September 26, 2022

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49 thoughts on “Word Has It

  1. Yaaaaaasss I am all here for this! Do you Rih, as long as you’re happy girl 💁🏽‍♀️ Hassan and them Arab men know what’s good 😏

      1. I swear TI get on my nerve wit all them big ass words…i use To love him so much but now that i kno All this tea that G be spilling shit I’m not sure if i like Any of them anymore

  2. As much as I want new music from Riri, she’s making a fortune off of her other ventures to where she could retire from music if she wanted to

    Plus I support all of her stuff anyways

    I hope her & Hassan get married. She seems happy & in love & refers to him as “the one”

    Melissa & them will be fine. I wonder though if they want her to do music bc they miss the tour life & access to things whereas now Riri pretty much only comes to the US if it’s for photoshoots or promotion for her & Hassan’s ventures then it’s back overseas in their lovenest

    1. I think that is the REAL reason. Her friends are missing out on leaching off of her when she is on the road. Heffas, miss that all access V. I. P. Passes.

  3. Glad Rih is happy but she need to put out some musics and is that how much weight she gained 30? Are they getting married she did follow ig pages that have to do with wedding hmmm .. I wonder if her friends are annoyed she’d doesnt wanna get back in the studio anymore lol I have so many questions

  4. Rih is 30 now and we’ve all been told how they do women who reach 35+ even though everyone loves Rih Rih now if the elites wanted to make a new Rih and have everyone switch up on Rihanna as we can see from other artists it will be done. I think Rih is just beating them to the punch and making her exit on her own terms and trying to tie down this billionaire to solidify the lifestyle even after the next Rihanna has entered the playing field.

  5. Rih is living her best life!!! I would drop the album and then retire. Maybe do a few shows but NOT a world tour and be done.

  6. I’ve got stories for days about Arab men. That’s why their wives be mean mugging the hell out of me even when I’m not even checking for the man smh. Their women know what’s up too lol.

    1. Lol the Arab wives are very jealous. Arab men LOVE black women. That’s all my friend attracts and she’s married to one. She tells me how Arab women mean mug her when she’s with her husband because they’re like how did she snag him. Go to east Africa or the Middle East, it’s normal.

  7. She seems happy and carefree. Plus, it’s good to have money coming in other avenues. We are waiting on that new album through 😂

  8. Ri seems happy and not interested at all in returning to music. Maybe all of the industry “stuff” got to her and doing the Fenty and everything else…that’s her way of walking away, rebranding and distancing herself. I wish her luck.

  9. She looks good the size shes at and if shes happy and hes happy the fuxk a so gle friend got to say about it

  10. If riri is happy good for her honesty. We want music but she choosing her happiness 🤷🏾‍♀️ And he got bank

  11. I feel like Rih is being smart. She has expanded her brand and that was smart of her. You can’t make music forever. And frankly she doesn’t need too. But isn’t she working on music currently?

  12. Tell “friends” to mind their business. As long as she is not being mistreated by the man, is happy, and doing what she likes, let her be. And she looks good with the little extra. She is comfy with it, so I see no problems. Be happy RiRi, phuck the haters 😂😂.

  13. I wouldn’t care if she never drops music, I’m glad she’s branching off to other ventures. ANTI pretty much confirmed she’s about done ✅ Go RihRih

  14. I appreciate that she appears to match to the best of her own drum. I like the music but she should keep her soul.

  15. Good for her. I knew when she drop her last album she was done. Then she drop her Fenty line and it blow up fast. I knew she wasing doing no more music.

  16. A reggae sounding Rih album would be nice for summer but I’m fine without it. Now that her other ventures are lucrative, she doesn’t have to make more music. Hopefully she marries Hassan so she doesn’t have to do any more sacrifices.

  17. RIHANNA IS MY #1 FAV ENTERTAINER hands down. Like, no one is above Rihanna as far as my FAVs….. she is at the TOP and NO ONE can take her place so….. IM HERE FOR HER AND OL BOY 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I love it! I really hope she does what you said LEAVE THE INDUSTRY, live overseas and HAVE KIDS and live happily ever after‼️‼️‼️‼️ Fingers crossed!

    1. I remember thick rih rih from back when. She walked out during an awards show and I was like damn that @ss is fat

  18. Yeassuhhhhhh!!!!!! Rih rih needs to do what makes her happy. She made them they millions she needs to leave and be happily married. I ain’t mad. G you the muthafcka goat 🐐 and add a period!!!!!

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