August 15, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 5/8/19

  1. First one Jamie Spears and that fat slob Nickelodeon guy
    Second one Johnny Depp,Amber Heard, and Billy Bob Thornton

  2. I knew that Jamie-Lynn situation was going to pop right back up!!! Smfh….. those parents man… they just let the industry go apeshit on their daughters huh?

  3. #1: Dan Schneider got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant and she had their secret child. Victoria Justice or Jenette McCurdy for the actress who wants to come out as being molested too. This has been in the works for an insanely long time especially since he messed up Amanda Bines so bad she may not be able to have children.
    #2: Johnny Depp tried to fuck up Bill Bob Thornton over Amber Heard. But you’re just as bad though Johnny… 🙄

    1. Rite idk y i can Never remember these ppl names but I’ve heard all about these stories!! That fat ass slob has never even been attractive..ugh!!!! Johnny Depp i just smh at him

      1. That been out for years! She retired from Hollywood at the age of 22.

    2. It’s Jeanette. If I am remembering right, a couple of years ago she wrote some stuff on Twitter and then her nudes got leaked.

    3. That part about Amanda just made me really angry!!! Dan Schneider is the lowest of scums and deserves a million times whatever karma that’s coming his way, I would never wish death on anyone but for him I make the only exception and I hope it’s a very painful one!

      1. Dan Schneider and his colleague/partner had pool parties at Schneider’s house and they invited cast member like Jeannette, Victoria, ICarly etc. He would basically rape them there, while the moms and dads are away for a few days. They did the male castmembers too

  4. wowwwwwww at the first one…and double wow at the second one. I remember these stories

  5. I knew Schneider was the father of that baby smh they did that girl dirty by letting that story get out and leave her to the wolves and be called a slut for getting pregnant as a teenager! And then either blackballed her or paid her off and make her swear to not speak on the situation ever again idk

    And it’s either Jeannette McCurdy or Victoria Justice I bet that wanna come forward. Gonna go with Victoria since she’s been on so many of his shows that she probably thought she was gonna take off and have a big career but instead it was Ariana grande who also used to get smashed by Dan and he helped her instead!

    1. I like your observation. I know the icarly cast got a lot of shit on him too. And we all KNOW Ariana won’t say a thing at this point

    2. Right all I know is teen mom was based off her getting pregnant and that zoey 101 didn’t air nomore. I didn’t know who her child’s father was until a couple years ago.

  6. This tea is crazy. The comments really helped me out with this one. I had no idea about Jamie getting pregnant by that man, that’s crazy.

  7. Was Jamie Lynn in love with him? To have a Molester’s baby is big so I always wondered where they in a “relationship” or if she REALLY disagrees with abortion? 🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. Dan was 41 years old when he got Jamie Lynn pregnant when she was 16 back in 2007. But blame Casey Aldridge as the dad. Look at Maddie and Dan. That’s his kid. I feel so sorry for Jamie, ( because she got taken advantage of), Casey ( because he doesn’t know that Maddie is not his daughter) and Maddie ( because she was conceived from her mom’s rape, her dad isn’t her dad, and her dad is an asshole. Not to nementned, she didn’t asked to be here).

  9. Googled the Nickelodeon guy and I damn near threw up in my mouth. I’m sure that encounter involved 4 minutes of heavy sweating & deep panting, loud Whale sounds and a lifetime of embarrassment for that kid. I digress

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