August 15, 2022

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67 thoughts on “Part 2 H.O.T.P The evening Session

  1. Would have never guessed about Mary J and Nas.

    I wish people would be honest about their situation . . . Will and Jada . . . Like why not keep it real on the red table talk

    1. The only thing that I can come up with is that they might feel like their brands might be tarnished. People get really invested in these couples and will turn on them quick if they feel like they’re not the perfect ideal of what they have in mind. That’s all I can think of.

  2. Oprah… Smh. Big Sean must be very good in bed, he is talented but these chicks cant get enough of him. Mary J and Nas- im not mad at this. Can we get a cd out of it?? I feel like Brandy is a diva and Ashanti is beautiful.. Its all too much!

  3. G can you ain’t gave us the back story on Lauryn and Nas, although you’ve alluded to it. Can we please have it? 😩

    1. Lauryn wanted Nas to produce her album or something like that but he wouldnt do it unlezs she slept with him. Im guessing she liked it and kept it as a thing 🤣😂🤣🤣

  4. Add can I just add that I ain’t shocked that Nas & MJB are messing around again cause when her divorce was announced on the shaderoom this nigga Nas liked the post 😂💀

  5. Lawd help me understand ! I don’t get Will and Jada , like are they together just for the benefit or are they really in love but just enjoy extramarital affairs? Helppp lol

    1. It seems like they are just as confused as you are. It’s a case of codependency, money, and fame.

    2. Right she says that she never wanted to get married. However, I feel that if Tupac, who I really feel she was in love with, had ask her she would be all for it😕😕😕

  6. Also Jhene out here look stooopid. I know that Ariana song break up with your gf is about big Sean smh she need to let that man go

      1. She’s probably dickmatized. Many of us have been there before 🤦🏽‍♀️ plus, who knows what he’s telling her behind the scenes.

  7. Why did Ariana and Sean break up in the first place? Couldn’t find anything in the search about that. I’m no psychologist but I think Jhene is a very depressed person. I feel kinda bad for her.

  8. I’m so jealous and butthurt about the Nas and Mary J situation. Lol! But I’m here for it!!

    That’s Femme tour sounds like a bad idea. Who organized that?! It seems like there would be way too many personalities clashing with that lineup. And is it more Brandy tripping than Monica? Because Monica just seems kind of to herself and not really tripping off of anything but her music. I mean I could be wrong. But that’s what it seems like to me.

  9. The message Jhene sent was cute but I want better for her. I’m surprised Will even let the song be released. Why can’t Lauryn and Mary share? Mary was down with threesomes when it came to Kendu.

    Is Joe’s friend Raqui? I like her! I still believe what she said about the Jussie situation.

  10. Yasssss Mary jump back on that old boo thang dick hunni 🤗 and Will & Jada I’m over it just call this “arrange marriage” quits already please 💁🏽‍♀️ and that tour is going to be messy asf and WE ALL want the deets ASAP.

  11. Sean is smashing Ariana who is constantly being spotted with her other exes that to me says he probably smashing other chicks and Ariana don’t care cause she smashing other dudes and he love that open relationship type crap. Jhene would actually want him to be faithful and only her man…which men call “cOnTrOlLiNg”

    And how did his career take a dip when people are upset they not together, people love jhene and want them to make a new project together…like I said he want an open relationship.

    And lastly Sean you were the ticket into the black community for Ariana cause they dated when he was still somewhat poppin. They broke up she got bigger and lowkey fell off. His d*** is probably the only reason she came back for seconds otherwise she would’ve kept it pushing.

      1. Her former dancer ex boyfriend and her ex boyfriend from way back in the day from broadway

  12. Awww… I like Sean with Jhene better…didn’t really think his career was that big anyway… I liked Nas with Nicki…him & MJ don’t seem like a good fit…Will has some nerve.

    1. The projecr they did together made me like them even more… but I don’t think Sean is one to settle down with, at least not at this point in his life. Jhene needs someone that will literally take care of her. She seems extremely sensitive.

      1. I wana know what happened with Monica and her marriage too. I know G did a story awhile back about Shannon cheating… I’m guna look that shit up!

  13. I like the idea of Mary and Nas as long as the rumors of him being abusive aren’t true, he isn’t is he?

    And how did Lauryn slip in the mix?!? Didn’t she perform with Nas within the last year? She can’t even get to her shows.

    I believe Oprah was in cahoots

    I agree with Sean he was about to soar and then suddenly Jhene’s tattoo became bigger than his career

  14. Nas and MJB..and Lauryn in the way wheew chile I am living for this tea 😩

    I like Jhene but she just needs to realise her value😩 She seems a bit needy idk I may be wrong but I feel she should let Sean go and go do her

    I don’t blame Will..August out here in his damn feelings exposing err single one of them 😩😭 wtf was he thinking that Jada was gna leave Will ???!!

  15. I remember Nas and Mary were a thing around her Share My World days but it was super hush hush. If you go back on her 2011 Behind The Music Nas touched on the subject very slightly…his ex-girlfriend Carmen also verified in her book that Nas and Mary once dated. I doubt if Nas would be abusive to Mary…he seems to have alot of respect towards her and besides her and her sister Latonya would probably beat him to death….(dont let the sad songs or bad relationships fool you… Mary still is and has always been a savage and that’s some real Sugar Honey Iced Tea)

    1. I agree. I just don’t see it for Nas and Mary. And i feel like he lowkey took shots at Jhene when he made that post talking about getting rid of negative energy etc from his life. He ain’t have to do all that! But she’s a sensitive soul, she just needs a protector. I think with those 2 they fell fast and hard and then he realized the level commitment she needed and he was out! She had nothing to do with his career dip, that’s all him.

  16. I like big Sean and ariana together. I had a feeling they were smashing again. Will and jada need to just be honest about their open relationship, everyone already knows by now.

  17. Poor Jhene, she needs to move on! Is it me or does she give off depressed vibes? She always seems sad for some reason… and not because of her previous relationships either.

      1. I’m already checking to see if there’s more and she literally told us she’s doing it a couple of times a week 🤣 I’m an addict 🥴

  18. Nasir & auntie Mary 😱😱😱😱😱 I’m am hurt that my auntie would mess wit my man. I mean I know he fine but 😂😂 sike naw I would’ve never thought of them two canoodling tho.

  19. Jhene did that for two reasons1. Sean 2. Hook the second guy. Shes a Pisces, we always plan for disappointment. Dont worry someone else is lurking. That wasnt just for Sean alone. Plus shes gonna need someone wlse. That girl got a voice!
    I dont listen to Ariana at all bc aint no way Im contributing to this garbage. I know five girls from my block who sing better than Ariana, and I know no one alive who can out sing Mariah, so fuck Ariana. Im tired if them trying this shit. My fucking ears hurt everytime her corny ass gets on my radio.
    Yet Jhene can sing sing, she just needs to write an album about Sean and twerk on all the money. She knows exactly what to do. W Nipseys death and the Sean breakup, Im waiting for this album! This music industry

  20. I hate how everyone gives Jhene this weird pass because she comes off as a good person na she’s a Pisces they’re controlling and also she’s depressed asf like I used to like her music but everything about her is just off her vibe isn’t the same and begging for big Sean back is a waste she plays victim too much for me even with her ex husband and all that it’s oh he did this to me and that but she was conveniently in a whole ass relationship before she was divorced

  21. That post Jhene put under his comments really rubbed me the wrong way. It just seemed so manipulative to me especially after Sean disclosed everything he’s been going thru and cutting off toxic people. I liked him and Ari together I feel like the both of them looked their happiest together.

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