October 6, 2022

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49 thoughts on “The real reason Nicki Minaj parted ways with management. Part 2

  1. But G you did say this would happen because they wanted her out the way. Do you think if she would have done what you’re suggesting, that they still would have found another way to sabotage her?

    1. Yes but she could have set herself up for her to be deactivated without all of this extra shit happening. j Lo is deactivated look at her

      1. JLo deactivated where?? Lol and by who? Chick is still out here doing the most and doing everything with no competition.

  2. G – you’re like the female version of Artemus Gordon on IG. I don’t feel dirty after reading your posts like I do with the stupid shade room and others, I feel informed!!! I wish Nicki would’ve taken your advice with the whole Queens theme that you gave a few months back. Smh… oh well! A hard head makes a soft a$$!!!

  3. I don’t want her to go to ROCnation, I think Nicki can do well again, just needs to readjust her attitude and her focus. I would love for her to come back to that Nicki we all fell in love with.

    1. Yeah, seems like they messed up. See this is why u need real people in your camp and not yes men. Someone who can advise u on the next best moves so u not a sitting duck. The smear campaign is nasty and lots of people are hip to it, however those who like Cardi and whoever else are riding very hard for her and will never admit to what’s happened to Nicki. I too, believe she is not entirely blameless.

  4. Thank you for clearing this up. There definitely needs to be some media work done. The media has played a major part in smearing her image. Some people’s Bible is what they hear and see on tv, and the internet.

  5. I don’t know G, I feel like she’s no humble. She was so busy talking about how great she is/was and in the end didn’t deliver. She comes off very arrogant. And seemed to be a little off remember when she was at that concert at the Barclays? When she was mad someone was taking her picture? She has a very nasty disposition about her. When you think you know everything and you all that people will let you sink. She already knew they were trying to cancel her out. So she being that she’s been in the game for a long time should perhaps as you said made different moves. Not waste time with no Cardi or Remi. You will always have haters. Some will like your shits and others won’t. She’s also in this situation cause she’s not loyal. Yet expect loyalty towards her. She could do so much because she’s very talented. But she’s acting like I hate to say it a bird.

    1. Are you dumb Nicki is literally one of the loyalist people. Look at her relationship with Wayne. Why hall always trying to find a reason to bring this Woman down. She seems like a very humble person. Just because you think you are good at what you do don’t make you not humble. Tf is she supposed to be insure and not believe in her. If you are talking about Drake he ain’t even loyal to anybody or the beef between him and meek that wasn’t Nicki business they grown ass men

    2. Just because she doesn’t want someone taking her pictures doesn’t make her arrogant. Tf wrong with y’all and this basic stuff that every celebrity does. Oh and get your information right you dumb bird

  6. Can somebody clue me in on the Trey Songz reference? That one went over my head. I tried to read it three different times and just not clear on what it is. Did they do a song together or was there a situation between the two of them?

    Aside from that, I agree completely with what was said here. That management that she was dealing with seems like they did a lot of damage. I remember when that diss record from Remy Ma dropped, and Nicki went radio silent. I really wish they had listened to you because that whole plan that you just mapped out sounds perfect! She should not be in a place right now where she’s having to dig herself out of a hole that she never should have been in. I hope it all works out for her. Because she still has so much brilliance to share with us.

    1. I think so after Nicki drops this moocher boyfriend of hers.. at least that’s what G said in the hot off the press segment recently.

  7. You tried to tell her what’s in her best interest G, but she didn’t listen I’m not a nicki fan but I respect what she does and the way that they are treating her is awful hopefully she will get with good management and be the queen people love and respect

  8. Omg if I was Nicki I would’ve flipped and fired people for the constant technical difficulties like someone isn’t doing their job and you expect better for the amount of money you pay them! Her management sucks! They should’ve been onto the hate train on social media from the very beginning and managed that shit better!!

