October 5, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Pr Diaries The Stories We Used To Whisper About On These Pr Streets

  1. Tamar mentioned Vince has moved on and already has a wife, is this true? Also how are her and Toni so close when Toni knows her sister is a high hoe priestess!

  2. The theme is jealousy in the segment today huh? Haha
    • I kinda like Tamar I miss her on the real tbh but you could just tell she is that jealous sibling but to run up behind ya sibling is desperate. And look how her and Vince turned out…that was her karma I guess.
    •Prince had golden penis haha

    •can we get a story on the Simpson sisters Jessica and Ashlee? I get the feeling that Jessica was hot in the ass and didn’t they come in the game young aka sold out by they parents?

  3. Tamar gets on all my nerves too!! Just so sick of her. And this new guy from watching the show idk y but to me it seems fake it’s like she’s trying to hard🤷🏽‍♀️ Toni is naturally pretty to me and just be chilling but Tamar does the most to be noticed. She’s always getting into it with all the sisters. Vince fat ass showed her tho. I wouldnt Want anybody that wanted my sister first anyway. And dam TI and Tiny dun had all they so called friends. I mean Does Tiny get to pick a guy for them to have a 3 some with???? They just can’t love each other.

    Off topic a little but I’ve been on utube lately since the Nipsey Hussle killing. So there are these utubers that I’m just now kinda trying to figure out. So there is G2G and King Rob…does anyone kno about these ppl??? I’m not a person that had always went to utube for anything but lately I’ve been kinda stuck on it. So I’m assuming Those two were friends at one time but not anymore. They are ppl that break down if someone was sacrificed/Masonic hit/down…I’ve watched a few of they videos and i just Dnt kno wat to think of the two. They have a beef going on that i noticed. There is also one of someone that breaks the celebrities down I think he calls it Bone to Dust or something like that but it’s pretty much him showing you who’s down with the elites. I also Saw on utube where someone was showing ppl that have sacrificed they family members and ppl that were born a man/boy…like Venus and Serena..also i saw Where someone also said that they think that person is not Tiny🤔 i mean yall idk but if anyone knows can y’all enlighten me on the utubers and wat they are saying and beefing about. I hope I’m not asking or saying wat doesn’t need to be said on the blog. I’m just so curious about a lot of wats been going on since I’m now woke.

    Sorry G for the long post🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. I wanna he hear more about Tamara’s hoetails and also about who else has been a victim to tiny and TI .. I also wannna hear more about the Simpson sisters and their marriage ..

  4. Let’s be clear.. Tamar was NO VICTIM.. that purely was voluntary on her part and repeatedly from what I heard years ago 🤣🤣. Also Tamar is the baby of her family and acts like it too so I can see this being true. Wants everything about her including the men.

    The Prince stories- Still stings three years later. But yes Jill was his “Ride or Die” Her love for him gave us one of the best B sides!

    Remember when John Mayer called Jessica Simpson “ Sexual Napalm” and she was like Crack Cocaine in bed?? I think everyone looked at her differently after that.

  5. Thank God Wrecka Stow married his soul mate, but tragedy broke them up follow Larry Graham and Manuela plotted and interfere into marriage. Now I see why Drake despises his uncle. Word had it Drake said something to Larry and Larry haven’t been around his nephew since. Manuela thinks she slick too. That helfa stole 10k from Wrecka & Mayté’s son Amiir charity ‘Love 4 One Another.’. Put 5k in her charity and 5k in Eric’s. Then the dumbass bitch had the nerve to put claim and filed the 501c tax for the charity knowing damn well it wasn’t hers to begin with. Mayté never signed a paper and took her ass to court and got the money back and whatever else that gold digging how had of her son’s charity. Manuela going to fuck right around and Mayté got that sword she belly dances with and cut a bitch!!!! Don’t let that Scorpian fool y’all. She is Wrecka Stow’s kids mama, but she will cut a bitch about hers.

  6. Tamar irks the very last of my nerves..nothing about her seems genuine. I think her family has allowed her to act a fool for way too long.

    Is Aaron Carter the one who wound up being addicted to drugs?

    1. I wonder what Lil Wayne thought when it was allegedly said that they both had a threesome with his baby mama Toya😌😌😌 since him and T.I supposed to be “friends” I guess that’s just code for industry friends💁

      1. He doesn’t care. Toya was still fk him and all his babymamas just a few 3yrs ago or less at his request.. which is why they were and will always be cool, she’ll do whatever for Wayne

  7. Tamar jealousy towards all her sisters is the worst, always acting entitled & immature. She needs to humble herself & thank God for her blessings.

  8. Prince must have had a gold plated voodoo🍆…..because alot of women in the industry were running after him and losing their minds over him …. Jill Jones was apparently an 80’s hoodrat 🤣🤣🤣

    As for the Tamar, T.I., and Tiny threesome that sounds like a mess…for one Tamar is taller and longer than T.I. and Tiny….Tiny comes up to Tamars knees….so again that had to be a discombobulated mess just to watch 🤣(let alone to participate in) ….and again T.I. must have a gold plated 🍆 and Tiny apparently has that hurricane tongue…. #mess 🤣🤣🤣

  9. I’m clutching my pearls on this Tamar tea. I had no idea! By watching the show you could tell there was always some underlying competition between some of them but I ain’t know it was this deep.

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