October 5, 2022

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9 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Nick Cannon’s Comment About Rihanna Not Being Able To Elevate Him Like Mariah

  1. Rihanna is very pretty to me even tho she got that big ass head lmao. Nick is very cocky to me and he kno dam well Rihanna can and will elevate him..i mean Seems like to me nobody wants Nick like that. He should be glad he did get Mariah!!

  2. But i do Notice alot of people that was on Wild n out are getting big. Like Jess,DC Young Fly, the Simone chik, the other chik that have everybody bouncing…etc

    I see these new IG comedians getting very popular…Blame it, Lala..etc… i also see them throwing it up too especially Jess she throws it up real hard..wonder wats up with all them getting big the way they are. Kountry Wayne too wonder if he has been initiated.

  3. I like them both. I just dont think HE is a good look for HER brand. She made good choices with this one. Nick is the guy you friendzone- you dont let him manage you or do ANYTHING ELSE to you.

  4. Rih has the opportunity to be the biggest female pop star ever, even bigger than Madonna & has already conquered music, fashion, fragrance & makeup ventures, anyone in the industry would automatically level up being with Rih & gain tons of press bc everything she touches turns to gold

    This is another case of a man being in his feelings when he tries to continue to shoot his shot at someone out of his league & paid absolute dust, so he thinks insulting them will soothe his ego when it really exposes how pressed they are

    I know first hand of longtime male friends I knew for YEARS that once they tried to make a pass or be more than friends & I didn’t feel the same way completely flipped the script in were in their feelings

  5. G did u see where Kim is studying to be a lawyer. I believe u said this would happen thats y i never doubt your sugar

  6. See men like Nick Cannon are very very rare! Y’all see how they are clowning him right? It be those same women wished like hell they have a Nick Cannon in their lives. Cause God knows the men that these women are dealing with are ruthless.

  7. At this point anyone Robyn gets with she’ll be able to elevate. Just being with her alone they’ll want to know everything about them. Did you see how the navy investigated Hassan when the news first came out about him ?

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