September 26, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Industry Secrets – Part 1

  1. Man I’m sure Lee Daniels had a good time with Tyler Perry. I’m not sure if he initiated him in but i kno They both gay. Would so love to get some tea on Tyler Perry cause I’m sure it’s soooo juicy.

  2. I’m slow so bear with me you saying a script doctor is a ghostwriter for directors if not what is a script doctor

  3. No shock since jack nicholson used to smash drew barrymore when she was a young girl but I understand why you put Allegedly G 👀 protect your brand.

  4. What the hell even is Scientology? I never understood that religion do they believe in the power of the moon and stars instead of god or what cause that’s what it sounds like lol

    1. It is literally a made up religion. Unlike cults like Jim Jones and David Kerasch(?) Where they used the Bible and then created their own twisted realities. Leah Remini’s show is pretty good at explaining, but the whopper of explaining this mess is the HBO documentary called “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief”. It is truly comical. Look it up if ever you are bored and need a good laugh lol.

  5. I wonder how that works with Scientology being the chosen religion, especially when Leah Remini has a docuseries exposing the religion. Did Hollywood blackball her because of it?

  6. I know this is off topic but what’s up with the random advertisement on the blog now?

  7. I love all of your segments. Blind sugar (even though I need the comments most of the time lol), decipher, mansion parties, who smashed who, backstory, the truth behind whatever is going on at the moment. I love it all

  8. G what’s the real tea on the Disappearance of the leader of the church of Scientology’s wife Shelly Miscavige? I just did a quick search and saw that she hasn’t been seen since 2007? Dead or held captive? I’m gonna go with the first one.

    1. G- what about Yara Shahidi?? Has she joined the “fold”? I saw her IG story on May 3rd and she appeared to throw up the sign over her eye but it was very subtle, sooo maybe I misread it , yes or no?

  9. So if someone is gay before being initiated into the industry, do they still have to sleep with another man? That’s normal for them, so what humiliation thing do they have to do to be sworn to secrecy?

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