October 4, 2022

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49 thoughts on “Hot Takes Monday 4/8/19

  1. Charlize is a weird AF maybe that’s why nobody wants to date her.. And Kodak should have been cancelled long before the DM fiasco. I hope Lauren stays protected and lay low for a few months, prayers go out to her..

  2. Don’t surprise me at all about T.I. He probably been wanting her since ATL..she’s a very pretty young lady..seems genuine and sweet!!

    But dam this tea bout the dog …whew chile!!!

  3. I can relate to how Chris feels about Karreuche. Chris and Karreuche are Taureans like me. We love hard and we fall in love hard too. Like me, Chris loves Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. That is why Chris wants Karreuche back. Because he see himself in her. Me, I am head over heels in love with a Capricorn man. Especially if he is older. OMEGOSH!!! 😊

  4. Yes I do hear about T.I was trying to get her back and so was Wade. Things wasn’t good between her and Nipsey but I was waiting on you to confirm if it’s true or not

  5. Was nip cheating at a time? Is that why he announced that break up before they got back together a short time ago? And t.i. Is the scum of the earth I can’t believe I used to love him. 🙄😂 I mean just a crush but never would act on it. Not that I would ever come in contact with him. Out of respect for his wife I love tiny too. I thought she was his “sister” smh. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Anyway ofc a lot of men were prolli thinking what Kodak’s dumb ass said on live. But they would never get caught saying it. That was a convo for him & the Bro’s like duhh. But he’s a few chromosomes short anyway so I doubt he would’ve thought about that common sense logic.

  6. Can we get a back story on the whole Charlize and raising her son as a girl like cuz rhia seemed forced by her onto him

  7. A lot of psychic readings been saying he has feelings for someone in his past and that’s it’s a water sign women, and karrueche not a water sign

      1. I was waiting on somebody to ask! I actually saw this yesterday and stared at it for a few seconds. LOL!

  8. I knew it hit T.I different when Kodack said that lol but dwade son? I never knew he was (gay) I don’t really like that word for children…😖

    Floyd princess and this dog situation is so funny

    1. @Brim I get what you mean but it starts in childhood. People think that kids are too young to understand how they feel or that it’s something that’s corrupts kids but you’re either gay or you’re not and if you are you know. You can’t help your attraction which is something that develops early

  9. Very good tea! When r u you gonna spill tea abt Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt thoo? And the part2 abt child abuse on Hollywood 👀

  10. TI is fake af! Fake wanna-be-woke-leader-and-voice-of-the-black-community and a borderline clout chaser who piggy backs of whatever is trending on social media🙄 I cannot respect a man that preaches what he doesn’t follow and continuously cheats on his wife!
    You can tell the ones who were genuinely hurt about Nipsey’s passing and I’m sorry but TI just didn’t seem like he was one of them!

    1. TI is a real asshole. Spits shit everywhere. I know that his girl is tired of him and his small dick.

    1. Basically she’s a warning for men not to get too involved other than sex with her and because she’s growing her son up as a girl what other men really want children with her.

  11. I could see this being true about TI. Lauren is GORGEOUS, even I was like she’s about to be fresh meat to these guys.

    So G I have a question, not sure if we still do Ask G in the email. But I wanted to know, if a woman or man is married to someone who is “down” or “sold out” what role will they play? Will they get the details, or can they live a “normal” lifestyle with that person??

    1. Good questions i wondered the same thing. Like is it something that they just have to be okay with or what?

    2. If they are married they’re both sold out. A lot of these marriages/ relationships come out of pairing them with handlers. Everything is controlled in the Industry and if you’re coming in late to the game with a significant other that is not down, relationship ends or they’re dead. You can’t be part of both worlds.

      1. Ok so is Ti and Tiny down??? I see certain things but I’m just not sure. And i saw Where someone said that they heard TI was trynna get Lauren back…i never Knew they had any dealings. When was this??? I’ve been asking if anybody knows if Ice Cube sold out???

  12. Lmao about Princess’s dog. Not the fact that it’s missing. That’s sad and I hope the dog is ok but the Floyd twist cracked me up.

    Charlize is thirsty as fuck and that in itself is a turn off. The whole son in wigs and dresses thing is only icing on the nut cake. She’s aging and seems to be in panic mode. She needs to calm down and rethink some things about her life.

  13. Just the mention of Charlize’s name . boils my blood. It is so obvious that she adopted that boy as experiment. I dont understand why. She seems like a batshit crazy chic.. We need to know the scoop from her?

  14. Hey G, what illness have solange band caught? That’s so weird to me just like when she was supposed to go to Africa for New Years she got sick of an illness smh is Giselle stopping her?

  15. T.I had his time when shooting ATL with her. Tip his alter ego is just evil. Stay with his Co workers ladies in the dark then preaching by day. His song “Big Thangs Poppin” was one of many good angel vs bad angel they show us. Even though we all have it. We all know he sacrificed his sister. She not even talked about in the TV show. And that was his protection in the flesh she stayed praying over him it’s over now.

    1. @legosworld Lord have mercy I’m so glad U confirmed him sacrificing his sister. I always Felt like that’s wat happened but nobody actually spoke on it like u just did!! I agree With everything u just said!! He is always making these videos about shit that he dnt even have nuthn to do with!! Always trynna stay in the spotlight!! To me he just does to much for nuthn cause his music ain’t hittn on shit no more!! And yes Precious was always praying for him and loved him so much smh it’s soooo sad wat ppl do for money smh. But i did Look at wat he’s worth when that happened to his sister but i only Saw 15milloin…not sure if it has been updated or not. He treat Tiny bad and she continues to stay with him. So does she “have” to stay with him because they’re married and down??? Like he always make her look so stupid!! Messing with they workers n shit like that!! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  16. Chris and Rihanna briefly got back together in 2012 – 2013 did. He still had Karrueche in the background but was publicly dating rih. So let’s say 6 years

  17. Whoever these men are, or were in Lauren London’s inbox, they won’t measure up. She will more than likely settle on them being a sex buddy.

    I’ve had a man who was highly intelligent, and compassionate, loved out loud and living in his purpose. And they feel a whole lot different. Mine is no longer of this world either, so I know how that goes.

    There are not too many men out there like that. Having a man like that … A black man … few and far between.

    My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to her and the rest of Nipsey family. His loss was one for all of us.

  18. I’m confused about how Jay z was trying to capitalize off his death. If he didn’t start the trust fund. His team put out that that wasn’t true. I hope Floyd didn’t steal that dog back🤣🤣🤣 that’s super petty if he did. She all on ig saying that she knows who did it and is willing to pay $20,000 to get that dog back and she will chase every black charger down to get it back.🤣

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