October 3, 2022

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47 thoughts on “The REAL Truth Behind Britney Spears Checking Back Into a Mental Institution

  1. Praying for Britney
    Truly sad
    Heavenly Father I ask you to expose them and don’t let them get away with it please God rescue Britney in Jesus mighty name amen

      1. First let me say that you left this comment on 4-14 at 4:14. Those numbers a very special to me. It’s my sisters birthday but also the day my baby cousin passed away! And it always seems to pop up all the time. Play it in the lottery lol.. It caught my eye.. lol but to reply to your comment, I had to stop watching her as well for the same reason.. I get too emotional and it was too much

    1. Hey G quick questions are her kids being used for rituals too? Or how does it work with kids born in to celebrity status like blue and north are they exempt cause there parents participate ? Sorry if you already answered this and thank you ! I loved the Britney post so sad I always felt a type a way with her since she did that song lucky

  2. Can you explain why Brits co-stars like Zoe Saldana haven’t reached out to help her? Also is Zoe worship the goat and does she like being recognized as black?

  3. So im guessing she has to have her handlers there when her kids visit her?
    Are they with their dad?

    1. Good question. I’ve been wondering who has been taking care of her kids. I really hope Britney can pull through. Seeing her have the breakdown in 2007 was awful too.

  4. This breaks my heart

    There’s nobody in the industry that gives a damn about Britney or is willing to help her?

  5. This is absolutely heartbreaking. 🥺. She was one of my idols growing up, and to see that she’s suffered pretty much her whole life is just SAD. I am praying to God that she can finally catch that break. It seems like she is getting it the worst. Please lord, just FINALLY, give her the freedom she deserves. ❤️

  6. I didn’t watch the video but my heart breaks for B bc she has always seemed to be a sweet, down to earth person. She, and really no one, deserves to be sold as a child slave…

  7. What happened to her mom/assistant, etc? They were in the forefront before…..Mary didn’t explain the contracts about Britney’s men or why she does hand stands, etc.

  8. I feel so sad for her, she doesn’t deserve this and she hasn’t been able to enjoy her life. How much MK Ultra can a person take?

  9. Does Kevin know about this? This is just another one of those things that confuses me. So Britney has never had to make a sacrifice? Her only sacrifice has been her sanity it seems like. And that’s so messed up because she’s been the brand and tortured for being the brand which is fucked up.

    When I first started learning about all this stuff I thought there was something with the first child, or somebody that was really close to you, when it came to blood sacrifices. But Kevin Federline went untouched and her kids THANKFULLY, have gone untouched. So what is their fascination with just destroying this girl’s brain like this?! It’s just sad and sickening!

  10. I try and tell people about what has happened to her, it still amazes me that people can’t see past the smoke and mirrors. C’mon, she doesn’t even move the same, it’s not like she’s an old woman. If they can get away with what they have done to her and others, what’s to come? To go off topic, people still believe that planes actually brought down the twin towers. Buildings do not melt like butter. Misdirection is a bitch!

  11. This is so sad…I pray she gets out of this industry and get the help she needs. Her father and handlers can go to hell

  12. My heart goes out to Brit. It really does. She’s been doomed since she was a kid, surrounded by scumbags. As for mary,i really enjoyed her until she went on that racist rant&then tried to pull the victim card. Fuck her

  13. Ughhh poor Brit 💔 She’s been through soo much and it’s like never ending. Smh soo sad

  14. Thanks to you when I hear someone going to rehab, I now think MJ programming. What I am confused about is why her dad isn’t allowing her to be intimate with anyone and who will take over her conservatorship if her dad passes away?

  15. I really wish I could be a fly on the wall around these people, to see some of the shit they go through. So sad and insane. Smfh

  16. I’m crying I love Britney she was one of my fave entertainers growing up I really hope they give her the kids at least

  17. This is so crazy. Why do people touch and sexually abuse children who are innocent. She is completely done for and they keep torturing her .

  18. So as I was watched Britany S. and I went down a rabbit hole w/her videos. Mary is hard to watch. I need for her to stop referring to black people as “coloreds”. But not a surprise since she states she doesn’t know any black women in Australia/USA. Hmmmm.

  19. This makes me sick to my stomach. We love you Britney 💕 it’s outrageously sad and depraved that there are really so many reports of children/teens/adults being abused in this horrible way from the youngest of ages (some of it in front of your very eyes). Always praying. 🙏🏽

  20. I used to love Britney a lot when I was younger, I still do. I really hope she’s able to overcome this 😥

  21. G, can you talk about Amanda Byrnes? Seems like her and Brittany have been through some of the same situations-were Amanda’s parents trying to save her or themselves from being “found out”? It breaks my heart to think of what they’ve gone thru.

  22. This britney spears thing really has me worried as a mother of 5 girls I just can’t imagine after hearing that recording on your i.g. page I just burst out crying lord please help her🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏽🙌🏽

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