October 4, 2022

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43 thoughts on “Word Has It

    1. How can she be the next cindy? Isnt she too old for all that? Shes not old, old but model industry old she deff is. She looks great both ways.

      1. Incorrect Kim was already an elite snf dhe married soeone lson involved in it Kim could not be married to any oil black man

    1. Wow so in order for a black man to marry someone famous they also have to sell out?…that’s some messed up s***

    2. Because despite being black Kanye is a superstar and part of the Illuminati. He was also more famous than Kim and had more money than her when she got with him. He was a come up for her not the other way around. She wasn’t a even getting dressed by high end designers or invited to galas until she married him. Lol

  1. I hope she doesn’t let them get to her like that. And I knew the plus size thing wouldn’t last that long for the kind of spot light she’s in. Always a motive. I think she looks great for both. But the latter has to be much nicer on her joints and other things.

  2. Idk what to say I’m trying to see what she’s going to do. Most likely choose her career since she lost weight already. She looks good but😕I see why the fans are angry lol

  3. So couple of things:
    1. Are they gna try and make her the new Cindy with or without the curves? Cause unless she gets some bone/or physiology- altering surgery, she’s never gna be as skinny as Cindy AND she’s always gna have curves cause thats how the good Lord made her! Unless they suddenly decide not to paddle the bone skinny image anymore?🤔

    2. How miserable must the elites be to still be hot & bothered by swirl relationships in this modern time? oh they bothered bothered🤪

    1. Maybe they’re not bothered she’s married to a black man but bothered at the fact the sponsors that buy sex from these chicks may not want to bid high?

  4. Off topic: can someone do a video break down of FKA Twigs Cellophane…. cause ummm Yo! Just saw it on YouTube by accident.

  5. I forgot all about this woman sorry. But if she already slimmed down because they told her too she more than likely will get rid of the marriage as well. Funny how you have to follow the exact same replica as the person they try to change you into. They banished Cindy Crawford from being with black men so they gonna do the same to her.

  6. They’ll never be another Cindy… Some ppl u just can’t replace! Not W.Houston, M.Jackson, M.Jordan, M.Tyson, J.Roberts not Cindy! The elites on that bullshit….

  7. Sorry this is off topic but does anybody know what is really going on with John Singleton😯😯😯

  8. Oh well, Ashley, I was rooting for you girl. She has already lost the weight, which she looks good either way. But the fact that she is doing it because the ELITES are telling her too speaks volumes. It is not of free will, it is just so she can be down with the witchy crew. If she has lost the weight by command of the Elites, that divorce is around the corner. I see people speaking on her husband cheating, but how do we know that is true. Could be the narrative, to give her a reason to set this divorce in motion. We have learned, they do this mess all the time.

  9. She looks great! But I hope she doesn’t sacrifice him. Rather sacrifice the marriage and let him live happily with someone else. If she’s smart enough, she’ll leave the industry alone. It’s not worth your peace and freedom.

  10. She dropped that much weight? Wow… and i think she will drop her men soon. She looks like, she loves money more. But i hope i am wrong and she will say NO

  11. Wasn’t she mad at Rihanna claiming that her Fenty line didn’t have enough styles for plus size or something like that.

  12. Even if she does leave him, most white men wouldn’t date a white woman who has been with a black man.

  13. Wow! I really hope she says no and move onto something else but I have a feeling she’ll fall into the trap. Smh

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