August 15, 2022

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47 thoughts on “Hot Takes Tuesday

      1. Britney Spears looks a stressed out mess in that video. She definitely is not ok!!! I don’t get the hype behind Meg The Stallion( A male horse- I can’t take this name seriously). They’re lying about Nipsey death and know people aren’t falling for the narrative they trying to spin..

    1. No absolutely NOT im sure that’s in reference to Brittany Spears not Ermias “Nipsey”

    1. I could be wrong but i think she may be talking about the Britney Spears situation (hence the father paying “Sam”) again it is just an assumption, i may have read wrong too

  1. I definitely have my suspicions about the stallion. Her mother had already been sick when she started to catch a buzz but her death was so sudden and it definitely has been helping her get bigger. We’ll see for sure

    1. She lost her mom and grandma. I don’t want to believe it, but you can’t put nothing past anyone.

    2. Yea i had My suspicions too especially since she act like it never happened or it could just be me🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. Meg I dont like I truly hate her stomach. I dont know what dr she went to, but hell no. I keep saying wtf is it about her stomach that drives me nuts. Why cant she have a regular damn stomach???

    1. She probably saying that because everybody and tmz still talking about Nipsey murder. And yes The Game post something about Nipsey everyday…very long paragraphs too, i was Wondering about all that.

  3. I wish I could kidnap “Britney” not the clone one and get her together and once she is all good send her and her kids in the middle of no where and get away from the blood suckers. Do you mean Nipsey & Sam father paying Sam to lie to US fans…..Im a bit confused G 🤔. I thought Frenchy was getting close to Kendall because his touching her was a bit much but hey it’s Hollywerid for ya 🙃. I’m 1000% stallion did her momma for the fame and it’s messed up but I hope she end & send cardboard back to the dumpsters where she belongs. Im tired of that cardboard box numerous times disrespecting US Black Women 😠 (sorry went off script).

  4. I don’t know if I completely believe she’s really blown up
    After her mom because she was getting a lot of buzz before hand the one thing I will say that I like about her is she’s in college and is getting her degree while being a rapper if anything that makes her more so smart not just some money hungry girl who wants it so bad she’ll do anything

    1. Very true but usually when someone is already getting money while pursuing a degree they typically drop out cause they feel why should I stay stressed I’m Already getting big money 🙁

  5. Yeah I read the bodyguards book
    And they spoke nothing but truth about mj
    And great sooo Megan probably sacrificed her mama she will have to answer to God for it

  6. Hmm I have noticed French been around/lingering around them a bit more now
    Meg is definitely blowing up 👀 very very interesting G hmm 🤔

    1. Who is The Stallion? Never heard of here🤷🏾‍♀️. I pray all facts about Nipsey comes out because it was definitely more to his murder

  7. Y’all when G said Sam she’s not talking about Nipsey brother she’s talking about Britney Spears paid off boyfriend that is only using that poor woman for money

    Jamie Lynn hasn’t been there for Britney 🙁 That’s messed up considering how Britney was there for her during her pregnancy scandal

    Well I bet French happy as hell he been trying his hardest to get Khloe back With his sprung ass haha

  8. Glad you’re touching on Meg the horse, it was something REAL suspicious about her mom dying and now her name is all over now…. the real know wassup. These people will do it all for a dollar smh

  9. I actually like Meg the stallion for a minute before this little buzz. Now I will never out nothing past nobody ! Smhhh man I just can’t understand why would you sacrifice your mother for some $$$. When will they learn it ain’t worth it in the end.

    I keep seeing Brittany and I’m just so lost for words it’s painful. All that she endure, just let her go man. She been through way too much that no one could imagine happen.

    If Khloe get back with French idek if that’s smart. She need to go find her somebody who’s loaded loaded !! Billionaire

    1. Yes I like meg the stallion but she did blow after her mother died which probably means she sold out .. what’s going on with cardi and her taking down urban blogs ?? And Jamie Lynn deserves that treatment she hasn’t be there to support her sis. No one has

  10. i don’t even know who Meg the stallion is so maybe she is not blowing up

    Can people just let Michael Jackson rest in peace? If the bodyguards decides to write this book, wouldn’t the elite try to kill them

    I saw Britney’s IG post and thought to myself who forced her to say these things. I really hope nothing happens to her but i just can’t shake the feeling that they will do something to her.

  11. I love Megan but I really hope she didn’t sacrifice her mom. She signed a contract with Lyor too. I’m scared for her because the industry is gonna take her through hell and back. She’s always drinking and partying. I feel like they will take advantage of her now that her mom is gone.

    1. U ain’t never lied, her mom passed then her grandma passed right after that’s crazy 😵

  12. Concerning Meg thee stallion I like her as long as she don’t get on that I don’t like Nicki shit ( it’s played out n tiring at this point). I thought G said ppl can’t sacrifice someone who’s already dying/sick cause it don’t count in a way🤔. Her mom had a tumor n was going out regardless. Idk cause her mom was a rapper too n I’m pretty sure she know how the game works n taught it to Meg . Or could her mom had volunteered herself? I gotta go back to that post bout celebs sacrifice n see.

  13. Wait a minute G, who are you talking about BLACK SAM? Whatever you got on that please let us know wassup you can’t just say something like that n make us wait this real life not lhh! C’mon mann….

  14. Meg was omoher way up anyway. Ive been following her a little while and that big ol freak song was getting poppin

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