August 16, 2022

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41 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 4/6/19

  1. I really hate that for Britney. What about her kids? Who’s been taking care of them?

    And this Jay-Z thing, is it referring to him messing with Foxy when she was underage or is this aboit other underage chicks?

  2. This blind was super easy.

    #65 Jay Z & R Kelly

    #64 At first I thought it was Christina Aguilera with the opening line, but it was the last few lines that I realize it was Britney Spears. There’s recently been news of her dad being in the hospital, and him not doing to good.

    1. And just reading this makes me realize that her dad is probably her handler. So I wonder who will assume that position if he doesn’t make it. Because it seems like now she is so far gone it’s not even funny. Is it even still her or is it her clone just kind of tapping out?

  3. #65 Jay-z- I don’t care about him

    #66- My heart is hurting for Britney. I loved her and to see her going through all of this is extremely sad. I follow her on IG and she does do handstands all of the time and she looks horrible too. Seeing how raggedy her hair and dark circles under her eyes does make me cringe at times because she used to look so put together. I’m shocked to see she is battling drug addiction. Can you elaborate what exactly her dad did to her?

  4. For the 100th time jayz with this same Rkelly situation 🧶

    5,000th time Britney Spears whew

    Can we get completely unrefreshed shit honey😣

  5. I’m surprised Jay-Z has not been exposed for all of his shenanigans

    Britney is one of the few yt celebs that’s actually genuine & a sweetheart. I even still would see her in concert even though she’s not prime Britney but you can still see underneath it all, she’s so humble & down to earth really wants to be out this industry & live in LA & raise her kids. Are her & that guy still together? He posted about her as well.
    I pray so much about her health & that these leeches finally leave her alone

    It truly breaks my heart

  6. J & R
    My heart breaks for Britney…but if her dad does die- who will be in control of her and her estate?

  7. JayZ FIRST baby mother was underage when she was pregnant, that’s why he wouldn’t take that paternity test the boy was asking for….allegedly.

  8. I’ve been hearing rumors about her father for years so I know everyone in the industry must’ve known. My question is why didn’t anyone truly help Britney especially when she broke down publicly years ago? Instead everyone had a field day about her pain, calling her crazy and making fun of her. It’s just really sad. I hope she does heal AND put all the predators on blast with supporters on her side to protect her.

    1. Right like I want to know who tried if they did. I knew she was over that bs when she did that breakdown I was young and wondering how long will it take to grow her hair back lol

      1. I had the same thoughts about her hair growing back lmao. I was young and vain and that mess had me pressed lol. As an abuse survivor myself I automatically suspected that she was acting out. I knew someone hurt her terribly.

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