October 5, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Hot takes Saturday 4/6/2019

  1. I like Cardi but Offset is a dusty idiot. That’s the biggest crock of bullshit ever. He needs to be deleted just like that uglass Kodak Black.

    1. That dam Kodak is something funny to me lmao ..I’m assuming he’s “down” too… when he sing Fantasia song that shit be so dam funny 😂😂

  2. T.I. & Tiny always hunching some dam body.

    I’m assuming by Nipsey’s killer going to a mental health facility that he may not do any time🙄 chile somebody kill him please and thank you!!

    So wats up with Tamar? I thought that show was over and she won?? And medicating herself?? With wat?? So The Braxton’s are “down” too?? Where is Vince long mouth ass at???

    I figured Jay ddnt set up funds for them kids. Smh..I’m sure they gonna be straight regardless and dnt need shit from his ass!! Man umma say it again I’m so sick of Hov🤦🏽‍♀️🙄

    1. No surprises that that report about Jay setting up Nipseys kids was fake.. Jay out for himself, he’s been around longer than Nipsey and he ain’t do half as much for his community like Nip did his!!

      I use to like Nicole Scherzinger up until I saw that vid of her “implying” about the threesomes TI and Tiny have. Yeah we all know they have threesomes but that was just uncalled for, a bit foul from her end!

      Wheeww Chile Offset and Cardi.. the delusion continues 🤪 did y’all peep that reply tweet from Azalea Banks..I fucken dieeeedddd yo😭

      Lori Harvey is just like her momma 🤷🏽‍♀️ Ain’t no surprises there

  3. G Tamar won celebrity big brother already….maybe you mean BFV because they are still filming 👁️. And from the picture of Wendy yesterday at Walmart she needs to go ASAP because she looks like she cracked years ago.

    1. Yes lord Wendy look so dam bad smh that shit driving her ugly ass krazy🤦🏽‍♀️ Tamar get on all of my nerves..she just seems so fake to me!!!

  4. Nicole always yapping that mouth of hers but don’t wanna talk about her TEA….escorting pussy cat, loves carpet munching and paid to be a beard ways huh 🤔

  5. Good cuz jay always up in something it did seem real but he ain’t putting that much out it’s just funny people faked his move lol that’s what he do though.

    Lori reign came and gone.

  6. Nicole been a floozy and a party to a lot of threesomes I bet – now she wants to kiss and tell…

  7. I thought Lori Harvey was with Diddy son Justin combs a couple of years ago. Now she’s after the big Fish the father, what a nasty broad … I will lose 100% respect for Diddy if he do smash this little girl !!!

  8. I wonder why Tamar is self medicating. She didn’t won the show and has that fine Nigerian man. 🙄 Is she missing Vince?

    Cardi should’ve told Offset to delete those tweets. Smh.

    Would be okay for Lori to date Diddy if she didn’t sleep with Justin?

    This industry is too weird. 😳

  9. G where is Vince? What is the deal with Kodak Black and the heat from the other rappers checking him? I had already figured that was a lot about Jay and to say his disrespectful Ass ain’t clear that up, he just going with it too make his ugly ass seem like the good guy 😲☹️

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