October 5, 2022

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38 thoughts on “2019 Met Gala A.K.A. The Illuminati Ball

  1. Crazy thing is that I was looking at the pictures earlier. Everyone looked soulless in their eyes. Like a switch was turned on and they were all in a trance. Especially Kendal Jenner. The ones smiling I guess are organically wicked. It’s so sad to see so many lost souls being celebrated and worshiped. Just look at their eyes . Some even looked scared , you can see the fear in a few actresses. One was in my opinion the oldest daughter that played in Blackish. And Regina King. MBJ looked like he was right at home among the unjust and wicked. 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️🙏🏾

    1. I agree. Regina Hall looked terrified. That was one of the first things I noticed. It was like a few of them including Nicky Minaj, were there only out of obligation. I bet some really disgusting things go on there. I read somewhere that it’s a bunch of prostitution of the celebrities occurs, like an auction block

    2. Why wasn’t Rihanna, the carters, or Ariana grande? I want to know what actually happens inside this party, why there was so many you-tubers there, what it means when you go to this ball, and what it means when you don’t go to this ball. This year was the most strange year of them all. Is Ana one of the main people in the Illuminati?

  2. I have so many questions. G, I know this is the illuminati ball but does everyone that gets invited their first time know what it is? And if not when they dont come back for a second time is it because they wouldnt do the rituals or did some not get invited back and can they choose to not come back?

  3. Now that I’m aware, unfortunately, the pink carpet was boring… most men looked better than the women! Shout out to Nick Jonas ( how do you out dress Priyanka? SHE DONT PLAY) . Most that THOUGHT THEY “shut shit down”, was only repeating everything we saw before. A lot failed! Honorable horrid mentions: Kim k, her man, frankO, haddish that gave fucking fried chicken out of her MK 70’s pimps purse while on the carpet. Shout out to Cici’s induction… because without the man that wasn’t even there, she wouldn’t be either! I got to the point where I was hoping Giselle’s non dressing ass would come but … nope!

    1. What was up with the videos being taking inside the met gala I thought no phones was allowed? What was up with Katy Perry Chandelier and Cheeseburger outfits hers outfits hardly ever fits the theme.

      1. I think that let videos leak this year bc more people are whispering about the event being a ritual…they will never show everything, just enough to continue to fool enough people into supporting and idolizing Hollywood.

      2. If was representing Trump on how he did the players who was invited to the White House and he serve them cheeseburgers and had chandeliers and candles lite. I think so is a Trump supporter.

  4. I thought some of the fashions were interesting. Regina Hall looked petrified as hell in ALL of her pictures. I was like WTF is wrong with her??? I noticed a lot of the “heavy hitters” weren’t there either. It was stranger than normal.

    1. I wonder Y a lot of the heavy hitters wasn’t there??? The Carters wasn’t there last year either. Wonder wat it means when u dnt go or even when u do🤔 G has told us a lot tho so I may have forgotten 🤦🏽‍♀️ It be so much sugar lmao

  5. I was shocked to see Yara there…And the Wades… it seemed like a lot of “young” Hollywood was there…

    1. I am so sorry to say that Yara, who is my favorite, threw up the sign over her eye on her May 3rd IG story. I wanted to sccream!! I hope it isn’t true. I ws telling myself, maybe she was just trying to say it was MAy 3rd? but then again why the side face and the over the eye???

      1. Yeah I knew it was coming for her because she and her mama received big name sponsors such as American Express.

      2. Yaras father is a Jew soooo…. I’m pretty sure it’s a matter of time

  6. I know the met has some weird shit going on but that video is hella vague. Some are a bit of a reach; Janelle Monae’s dress was inspired by a Picasso painting. Katy dressed as a chandelier is Satanic how?

  7. Yea the video kind of explains stuff we already knew lol I thought it was going to explain exactly what happens inside. I do have questions about the chandelier dress though 🤔

      1. Yo my ass that it meant the literal definition 🤣🤣🤣😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  8. What about nick? I believe her designer knew to dress her that way and to not even think about going big to compete with cardi! I believe Rihanna wasn’t invited or was purposely told not to attend so that she wouldn’t put due cardi

  9. Yeah regina hall looked like where is sanaa when I need her lol but no Ciara looked like she be ready for whatever

  10. I know this is a big Hollywood/Illuminati ritual night, I was wondering why the neck Ciara showed up?? She and her man seem like really genuine and faithful Christians. You know there’s some creepy stuff going on once inside. Why would she go? And why would Russell be cool with her going alone?

    1. One of the most forefront personalities of ppl in that society (usually under MK) is the “utterly devoted Christian”. Smh. Its another way they make a mockery of Christ, while hiding their secrets in plain sight. They’ll all “claim” they love God/The Lord, unfortunately.

  11. I would love to know what’s going on behind closed doors, I guess Ciara has made her way to the other side

  12. People fear what they dont know and understand. A lot of stuff that’s considered illuminati is really apart of our history. I’ve read plenty of books and watched documentaries about religion, slavery, etc and most of the stuff originated from Africa. It gets really, really deep if you do your research. *Referring to the symbolism and rituals*

  13. Ever since you put us on game is the more it makes sense how Satanic the met gala is….

    Like I can’t UNSEE it

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