September 26, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Season 8 The Truth About The Beef Between Hulk Hogan and Randy ” Macho Man’ Savage

  1. I’m ready for this tea i kinda forget all about wrestling but since I’ve gotten so into this krazy ass holly weird shit i guess all these TV ppl has some scorching hot tea ☕️ also ready to hear about the women too. I used To watch they show but i kinda Got alway from it some how.

  2. Ummmm The Truth About The People Who Have All The Tea in Hollywood was left on Part 1😑 how you jump, hop, and skip these stories are trippy yo 🤨

  3. G is taking me back with this one! I’ll never forget the one time my parents took me to the L.A. Coliseum and I got to see Jake the Snake, Macho Man, and Brutus the Barber 😁

    1. She already posted about Nipsey and she explained why she won’t be talking about it until she had facts

  4. G, sorry so long, but can you explain or do a backstory on why all of a sudden these fake PR stories from the Carters keep happening only for the actual company to flat out refute the claims?

    I noticed this more since they latched on to being woke.
    Jay-Z setting up the 15million trust fund for Lauren & the kids bc it looks good bc of the fans of Nipsey & the positive PR surrounding him only for the story to be debunked

    Jay/Z saying Tidal was completely black owned when it’s not & of course the lawsuit about them cooking up the fake streaming numbers for Lemonade so more payments are going to them than what it should be while the actual artists on Tidal were getting ripped off their royalties

    Giselle saying she had creative control of the vogue cover & selected the first black photographer only for Anna wintour to come out & say this was a collaboration & the photographer was already in place

    Now this Reebok thing claiming Giselle chose Adidas instead( who owns Reebok anyways) bc their lack of diversity only for Reebok to come out & say that was not the reason & they were meeting with her for months

    Are the Carters not trying to be associated with Kanye bc he’s at Adidas or are they trying to still seem down with Kapernick whose @ competitor Nike to explain this Adidas deal?

    Everything is even more fake with them than usual & they seem to be working overtime to spin any news on them into a separate cover story only for the truth to come out of their initial story being lies

    Rihanna & other celeb’s business ventures seems to go off without a hitch with simply the artist promoting the product, why do the Carters put out so many fake stories about all their business ventures only for the truth to be revealed later?

    Then if you call out the lies, the Hive you’re a hater. However, the real tea is everyone who underestimated Rihanna & her work ethic now are trying to piggyback back off her moves from years ago to get some shine.

    Giselle’s fashion lines never do well. House of Dereon is no more. Ivy Park was on clearance forever @ Top Shop & now it’s being rebranded under Adidas to try to launch again. What Giselle fails to realize is she has to connect with the consumer for her non-music ventures & the product & quality of the product has to be good. Something that other celebs put time into & aren’t just doing it for the money

    This isn’t a tour where she can sing songs, shake her ass, read from a script a few statements & go home.

      1. 🙌🙌🙌I feel more stuff is getting released because she probably going to drop some new music, and then there’s her starring in the New Lion King Movie. I’ve said it since the beginning of the year, when did she ever post on her IG about things other than herself. She’s been a lot more active on IG lately. Like the NAACP awards that she decided to attended in I don’t know how many years since the early 2000s and people made a spectacle of it😒😒as far as this new shoe deal I feel she’s trying to follow in the footsteps of Rihanna like she did with the Puma shoe line, but I just don’t see that happening for her she’s not much of a fashionista when it comes to clothes😕

  5. I remember as a kid I saw HH in an airport one afternoon- I was so excited and jumping up and down and my mom just snatched me to the next terminal…what was crazy is that he was in that yellow wresting outfit (shorts, tank, boots) but he was surrounded by guys in business suits… my mom thought they were his body guards even tho he was bigger and taller than all of them!!

  6. This is great! I used to love the WWE when I was younger. I also heard today Bart Heart got attacked by a fan at Barclays Center last night while he was being inducted into the WWE hall of fame.

  7. OMG G!! Im 41 now and my dad used to watch wrestling we got all the royal rumble, wrestle mania events. etc. hulk Hogan was my hero lol I wrote a letter to the fanclub and got a card back (pre written) im sure just saying to be good, pray and take vitamins or whatever he used to say. I remember Elizabeth and macho man savage .. it was like a little soap opera. I appreciate this post! you always give great content

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