August 15, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Ask G The Sugar Is In The Answers

  1. Definitely with JT being beyond deactivated. That awful super bowl halftime performance. That man in the woods that nobody bought. Don’t know a song that was a hit from him since suit and tie. One thing that they always do is fine the next white male star of pop. It will be interesting to see how Bieber goes with his direction. If I was him. I would do country. He plays an instrument. Which can make him change his sound. We’ll see.

    1. Right and him trying to use Prince in his set still didn’t help😏😏 what I hate the most is that he didn’t respect his wishes of not wanting a hologram made of him. He did it anyway just to create some buzz for him, but it still didn’t work💅

  2. I always thought Bruno Mars replaces JT. No matter what, he’s not black but he puts out RnB and dances. That’s who I saw as a replacement to JT.

  3. Shitttttt, Every chance I get to go to DC and I forgot the area where he roller blades and run at. Anyway……Lawwd have mercy! Camelot! Every bit of his fine ass daddy execpt he got jet black hair! If Jack and John John were alive…… Ooooooooweeeeeeee!!! I’ve be a train wreck hoe for life!!! John John looks like his daddy with his fine ass! 😊

  4. Mary40 did a video about Prince and said that he did get out but they dragged his ass back. Said he was possessed by demons. That depressed me because I’m a HUGE Prince fan 😫😫

  5. Okay! Okay! This was a lot! G, my first question is, how do I find out when you’re taking questions because I have so many!

    Next! Jax and stassi are still sleeping together?! I thought she was so in love with Beau! Maybe that’s why she’s always acting a fool on that man because it’s Jax she really want. And she’s always up in Brittany’s face like they’re the best of friends! I cannot believe this is happening! That is crazy! While we’re on the subject of Vanderpump Rules, who Eric me is Ariana. To me it seems like she only wanted to get with Tom so that she could get in front of the TV screen and get some of his popularity. Because now it just seems like he’s all into her and she’s not. He wants the kid she does. She’s still into women wanted miss that! But okay. Let me breathe! LOL!

    I just looked up Erica Kennedy because I didn’t know her. And it’s saying that her cause of death was still not released. That’s crazy!

    Shoji, you said that Prince went rock bottom to buy himself out, but then you’re still saying that his death should be investigated. So are you allowed to buy out or not? And also is it pretty much that is fake leave their masters with those people and hit rock bottom than they’ll be okay? They just have to make all new music? Because maybe they need to know that going in and save some of their best shit for later!

    Okay! Sorry for getting excited I’m done now! Until I read it again! LOL

  6. It was city college in NYC the heart of Harlem. I was there maybe 13-14 years old. I remember almost suffocating because they had no logistics in place like a simple line and everyone bumbrushed the doors and then they locked the doors so we were stuck between a locked door and a crowd bumbrushing it was the saddest most scariest every. People were dead with white sheets over them and people still thought there was going to be a basketball game. My older Sister made us leave and people were still sitting there waiting on a game. Horrific planning not Diddy.

  7. Not surprised about Jax at all. He recently made a “joke” while in Mexico in an outdoor water area alone with Stassi… he told Stassi that he was still in love with her and attracted to her (something to that affect)… then he said he was just kidding. It was obvious to me that there was some truth behind that joke. And i think part of her still wants Jax…

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