October 5, 2022

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38 thoughts on “H.O.T.P. (Hot Off The Press ) – What Takes Place In The Group Chat…

    1. From what I heard was Ayesha use to play Steph prior to him being drafted to the NBA because she was pressed on being an actress but things didn’t work out for her. So apparently the members of their church kept telling her she better get with him because he was going to the NBA and that’s why she really broke down and got with him. He was always pressed for her. Not sure how true it is but her recent statements leads me to believe it may be some truth to it.

  1. So “ Triggered” is about Big Sean??? That’s my song tho lol.

    Why did Diddy try and Kill Jackie Long?

    1. I love Jhene Aiko. She kept that leash short! I hope Arianna gets herself together. I dont see anything wrong with what Ayesha was saying. As a woman you want still turn heads especially when chicks are constantly throwing it at your man.

  2. Jhene doesnt have to be worried bc her next album gonna be so damn big. I swear the industry does this just to get her to cry. Once them tears start falling, a couple hits shes making. Bc lets be honest, I want to hear Jhene over Ariana anyday of the week. Ariana is like the chalky part of rice. Bland. Big Sean is just a big little boy. His rap skills isnt all that either. She needs someone else anyway.

  3. I’ve never been a fan of Ari, never been a fan of her and Sean either. He need to leave her little ass alone and go back to Baené Aiko. I loved them together 😩

  4. I feel sorry for Jhené, I know Sean not commenting after she poured her heart out had to be heartbreaking, she loved him enough to tat his face on her, I know it’s covered now but damn

  5. Poor Amber
    She’s so clueless
    What’s deal with Erica mena and safaree are they gonna get married

  6. I dnt even kno y Amber got pregnant any dam way🙄 been with the nigga 4 minutes and now boutta have a baby🤦🏽‍♀️

  7. N I never forget the celeb men they say packing that beef cake 🍆🍆🍆🍆😂😂

    I will NEVERRRRR forget that pic of big sean‼️‼️‼️‼️ N that was YEARSSSSS ago and i can never UNSEE it 😂😂

  8. I think rih will convert as well

    Triggered was a good song and name for it poor jhene.

    I thought amber was smarter than that but hopefully her bf is mature about his decision to leave her smh

  9. Who is even remotely interesting in a Taylor Swift & Drake collab besides her fans? Drake doesn’t need more clout. Why? What would it even sound like? They can keep it in the studio!

  10. Hot tea!
    Jhene just let it go.

    Well duh, on Amber’s situation lol.

    Well if Rhianna is happy and all things go well… Congrats.

    Sorry people, we DO NOT need a Taylor Swift/Drake collabo. Just shelf it.

  11. Jhene is hurt but Ariana might not be the one to play with, Heaven already said the elites love her and don’t play behind her. Stay Safe out there Jhene.

    Good For Rih tbh as long as she ain’t compromising and agreeing to a life of misery I don’t see an issue with her getting engaged, The navy has wanted this for her for a Long time.

    I thought you were about to say drake and Taylor swift smashed I was about to say is the elites pissed cause Jewish or not he still got negro in the blood haha

  12. Amber know she’s getting older and she need money. So having another baby will bring more money in her life.

  13. I will be so happy for Robyn if this happens as long as she’s happy. I’m curious of how his family feels too. And how she will exit from the music business for good. Will she do like one last album or something? 😢😩 it’ll be so bittersweet really watched my baby grow up.

    Jhene better chill I like her but doesn’t she see that Ari is one of the elites favs right now. She will be blackballed just like that.

    Whewww first off I ain’t even know about jackie & kim that’s new tea. And 50 snitchin like shit he messy. I wonder if Diddy will say something to him privately ofc. Diddy is like the carters he don’t like his business out there.

    Smh amber she fumbled it fasure

    Taylor & Drake can you say #1 & ye angry as hell haha

  14. See now Jhene, u need to get a nigga with average D and teach him how to do YOU well. Sean already know what all the ladies know about his package…. she’s beautiful but I knew it wouldn’t last.

    Amber after Wiz u do not need to be doing this.

    I hope Rih gets out….. if the Muslim lifestyle is for her then why not.

  15. …I hope Jhene and Sean are back together after seeing that she posted the pic of them in Hawaii yesterday.

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