September 27, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/15/19

  1. I read about the guy who killed him self supposedly and I had just saw a video of him speaking of the evil in the industry a few days before… Terrible
    Yes please more info on that

  2. That is so funny you mention Demi Rose. I just saw a picture of her on a plastic surgeons page asking followers if she is natural or not. It’s the last pic on her page. And he’s very impressive, especially with making women look natural. I actually think he may be the dr all the “fitness” models go to. Idk if she is or isn’t natural, but it’s always hard for me to take someone with melon round hips serious. Not that it can’t be natural but I don’t see many women who a natural with those types of hips.

  3. I’m here for the KD tea, I was starting to wonder about him …

    Trina did say Megan let her “drive the boat” so I’m not shocked lol

  4. Unfamiliar with a Demi Rose character 🤷🏽‍♀️
    I read Ayesha got a botched breast job she regrets poor thing has low self esteem 😩

  5. Who didn’t see that “Prison Bae” situation happening. She’s a whole idiot for getting knocked up by an ex con.
    And Trinaaaaa and Meg ???? Whew! I would of loved to be a fly on a wall for that one

    1. I sweaaaaar I was thinking that (I WOULD LOVE TO BE A FLY ON THAT WALL) 💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💯💯

  6. What!! Trina 👀. Good come back Ayesha! I just saw something about Prison Bae & how she’s not wearing her engagement ring ! What’s this K Michelle & R Kelly thing😱

  7. I saw Prison bae and Chloe post a pic like “we’re still very much in love” yeahhhh ok.

  8. Erika must have some amazing 🐯 because ALL those ex’s are mad lol!
    I believe it ..Trina been a classy freak .
    RIP to the brave man and everyone who isn’t afraid to expose #hollyweird

  9. Not surprised about the Trina tea. Back in the day the rumor was that she was a straight up lesbian, but she has been linked to some poppin dudes. I would say she goes both ways.

  10. Most of them instagram models had something done to their bodies, at this point do you sis. But you not gone try to sell me tummy teas, “personalized” nutrition plans and waist-trainers when you had lipo…foh lol!

  11. HOOLLLDDD UP LOL!! I luh me some Trina, idk if shes not super current, shes one of the GOATs to me. SHE EATING YOUNG CAT OUT HERE!?!? She has a whole man tho?! Huhhhh?!?!

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