August 15, 2022

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9 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Hulk Hogan and Randy ” Macho Man” Savage Pt 2

  1. So that’s how she ended up with Lex Luger. That’s interesting.

    It sucks how Lex used to abuse Miss Elizabeth. I still feel like his abuse of Elizabeth and moreso the toxic environment that it produced was what led to Elizabeth’s fatal overdose.

    1. Yes! Lex Lugar of all people now! That ego of his was shot from hell itself! I couldn’t stand him in the wrestling world. Too much mouth!

  2. Peep this! I just looked this up. Now Randy was born on November 15, 1952 & died May 20, 2011. Elizabeth was born November 19, 1960 & died May 1, 2003. Both Scorpios died on Taurean seasons. What are the odds of that?!

  3. Damn but if you think about it it’s kinda Karma she cheated on him and left him for a man who in ended up beating her ass. Sorry but that sounds like Karma to me.

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s karma only because Macho Man’s demanding that she stay in the house all day and blocking her from interacting and socializing with anyone is toxic as well. She left a controlling spouse for an abusive boyfriend.

      I do believe in past life karma, so she may have very well been both controlling and abusive towards others in her past life, which could have manifested itself in the abuse she dealt with in this one. But I can’t say Lex was karma for Randy, it seems like a lose-lose situation no matter which side you can choose.

  4. i didn’t know she got with Lex Luger but then again I lost touch with WWE afterwards. Hogan Macho man were my favs. Sad that both him and Elizabeth died. I never thought that he was so controlling. My uncle used to tape the show and I remembered when he proposed to Elizabeth on stage

  5. Yes indeed!! Things are getting interesting!! G, you should do more wrestling stories. There’s one i always wanted to know about. I remember Sable was a huge star however there was a harassment Lawsuit against Vince McMahon. (Not 100% sure if that’s what happen) sable left for few years then came back for a few years and left again. Didn’t Stone Cold do the same thing to his wife?

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