August 15, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Hot takes 4/23/19

  1. This tea on Kendrick tho! Love love love Kendrick and I know he’s been with his girl forever and they always low key, I’ve always questioned if he’s ever cheated on her (cause we never hear anything) and I’ve always been skeptical cause we all know how these rappers get down no matter how fAiThFuL they appear to be 🥴

    That 🍋 tho 😤😂 bruuuh why are people like this

    1. I’ve always been skeptical about Kendrick…idk y but it just was always something about him that kinda sorta bothered me but never been able to quite put my finger on it🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. Didn’t K.L allegedly have a fling with Ms. Badu or was it just promo cause he brought her out on one of his sets at an award show I believe

  3. Guess there was more to Magic resigning than we thought.
    On a side note, Will Smith is filming a movie in Brooklyn called Gemini (I believe that’s what it’s called) right across the street from me.

    1. She can get sued either way. However, if it is proven to be true I think Cardi can get in trouble

  4. Kendrick cheats on her. Then and Now.

    I knew that case was coming because there were some others about to get hit with it too.

  5. Listen we cannot hope none of these celebrity men are 100% faithful no matter how “low key” or “woke” or “sweet” they seem. If I was a celebrity I’d be cheating too…. but as a woman only with other rich people. Ain’t no broke man gonna poke holes in no condom and trap me.

  6. I was thinking about Kendrick recently and how suspiciously quiet he’s been lately and boom, this unexpected news of him being pulled over. Damn.

    Someone I follow spilled the sexual assault tea about Magic months ago so to see this again has me shook. Damn Magic. Should’ve sat your “undetected” ass down somewhere. I always wondered how so many people knew that his HIV was lying dormant now (some think he’s cured). Let me find out he still can’t keep it in his pants. Ugh! 2019 is not disappointing.

    1. Wow I am so there is more to the Lakers situation huh?

      I know it’s not funny but hearing ole girl got hit with a lemon is funny but not funny. I hope she is getting some help with her PTSD but we know industry self care and self help is different than us normal folk.

  7. Not surprised about Kendrick. When he first started becoming more mainstream/blowing up there was a female rapper that was in her feelings about him and she was doing interviews, etc… Mind you, he was with his current wife back then so he’s been a cheater. Woke or not, most of these guys can’t resist cooch!

  8. Welp water is wet. Another celeb cheating

    Is it pure coincidence the day after Ariana gets hit by a Lemon, Giselle releases Lemonade on all streaming platforms 3 years later even though she said she doesn’t need Spotify & doesn’t care about streaming numbers?

    I knew about Magic. ESPN was doing a story on how Magic was with the female employees late last year. His quitting was obvious with how random & impromptu it was.

    Not sure if the Lakers killed it or if the ESPN story will come out after his allegations come out. Not surprised he’s still cheating. The way he was hugging Tom Izzo’s wife at March Madness was a lot more than friendly

    Are there any updates on Britney? I hate that her team dragged her out when she clearly has been taken advantage of & had bruises all over her face she was trying to hide with her hair. Plus her team now keeps releasing different stories to the media since Entertainment Tonight picked up the #Freebritney protest yesterday. I continue to pray she makes it out alive. Still very pissed at both her family & those in the industry that know but don’t care. She’s literally one of the sweetest & most humble celebs & doesn’t deserve this

  9. So that’s why Tasha k been MISSING off IG 😂😂

    I don’t think cardi gon win tho cause everything Tasha was saying BEEN OUT so why she ain’t suing ERRRRRRR BODY????? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  10. That was disgustingly mean of that non fan to do. I know it was a bee fan from the lemon. Imagine paying to go to Coachella just to throw a 🍋 @ someone you dislike. People are miserable I wonder what bey thinks about this.

  11. I laughed so hard when I seen that lemon. But Ariana doesn’t deserve that, she seems like a sweet girl..
    smh Kendrick we were all rooting for you.

  12. I cannot believe they threw that damn lemon 🍋!!! Hmmmmmm what’s going on over there in Lakers Land. They sooooo trifling both of them ain’t got no job and they both out here preying on women. Money won’t save you this time.

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