August 15, 2022

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52 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt Relationship

    1. Oh wow! I have soo many questions.

      Was Angelina really attracted to Tom or was she just doing it to get the edge off?

      Did they hide Brad’s relationship with Thandie because she’s black? I ask because it seemed his relationship with Robin Givens was hush hush too.

      Did Gwen and Jennifer know Brad was Bi?

      1. Angelina messed with Tom because she felt as though secretly she was getting back at Brad cause he despisesTom

        Brad has always been attracted to the sistas they made sure they didn’t put that out there but he has been seen with them both

        Gwen was aware Jennifer not so much

  1. Hold up so brad hated cruise but boned him and STILL hated HIM. Loooord im so GRATEFUL for my non industry hollyweird job. Thanks G

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Brad is a better actor than what people give him credit for. Thank you! I know he hates that he’s seen as just some pretty boy who only has his looks going for him.

    Such a good post. Juicy af.

  3. So who fucked who ? Did they take turns ? Yikes I had no idea Brad goes that way . Tom totally looks gay to me tho

  4. Such a good post G! Brad is a good actor and have done so decent movies. He’s right to resentful for people only seeing him for his good looks.

    Brad still hates Tom even after fucking him…lol!! Hollywood at its finest.

    Isn’t John Travolta another one who is bi as well?

    1. I always thought John was straight up gay and miserably closeted. He probably had to get super faded just to sleep with his beard and conceive. He might as well come out but he still cares about his career. Would people even still care in today’s society?

  5. I love Brad Pitt! His looks, his acting, he liked the sistas, and he stands up for what he believes in. Brad in Snatch will always be one of my faves. He played the hell out of that role.

  6. Let me add some extra extra sugar. I don’t if y’all remember when the movie ”Days of Thunder” back in 1990. It was shot right here I’m Darlington, South Carolina. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman was in that movie . It was this movie they started dating. Believe it or not, Brad Pitt did come to the moving set to see Tom race in this movie. It was that race outfit that Tom was wearing that was the tip of the iceberg for Brad. Look at the movie. Look at how fine Tom looked in that race car outfit. I see why Brad hate he has a low down love for Tom.

      1. LOL! Chillllleeeee, folks be sleeping on my lil ole State of South Carolina! The real why so many stars come and move to my state because of low profile. We really don’t care about them people.

    1. Damn brad is bi?? He is fine so I can see why both sexes are attracted to him. This is too much and so good at the same time😁

  7. Lawd!!! Why?! Are any of these men just about vagina?!?!

    I remember that episode of Basketball Wives LA when Jackie was trying to hook Malaysia up with somebody. She was saying that the guy was bisexual but that there was nothing wrong with that because that’s the thing now. I’m starting to believe that shit! And how unlucky for me, single for 4 years, just to get in touch with myself, only to find out there probably aren’t any straight men left!! TF!

    And what is a gatekeeper, G? Whatever that is, I’m assuming it’s why does little man can continue to harass Brad Pitt with no repercussions. I know that my favorite movie of Brad Pitt’s was Meet Joe Black where he was the Grim Reaper. That movie was good as hell!

  8. How strong is the church of scientology’s hold these days? I thought it might have dwindled after the many exposes done o them. I see they often put out castings for their projects on the casting sites… and is Tom forever in debt to them? Are scientology’s rituals very different from regular Hollywood’s rituals or are they on par?

  9. David Geffen…his name always seem to pop up everywhere there is a scandal. Him and Oprah….dangerous ppl 😒

    1. David stay being in somebody’s business. I’m surprised he even last this long in the industry. He was Keyshia Cole’s former producer. I must admit, him and Ron Fair are good producers. But, need for him to sit down a minute .

  10. Now that I am sober after reading this, might as well just drop an expose on Brad Pitt… Now i wanna know everything

  11. Also G anytime I try to like a comment on here it sends me back to the webpage WordPress but it doesn’t load 🤷🏽‍♀️and so I just hit the button to go back to the comments. Been having this problem for months

  12. Damn🤦… welp that took out the last few actors left on my list of favorites. Just ruined my list G 💀‼️.. There’s only one actor left that u haven’t posted on… Denzel… I don’t know if I want to know the tea on him cause my heart wouldn’t be able to take it 😖… I’ma need a blunt if u ever spoil that tea 😂‼️

  13. Sheesh 😳😳😳 Brad was one of my favorites man! I’ll never look at him the same again 😩🤦🏾‍♀️

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