October 5, 2022

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70 thoughts on “P. S. Fucking A

  1. Hey G, I know I don’t comment a lot but I appreciate what you do. You really opened my eyes. Stay safe and thanks.

  2. G you do an extrodinary job in everything you give us and it’s truly appreciated but I be saying the same thing when I look at some stories, I be like damn they don’t comment or like the information but just know you got some true Sugar Babii’s that’s truly appreciative of all you do 💯💯💯💯🌹🌹🌹🌹🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. I definitely noticed that too. I check the blog everyday and often don’t comment I just read and go but I noticed the comment section being scarce

  4. I read the blog everyday. But I don’t comment enough at all. I’ll start engaging more 👌🏾

  5. I dont read everyday but I read almost everything you post. I dont comment because I dont like WordPress. You got to login just to like someones comment. Most of the time within the 1st few comments some8ne has said wgat i was thinking too. You do an awesome job. Please keep up the great work! Btw whats the difference between comments and posts?

  6. G, you’ve gone above and beyond to serve us piping hot tea, and I love you for that! My favorites are the throwback tea. I look forward to the real facts from you on trending tea. You’re most definitely the goat and I anticipate the new tea and check the site daily!

  7. Sometimes I don’t feel the need to post because the comments say exactly what I’m thinking. But it never seems like I can like a comment. Wats up with that?

  8. I enjoy reading the blog. The scandalous stories about Hollyweird be have me clutching my pearls Hunny 😂😂. I don’t comment much & will engage more but please believe me, your Suga Babies appreciate the risks you take bringing us unfiltered tea. You’re tha #ThaRealMVP 🏆

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