    You’re so right G, I wondered why tf she agreed to change her lyrics for Motorsport like you’re👏🏽 NICKI 👏🏽FCKING👏🏽 MINAJ 👏🏽👏🏽🗣🗣🗣 you ain’t gta change shit for no one especially not a fcking newbie who can’t rap for shit and doesn’t write her own raps!! They bullied her into changing her verse and she probably did so cause she didn’t want them to use the “Nicki isn’t easy to work with” narrative but she forgot she’s the Queen, she didn’t need that record- Cardi and Migos needed her not the other way around!!

    I hope she doesn’t go with Rocnation and I just need her to be smarter about the people she has on her side! Sometimes I feel like she doesn’t realise or has forgotten who tf she is and how hard she worked and how good she is- she can fcken out rap 95% of these male rappers and she shouldn’t just back down into a corner, she better remind them who tf she is!

  9. I can tell you from the jump where that plan would’ve fumbled.

    The Press Release thing is a bad idea in terms of Public Opinion. Ever since Drake dropped “Back to Back”, rap fans have called people out whose first response to a diss song was a post or tweet and not an actual song responding to the diss. Any PR press releases would’ve probably been seen as a case of “Twitter Fingers”.

    The freestyle over an instrumental on the radio isn’t really a good idea to me, either. That’s part of why Meek Mill’s response to Drake flopped. He put all his stock into debuting the song on Funk Flex on Hot 97, built up all the anticipation for it to not hit hard. Drake did it the right way, he debuted his diss on Apple Music and distributed it all across platforms that people actually tune in to like Soundcloud. That way everyone is getting it at once, you don’t have to wait for it.

    I do like the idea of Queens instrumentals, and I love Back Down, but her voice and usual delivery wouldn’t have fit the song imo.

    Another thing is, people actually criticized Shether for the fact that Remy used an already established beat to diss Nicki instead of making an original song with a better beat. People felt like she was wasting the opportunity by amateurly putting an established beat on the song and releasing it everywhere. However, if I recall correctly, Remy got the rights to use the beat by Ron Browz and Shether is still on Apple Music and Soundcloud to this day, but that’s neither here nor there.

    I think only 1 of 2 ways she could’ve gone about it:

    1. Get straight in the booth, write a 3 verse diss over the hardest modern beat she can find, release it as an loosie officially across all platforms within 72 hours. No Wayne or Drake, just her by herself.

    2. Get straight in the booth, write a 3 verse diss over a classic beat like Back Down, Quiet Storm, etc. and release it on Youtube and Soundcloud ASAP, as those are the 2 biggest free places to find new music, that’s where the youth are at, and that’s exactly how Don Q and Tory Lanez did it with their battle and they both got millions of streams across all their disses. That’s actually how Remy did it, too.

    If she puts out a PR statement before a diss, she gets laughed at by Hip Hop. If she puts out a live freestyle and it’s trash (and not even hating, but a LOT of non-Barb Rap fans think she’s not that good unless it’s a feature verse, so the chances of them trashing it are high) to hip hop’s standards, then she not only looks like an out of touch rapper for still relying on the radio, but she would decisively lose the battle.

    The real issue with Nicki winning or losing a battle is, Nicki’s entire premise was “I’m too good to battle you because you’re a flop with no hits, so I’ll make a hit song and diss you on it instead of a real diss”. Her ENTIRE premise to even the subs being thrown between them before Shether was that She sells more records. That’s it. Then she makes the “hit record”, and it’s a loss on arrival because she looks like she needs Wayne and Drake to secure the hit since it worked twice last time (Truffle Butter and Only). Then it falls off the charts quickly, hurting it even more.

    Now that her competition is someone who isn’t looked at as a lyricist and has help, NOW she wants to make actual diss songs and make the competition about who the better writer is. It makes her look like a hypocrite and like she’s scared of actual competition even if she’s not.

    Nicki’s biggest problem with her music career is that she doesn’t know when she wants to be pop and when she wants to be rap. It’s hurt her album quality to where none of them are critically acclaimed or regarded highly in Pure Hip Hop circles, it’s hurt the perception of her as well because Hip Hop fans feel like she sold out to pop from the gate. I’ve seen so many Women her age say that they never took to Nicki, only younger people did largely, and that they prefer Cardi. Cardi, like her or not, is much more rooted in Hip Hop than Nicki was at the same point in terms of her sound and image. That helps her when it comes to gaining the fans that thought Nicki was too pop or corny or older rap fans from the Lil Kim era who skipped past Nicki.

