs remind me of women that get their butts done, the booty never matches the thighs. His abs look like they belong on someone else’s body. Furthermore it’s not necessary and adds nothing to his appeal. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  14. Did yall see that video of britney dancing on the shaderoom?! What are they doing to her? 😭😭😭 poor brit.

  15. Drake getting his abs done seems about YT. But who was he arguing over, we need an update g on all the women he’s sleeping and trying to step out with.

  16. I knew Tristan had a thing for Kim, it was obvious…And, it was always obvious he settled for Khloe just because she was Kim’s sister lol smh

  17. I was trolling on Trey page today trying to figure out who is the bm, and saw everyone kept mentioning the porn star, but the #FanArt post had me like 🤔 and what was up with that cringe video of Safaree with the No ban fur lol

  18. GGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! I KNEWWWWWW ITTTTTTTT!!!! That’s the first thing i thought about Trey Songz and that porn star or groupie he done got pregnant

  19. Good tea ☕!

    It is being said that Trey’s baby mama is NOT the porn star, Brittney Jones, but Dave East’s baby mama’s sister. The girl’s name is Carol *shrugs*.

    Fake abs, really Drake lol? I hope that is not true 😂😂. People really out here buying body parts 😂😂.

    Poor Britney Spears. That girl is going thru it. Her team is really screwing her over 😖😖.

    1. And however it goes down, I don’t think anyone will be shocked at Sarfaree and Erica splitting up.

  20. I actually liked Safaree with Nicki. But he has been on some clown ish. Both of them need some maturity.
    Kanya got liposuction so I don’t put anything passed these men in terms of plastic surgery. Drake has a whole baby with a porn star so he’s always been making questionable choices.
    I feel sorry for Britney. Her dad is trash. Where’s Kevin Federline in all this? Her Dad paid him too?
    G, thanks for the tea. Looking forward to the evening session.

  21. Where is Britney’s mom? Like what happened to her?

    Who is this Pornstar that ya’ll keep mentioning with Trey Songz?

  22. I know who the baby’s mother is. She’s disabled her Instagram account though. Her name is Carol. Allegedly, lol!

  23. All of them need God right about now! If I was Brit, (Having a Devil” advocate here) I’ll sacrifice the father. There is no way that bastard would do some s*** like he did Britney.

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