September 29, 2022

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224 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again Tell us what ” The Real Truth Behind” Situation You Want To Know About

    1. Are the rumors about Kandi having a sex dungeon and wanting to drug Porsha true? And what us the real reason that she fell out with Phaedra, because they fell out long before the sex dungeon and rape rumors came out.

      1. Hey G i want to know about how Magic Johnson got HIV i heard he was messing around with that singer Sylvester that died from AIDS back then and that he was bisexual

  1. The real truth behind Puffy and Suge Knights beef (heard it was because of Jodeci)
    Truth behind what happened with Justin Bieber’s career

  2. The truth behind ODB’s and Pimp C’s death

    In depth details behind Tina and Matthew Knowles divorce.

    What really happened between Soulja Boy/CB Beef? Was it REALLY over Karrueche?

    Truth behind Chris Brown drug problem. Did he finally sell his soul?

    Truth behind Trey Songz career?

    Truth behind the whole Chris Stokes/RazB/B2k mess.

  3. I wanna know more about rick ross ex ishateria. who tf is she marrying and did rick finance ifrontrow?

  4. And i also wanna kno about the Simmons ppl…like Russell and Rev Run..well I’m sure Russell been sold his soul…but Rev Run his wife and kids …are they down also??? Heavenly Hollywood said something about Jojo and Russell but i couldnt Catch wat he said cause i was At work and my phone was doin the most🤦🏽‍♀️ I like Vanessa she seems so sweet and that Angela man idk bout her she irks me real bad..just childish to me from wat i see On TV….but please G if u dnt mind can u give us a little sugar on The Simmons Clan???

  5. Hey G I want to know what happen with Terrence j and that girl when he had that car accident ?

  6. What really happened with kenny lattimore and chante Moore. Did she really catch him in bed with another man?

  7. Follow Apollonia’s IG and gimme that sugar! #Prince #VanHalen #Vanity #therevolution

  8. Is Matthew Knowles Beyonce biological father? It was rumored that he wasn’t. There were a few pics of her alleged real father that was out a few years back. Recently tried to search and can no longer find anything.

  9. Hey G! So on Instagram during Kourtney’s party you see French Montana and Kendall on the couch and he’s rubbing on her legs all intimate like. Do the Kardashian sisters sleep with each other’s ex’s? And yet crucified Jordyn

    1. This is something I’ve been MAD that they didn’t look more deeply into. Her ass knows way more than she’s ever been questioned about. She slipped under the radar and I want to know WHY. Something in the milk ain’t clean about his death.

  10. The real truth between what really happened to Ashton Kutcher’s girlfriend (the one who was murdered), Ashton side of the story is true or he has something to do with the murder ( maybe a sacrifice?)

  11. The truth behind Odell beckham junior is he gay and how comes he’s always hanging around drake ?

  12. I know you don’t want to touch it but you never know until you ask. Or you can email it to me. Whitney’s death, all who played a part, and the truth about that demon Pat Houston

  13. I wanna know about Sza. Is she in the Illuminati and what’s up with why she’s always depressed

  14. Half of this stuff can be answered on the youtube channel The Truth Show. I’m shocked the girl that runs it hasn’t been deleted although the platform and celebs give her a hard time!

    1. Omg yes. Truthseeker! They usually have similar stances on everything. Both Truth and G take their time, I check one then the other. I’m glad she’s not deleted too, but they demonetize the crap out of her channel so I wonder if that’s slowed her down

  15. What really happened to Bernie Mac ? Steve Harvey sacrifice? If so , why can’t US come together to stop the madness ?

  16. Toni Braxton’s oldest son looks a lot like babyface, reminds me of Landon and Bobby brown situation… Any chance that babyface could be the biological father?

  17. I’m also a big Gaga fan. And I’d like to know more on your perspective, I feel like she sold her soul and then wanted out or something happened after ARTPOP. Did she have any problems in the music industry with the elites? Did film help her get back on the elites good side or did she change her mind about what was required? Is her hosting the met the year signifant as well? Thank you for taking questions, I know we bug you a lot 😜😘 but your insight is so appreciated.

  18. I wanna know about Nipsey, I am a huge fan. I feel like he wasn’t down with the elites but people online argue saying he was because some of his tattoos and his friendships within the industry and they say he was a Mason. Was he? Was he a sacrifice? Anything would be nice!

  19. Hey G!! I wanted to know if Nipsey was down with the elites or not. I always felt like he wasn’t but I have started to see videos that say he was because his marathon flag was actually for Masons, he had to many close relationships with people in the industry and he had tattoos that showed he was apart of the elite. I also want to know more about his death. Thanks!!!

  20. Hey G!!! Can you do a story about Drew barrymore? Because i was born in the late 90s and didnt know about her being a drug addict and going to rehab ect… Also! Can you please explain the cloning of celebs? And blood sacrifices? Like how we can tell if it was a sacrifice or if the elites just killed the, for talking too much? Thank you!!!!!

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