October 1, 2022

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105 thoughts on “Hoetails Oh They Smashed??

  1. Well come on wit the PR Diaries then hunny cause that was some hot tea u just spilled. I do Remember something about u and Shamar kissing or something at a party lol but wats up with that pic??? That’s Rob Kardashian and Angela Simmons right??? Ummmm well ummm🤔🤔🤔🤔

    1. Right if this picture insinuates that they had any sexual relations, that would mean she was lieing when she said she was really a virgin making what Bow Wow say to possibly be true😕😕😕

      1. On an old episode of Wild N Out there was a question asked about who was better at giving fellatio Ciara or Rev. Run’s daughter. His answer didn’t really help her case, but then again it could have been just for entertainment. He Strick’s me as the type to do and say things for attention and validation from others😕😕😕

  2. Chile when I saw Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt., I clutched my pearls but at the same time was not a bit surprised.. It’s Hollyweird afterall.. I want more details on this tea..

    1. Every chick whether they gay or not needs some dick in their life. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. She might prefer one over the other because she dated Roy for a while (the boxer who’s last name I can’t remember right now)

      1. Roy Jones!!! I want to know where is Roy Jones at? I remember when the Crunk Era came out, he and The Young Bloodz put out that song, “I Smoke, I Drank’

      2. One of my favorite songs!!!! Just when u think it went off that beat drop again ..ayyeee lol …man these hoetails be the shit lmao

      3. That was the shit I smoke I drank I’m supposed to stop but I can’t I’ma dog I love hoes and I’m addicted to money cars and clothes do it big then lmfao

  3. People always tried to play Shemar as gay and he is not. One of the nicest celebs I have ever encountered.

    The brothers loved Rosalyn Sanchez. 😍😍

    1. Yes Shemar got that label because he is very much into his sensitive side and he may be a tad bit metro but he was much more metro when he was younger but he is all man and he does like get down like that

  4. Damn! Vince Mc Mahon left the late Randy Savage smashed his underage daughter without killing him? LORT! 😨

    1. Yeah he banned him from wwf and he didn’t get into the Hall of Fame for almost 15 years or more.

    1. According to his ex wife who sued his ass and divorced him for an undisclosed amount he gave her herpes.

      1. Well damn! Him and Derek Jeter are neck and neck! The gift that keeps on giving.

  5. Good Tea G!!

    You’ve got to tell us about Tom &Brad, Duane Martin & Megan Good (before Tisha Campbell??), Brat & Iverson, and Mariah & Vin Diesel. If nothing more than how they crossed each other’s paths to even pique sexual interest in each other.

      1. Oh no not my boo 🤦🏽‍♀️ Well it’s not surprising since i kno Wat goes on in the industry now anyway

    1. Beforrreeeeee? More kike during Meagan is younger than them. They’ve been together since the early 90s or mid 90s

  6. CAN WE GET SOME WWE TALES PLEEAAASE! those wrestlers and divas stay calling each other sluts and players and even have storylines about it (ex: Stephanie McMahon, Candice Michelle etc) I wanna know who getting smashed lol I’m sure John cena, randy Orton and all them be wilding out!

      1. G, was it one of the Uso brothers?!?! I’m obsessed! Or Jon Cena?! Girrrrl, spill!!

  7. I read this 4 times and then had to go back a 5th when I saw in the comments somebody say Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt! Girl, let me read this again to see what I missed all the other times! This is too much!

  8. omg..I almost choked on water with the Brad Pitt and Tom cruise… I ain’t ready for no Brad Pitt stories G..unless it had to do with his cheating ways…but I cant..

  9. Allen I. Smash two “Real Sisters” LOL!! And I’m dead at “Duane Martin on a straight day”

  10. I would like a backstory on Shemar and Kim, you and Shemar, Jamie Foxx and Megan Good, and Michael Jordan and Janet Jackson.

  11. Not related to this post but what’s going to happen to Jason lee since he leaked photos of the carter children or was this a way for him to move on up

    1. The carters are going to make sure they finish what didn’t even start. Beyoncé was running away from the scum at the roc Brunch and now this?!

  12. BRAAAADDD!!! In Soulja voice LOL Brad & Tom? U told us about Tom but Brad??🤔🤔 need all the tea on his alternate flongs🍵🍵

  13. Yo Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise 😭⚰️ Cameron Diaz n Tyrese 👀 “Did I tell you about me and Shemar”!!! I see you G 😏

  14. Ninja whaaaaa?! ARod and Skinny Girl?! Wow that’s a shocker she’s not his type lol

    Mariah and Vin. Get it Mimi! I ain’t mad although he’s bi. He goes to the DR and smashes little young boys in a beach town out there where hardly people recognize him. Btw, Usher too has in the past.

  15. G! I need the back stories too Cameron Diaz n Tyrese and Mario Lopez n Brit Sprars. Plus, Brad Pitt n Tom Cruise? I’m lightweight curious about that too! ooooo n Da Brat n Shemar? I still can’t figure Da Brat out. Do she go both ways?

  16. Oh Emm gee!! I need back stories on Dan near everything!!!

    I KNEW it was gonna be Rosie that had that threesome with Woody and JLo!

  17. No wonder brad walking around looking like death. He done been through some things smh that time hanks voodoo is no joke lol


    I am a DAY 1 since DAY 1 I done read every story every piece of ER THANGGGGG n…… I ain’t NEVAAAAAAAAAA heard bout you n Shemar!!!!! 😂😂😂😂👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 you ain’t gon just breeeeeeeeeze past that one 😂😂

    But imma charge it to the game tho.

    1. Girl u got me rolling😂😂😂 I’m Day 1 since Day 1 too i just Kinda fell off a bit cause I’ve had like 2 surgeries but i think I’m caught up now..but listen remember G did the last couple of Mansion parties??? She said in one of them that she kissed shamar in the mouth..well put something in his mouth i think That’s wat she said cause she also said something to the nature of them hooking up before. lol man i kno G kno bout a lot of these fine ass men…come on G whew chile 😬

      1. Lmao ijs tho G i remember that lil part u slid in there while telln us about wat happened at the party but wat that thang hit like tho😂😂😂😂😂

  19. I ALWAYS LUST over Mark Wahlberg can’t NOBODY tell me that man DONT know how to fuck…… I just know….. he can fuck and so EVERYTIME I look at him I just feel so….. turned on 😂😂😂😂 licking my lips n shit 😂😂

    1. 😂😂🤣🤣🤣lmfao girl me too that dam white boy is the shit..he so dam fine, sexy and look good af..just a bad boy lol i like them kind😂😂

  20. Shemar Moore and Kimberley Elise hmm this had to be during Tyler Perry’s Diary of A Mad Black Woman movie😏😏

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