July 4, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Industry Secrets – Part 3

  1. When someone becomes a huge star (Beyonce, Madonna) do they still have to attend these parties and participate?

    1. Some of them they just can’t shun them all, as a matter of fact, Giselle runs everyone except Madonna and maybe Celine Dion when it comes to Artist oh not Mimi either but Madonna is the only one allowed to check Giselle she never disrespects madge

    1. diana ross is a prime example of how they use you for a lifetime (i.e she offered up a few of her kids who were down T.E.R & E.R. for example)

  2. Hmmm Oprah is a billionaire all by herself. I wonder how much involvement she has with these eye wide shut parties. I have lost all respect for & her girlfriend Gayle.

  3. I watched the movie Eyes Wide Shut out of curiosity when I was younger and I didn’t quite get it. I need to rewatch

  4. Do the elites hand reach into other parts of entertainment? Im an artist (visual artist) and I was given an offer with a contract that sounded to good to be true. My gut made me turn it down but I wan’t to know what I’m walking into should I end up in LA.

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