August 16, 2022

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40 thoughts on “The Truth About The People Who know All the Tea in Hollywood

  1. For some reason Giselle kept coming in my head when reading Dr Miami’s part! I know she has had procedures done as little & non obvious as there are!!!! I’d love him to spill tea though, especially for the men

  2. Andy shocked me… I thought he was just a reality TV personality. I’d love the background on Ryan Seacrest…he went from merely hosting AI to buying a house from Ellen!

    1. I suspect that Ryan is pretty much tied in also. Don’t you remember that first season of American Idol when he had a co-host? And then all of a sudden it was just Andy by himself and blowing up all over the place!

      The first person he probably got out of the way was that man.

  3. The dr Miami comment about everyone has surgery 👀 I immediately thought of Rihanna, Ariana grande, and Beyoncé for some reason. I think it’s been confirmed Rihanna got her boobs done and I have heard a nose job too. Ariana grande I think got a nose job and I’m almost sure lip injections too! And Beyoncé I think got her butt done but just tastefully imo. However that “men try to pay with sex” comment…didn’t drake go to dr Miami for a tummy tuck or something 👀👀👀 oh lord *sips tea*

  4. I wish my future husband would pillow talk to some hoe about personal business. Bust him till the white meat show. Jay I gotta hand it to em. He’s SMART none of his sidechicks step outta line nor know Giselles secrets.

    1. I can’t remeber her name, but there was a post on here about a woman who was messing around with Jay for awhile til he married Giselle. she had the same ring as her too, then ended up dead when their daughter was born I believe

  5. Not surprised one bit about Andy Cohen, he comes off as an ole messy bitch. 😂 Excuse my French🙊.

    Not surprised about the plastic surgery either you can just look and tell, from jlo to Ciara to Beyoncé. Hell all of them, there’s no way most people just miraculously look better after becoming famous. There just isn’t.

    To be honest I’m not mad at them, you won’t have cameras on me all the time looking a mess. The problem is when they go too far and start looking like someone else or another race. The ones named up top has done it tastefully in my opinion.

  6. So Kanye got a tummy tuck so did he see Dr Miami 👀
    Not surprising that all these celebrities and IG models have gotten enhancements or surgeries. That’s why I side eye when they ” working out” and selling these teas. Smh….

  7. maaaaaan no wonder these IG models be promoting “health, “workouts” and ”“healthy teas” 🤣🤣 selling us false prophets but I can’t be mad at these celebrities who get their body done, shit I’d like to change some things myself but too much of it is a bad thing. Most of them don’t even look like themselves, but kudos to those who didn’t over do it

  8. I don’t know how they do it though, knowing everybodys business, I can’t do it. ain’t no privacy when you step into that limelight.

  9. Ima just brace myself for part 2 cause I know it’s gonna be sweeter than this cup !!!!!

  10. G can we get a story on industry men and plastic surgery plz?? I’m sure the penis implants have been running rapid since way before this wave of plastic surgery, and now more recently outta damn control lol.

    And will we ever get S E A S O N 3 again?

  11. Me and Karrine have a lot in common…. except for the MEN part….. but she was born where I was born and grew up in the same city n stuff….. so I always took a liking to her and we can’t lie SHE IS BEAUTIFUL 😍😍 and I follow DR MIAMI on IG and SNAPCHAT and I never thought of all the shit he knows about but THESE NAMESSSSSSS THO. Lol instead of always wanted to be a journalist I should of been what Amanda is 😂😂😂😂

  12. How did Amanda Cohen get so big? I’m sure she had to go through some things to be in everyone’s business.

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