    In a Hip-Hop battle, especially against a talented, seasoned vet like Remy, who has Battle Rapped off the top and has battled Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, etc. You can’t make any mistakes. Remy spit a 6-7 minute freestyle of straight bars, most of them good. Lies or not, that is impressive because most Men can’t do that as well. Nicki would’ve had to spit facts in the best way possible to win. The only problem with that is around the time of No Frauds is when Nicki’s writing and rhyme schemes began getting lazier as well, so I’m not sure if she could’ve done a diss effectively as Shether at the time.

    1. You lost me at Cardi is rooted in hip hop more than Nicki. How? That girl don’t even write her own raps. I was around with Foxy and Kim and I loved Nicki out the gate! Stop with the all her fans are children narrative because its not true!

  10. G, I agree with everything you said. She needs to to show the streets she is still connected and debunk all the lies. Her publicist is horrible. Honestly, I don’t care for Cardi B but she has a great team behind her. They are handling social media and the media well.

  11. I’m Team Nicki Til the wheels fall of this bitch…. I ain’t no barb but nicki is def my bitch 💯💯 🗣🗣🗣🗣 IM ROOTING FOR YOU NICKI I hope your next move is YOUR BEST FUCKN MOVE‼️‼️

  12. I honestly dont agree. If everyone was scared of her then she made all the decisions that fucked her up. She can only blame herself. She had herself so high on her horse she thought she could do what she always did and nothing would happen to her. Her “I’m the Queen and I’m untouchable” mentality fucked her up. She thought she was the same as beyonce, and for a while she was but beyonce proved herself to be the queen by beating out her competition. Nicki never really had any, so she never really had to prove herself. Lil Kim was already knocked down so she wasnt a huge component. The managers probably should go but it’s not their fault, it’s Nicki’s. She should have properly strategized if she was gonna run the show. And the PRs are suppose to manipulate and flip Bad or good press. I’m pretty sure her managers came to her with hella scripts and opportunities, and I bet Nicki turned down everyone thinking she could do better. You sent her messages, she chose to ignore them. The Blame is hers and hers alone.

    I love you, dont go off on me.

    1. Exactly, pride comes before a fall, and knowing the kind of industry she was in, she should have known better than to make too much enemies.

    2. Just because you call yourself a Queen doesn’t mean that you think you better then everyone even Nicki said this herself. She says that she calls herself a Queen because of all the things that she has gone through and still going through and she is still standing. Y’all need to chill we are all HUMAN Nicki is Human. Plus it’s her team job to fix stuff like this tf she pay them for

      1. I definitely said it’s the PR Job but if they are yes men then she made all the calls. Did you even read what I said and she said it but she definitely didnt follow it. She thought she was untouchable and she acted as such.

      2. You do realize that Nicki has been set up so many times righ. Plus you don’t even know Nicki like that so stfu

      3. First of all, I didn’t disrespect you so i expect the same and second you dont have to know someone to see she fucked up in her decisions. I responded to everything G said. You fans act like she paying your Bill’s or something.

      4. And if you dont like what I said you are more than welcome to tend to your life.

  13. I agree with what you said G I really wish they would’ve listened. They were probably too strong headed like who is this tryna tell me how to do my job ? But they weren’t doing anything at all. I want to see her go out gracefully and with her legacy back intact. Love her & praying for her.

  14. Now that that’s out the window😩
    Track was trash and the one with Gucci poor thing haven’t really elevated her flow since Itty Bitty 🐷

  15. Only time will tell if everything pans out the way it should. I really would like to see her in more movies. She can bow out gracefully. Your ideas are spot on G but hmmph it is about the company you keep and the team your surround yourself with.

  16. It was a wrap for Nicki once she didn’t respond immediately to Remy. Anything else she had to say fell on deaf ears.

  17. G what about her long anticipated documentary? Seems like that’s also being delayed and it could help explain a lot

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