October 5, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Pr Diaries The Story We Used To Whisper About On These Pr Streets

  1. Ok Mike!!! He was out here bussing down Elvis daughter on camera get it Mike! I never felt he was gay and after that AG bomb on IG… man MJ was definitely a “Smooth Criminal” w/the ladies lol He was the coldest. Long Live the King, MJ!

  2. I’m glad someone who was close up is giving us some real Michael tea…ole Mike was getting the ladies!

    Everytime I read about Jack Nicholson and Drew Barrymore, it makes me just wanna vomit. Just disgusting on every damn level.

    1. I never believed the rumors about Michael. He was just so naive. He shouldn’t have had anyone around him. Of course they would try and take advantage of him.

  3. Mike was doing the damn thing! I always thought it was weird how Sharon Stone didn’t get that many roles.. the shit makes sense now.

  4. ok So Mike was throwing it down. I honestly cannot picture him having sex…

    So is that why Sharon Stone started doingTV ( Law & Order)?

    Can we get a story on Robin Williams? he crossed my mind today and I feel like it one of Hollywood’s nasty rituals are one of many reasons that caused him to be so depressed

  5. Mike was banging and sending them hoes on their way lol #atruesavagelegend
    Jack is a nasty ol racist rapist and I hope his time come very soon….just disgusted.
    Sharon tired of the bullshit Hollyweird got going on.

  6. Mike was busting they ass down 😂😂😂 talkn bout gay, Chile please. And Prince wit his freaky ass..I’ll always remember his ass cheeks being out😂😂😂 .whew chile

  7. Mj never came off as gay to me just a kind soul. No one will ever make me believe he is a pedophile either. They can try to tear his name down but his legacy will forever live on

  8. Oprah should really be ashamed of herself for doing what she did to a man who isn’t here to defend himself & I really hope karma gets her for this!

    Prince always been a real one and sticking up for MJ..straight up said “sis you a vulture”😫

    Jack Nicholson is what I imagine Satan to look like!

  9. Mike is a legend and I refuse to let anyone (especially Oprah) destroy his character. I loved this segment, thanks for talking positively about this legend.

  10. Wow EVERYTIME I read this tea I just continue to thank GOD I did NOT steer off in that direction cause I knew for one I WOULDNT DO NONE OF THAT SHIT IT TAKES TO BECOME FAMOUS.

    I wanted to be an ACTRESS that was my dream job as a child but Mannnnnnn smh
    And I’m shocked at the sharon stone story WOW them holly weird is just DISGUSTING smh

  11. It’s good to know that even though Prince and MJ didn’t get along, Prince was a stand up guy. I always wondered why Sharon Stone dropped off the map. This info. explains everything!

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