September 26, 2022

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39 thoughts on “The Real Reason Salt n Pepa Fired Spinderella

  1. They ain’t shit smh. This is why it’s important to always have a contract whilst doing business with others

  2. Spin will thrive without them & Salt N Pepa will find out soon one way or the other that they weren’t the only draw especially when they always were branded a trio from interviews, awards & at their height their tours

    & that’s shady to promote the 3 of them knowing she was fired & still didn’t think to tell the fans since January she wouldn’t be on the tour

    Doesn’t Spin have writing & producing credits for all 3 albums, but they want to diminish her bc they don’t feel she brings the same & are jealous of her looks

    Fans have already stopped watching the reality show bc of the foolishness & Spin is getting tons of support bc this is absolutely lowdown

  3. The O’Jays released “For the Love of Money” in 1973 and unfortunately, it still holds true til this day. What Spin is dealing with is beyond foul, it’s shady but it’s clearly how some people priorities are placed. My heart goes out to Spin for enduring it and managing it with class and grace!

  4. Sad… I said it once and I’ll say it again.. we women tear each other down it’s not the men, men are just icing on the cake

  5. Damn that’s fucked up, every dog will have its day tho. Those trademark and contract rules are a major part of the entertainment industry. Spin didn’t know 🤷🏾‍♀️ and these shady bitches wasn’t looking out 🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. Yea Spin has said for years how they(Salt & Pep) have done her dirty. It was always weird to see her get back in the loop. But I guess when you have a iconic legacy it gets weird like that. Spin just needs to keep doing her and forget them.

  7. I remember from the first reality show they had and Salt was married she wasn’t really into doing the shows and wouldn’t perform push it, she playing the holy roller role. Thanks

  8. Sounds like pure jealousy us girls show toward one another unfortunately. Seems like once she started shining on her own lowkey they REALLY kicked it up a notch with the shady cattiness. They wanted her to stay the background and be a servant employee not build her own following.

    1. You have said a mouthful!! I can’t understand why we as women are like that… No reason at all. We are all individuals yet we want to be like the next instead of ourselves. Some of us still live in a slaves mentality.

  9. 30 years is a long time but Spin doesnt need them. Good luck “finding” another spinderella, trademarked or not ain’t no replacement. The fans wont put up with it

  10. That is seriously effed up. I hate when women promote sisterhood, but do everything but 😒.

  11. Wow I have my tickets for this NKOTB tour and I wanted to see the trio together. It’s not the same when one member is missing.

  12. Trifling as hell!! She doesn’t need the fake assed holy roller and the lost hoe anyway!!! They will definitely get theirs and soon. Hell, they’re already getting it…. Salt is divorced from her “lavish” lifestyle and Pepa is walking around with an etch a Sketch face and diaper booty. Over 40 and acting crazy as hell… Smdh.

    1. Yep idk Salt had gotten a divorce but i guess That’s y she’s doing these shows and touring again. And yes like u said Pepa old ass with that botched ass body looking and acting a bit ass mess. She get on my nerve on GUHHH i would Be so embarrassed if i was Her kids especially Egypt!!! Her son was trying to tell her how he felt all these years that she has showed favoritism and having Egypt in the spotlight all the time I’m assuming because she’s Treach’s daughter🙄 but she act like she dnt kno wat he’s talking about. Whatevs Dr she went to they messed her up she shoulda went to the Dr her Neice went to cause her ass looks wayyyyyy better than Pepa’s…seem like Pepa try to come on to Master P but he’s like girl no 😂😂😂😩😩😩 I’ve always liked Spin she was always so shy like and seemed to be so sweet but i dnt Blame her i wouldnt Let them keep handling me any kinda way too….jealous ass hoes…ugh!!!

      On another note I’m not sure if G has done a story on Bone Thugs N Harmony but i would Like to kno wat happened with them as well as NWA…like who popped Ice Cube,Dr.Dre,Easy E & Bone Thugs??????? It’s krax how Dr.Dre use to beat Mi’Chelle the way he did. And Who Popped Ice Cube son since he been doing these good movies I’m sure he had to do something to get those rolls or he’s just good at wat he does and got them because of who his dad is. Another thing is is it true that Ice Cube and his wife never cheated on each other and they both were virgins when they got together basically only not ever been touched by anybody but each other????? I mean I just Dnt kno cause I’m due Cube has been popped cause he’s worth hella money and always in all kinda movies!!!! And also Cedric The Entertainer.. wats up with him???

  13. Horrible…her name may not have been included in the title but she’s been just as much a face of the group…glad I got to see the 3 of them… hopefully she was compensated then.

  14. I watched the show and they look a mess. SWV look like BWV (brothers….real tranny vibe). Pepa looks ridiculous. Spin and Salt look ok…

  15. Damn and I was rooting for S-N-P…. well one thing I will say is that maybe this is a good thing for Spin…. this has been going on for over 30 years and maybe it’s time to close that chapter. Soin has the upper hand as a DJ because she will get booked based upon her name alone, but I understand her contribution to the group Salt N Pepa which is probably what stings the most, but in the end look at where the group membersare at, Pepa is in her mid to late fifties acting like she’s 22 with all this crazy plastic surgery on a reality show that centers on kids, Salt to me doesnt look happy like she is once again being bullied by Pepa and being dragged into doing something she doesn’t love. Karma has already hit them in the ass several times over and will continue to do so. At 60 they’ll still be “Pushing It” on stage for the money. Spin I believe will be fine.

  16. Oh wow! She was working all those years without getting proper compensation?! Chilllleeee…

  17. Look I like spin don’t get me wrong but she’s just the dj. Salt& Peppa is the group! Periodt.. All that sister shit goes out the window when it’s money/ business involve. She should of had her business together from the beginning! Business is Business

  18. That is just cruel and misleading, then how could Salt Mrs. Holy allow that to continue when she’s supposed to be a devoted servant of Gid but I guess it’s money over loyalty 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  19. Wowww. I used to love Salt N Pepa back in the day and Spin was definitely just as much a part of the group as they were. This is not the first they’ve fallen out by not including her I remember it went on for years and Salt and Pep would subliminally act as if Spin was being difficult. So I just assumed Spin was the problem. #Damn

  20. I forgot Wendy Williams announces they had approached her to be Spinderella but she ended up turning them down. When she tells the story she makes it seem amicable but I wonder if (especially after reading this) she saw through Salt and Pep

  21. There always been problems. I thought they out grew them, until I saw the clip of the reality show of Spin complaining.

    Listen. Spin will be great. She is a dj she can always book a gig. All Salt and Pep can do is sing their old vintage hits. That’s it.

    Got damn shame.

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