October 2, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Tuesday Hot Takes

  1. No one is buying the gang related story. He was too loved by everyone for that to be an option. They’re just trying to close a case, but we know it’s more to it. I hope this wakes the world up even more.

    Tiffany Fitz might wanna slow her role before she ends up 6ft under OR just don’t promote it. Hollyweird is no joke smh

    Jada should’ve saw this coming. August comes off as emotional, which is great,but not when she’s married. We all know she isn’t leaving Will rn

  2. evilness stank all over this and something aint right with the incident that happened at his vigil either!!!!!!!!

  3. Kiely has had years to tell her side. Naturi clearly isn’t lying if Adrienne gave her story validity and the two of them were the aggressors. Her career isn’t based off of a lie she is talented and it’s her time period. Next time sit there and eat your food instead of throwing it at the darkiskin girl for standing up for herself

  4. Yes, I’m sure RKelly knows alot about JayZ and his skeletons so he knows not to say anything about Kelz.

    August chile just sit down somewhere you’re doing entirely to much. I’ve seen where people are questioning him putting it out there that it’s true with him and Jada. Smh

    I’m so sad for Lauren and the kids!! Nipsey was a great guy and always reminded me of Pac with his wisdom and wanting to help people. I also Was looking with the side eye when they did those pics. I just Knew something wasn’t right. So sad!!!

      1. Oh no G got me so woke I’m always looking real good and watching everybody,wat they say, how they say it,wat they doing, how they do it, wat G has been telling us it has opened my eyes so wide and i just Go back and look at certain things and listen to certain raps/songs…man when i tell U IM WOKE!!!!!!!

      1. The ones Nip and Lauren took and posted recently with the white horse and all…somebody said a white horse means death, now i never Knew that but for some reason the pics had me uncomfortable like maybe they were sending a message or something and now this happened smh scary world we live in!!

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing, it just didn’t seem right especially since he has never been mainstream. I just didn’t get it…I got a funny feeling when I saw those pics. It’s crazy because I’ve never been a fan of his (Nipsey) music but I really like what he stood for and the things he was doing for his community. This is so tragic, I feel like I’ve lost a loved one and never met this man a day in my life. 😔

      1. I never listened to his music either but always had a crush on him😉 he was just so cute to me with all that hair lol. But i also liked the things he was doing in the community. My husband would always say he liked his music and that he was next to Pac. But I’m going to listen to his album because people are talkn about how good it is.

      1. Ok so at first i was like are they “down”. So i went to both of their pages to see if i could spot some of the signs/symbols like if they were throwing them up or not. I also had noticed that Nipsey was at the big lunch/dinner thing recently that all the guys was at. I noticed Jim Jones and his crew was there too. I’m use to seeing Diddy and Jay and all of those type there but i was surprised to see Nipsey and Jim them there. So then the pics I’m just like man idk about these pics. I wondered Wat they were about, what they stood for. I’m still not all the way sure about any of it but G has said b4 that stylist,productions, etc that they all kno wats goin on and how to set it up. But we have been blind to it for some time now BUT with G coming with the tea for her sugar babies hunny I AM NOW WOKE!!!!!!!

    2. Yes when I saw the pics I felt like they were crossing over to another life especially the one with the horse and then I looked at the other one with them and he had the umbrella over his head and I thought of the rain man thing.

      1. Yes I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt something wasn’t right with those pics. I was thinking the same thing tho that they was “crossing over” to a new life. Smh such a sad situation. Ok so being that everybody knows about Pac being knocked off cause of wat he knew and how he was putting it out there. On the pic where Nip said “if they kill me y’all better ride for me” to me that says he knew it was going to happen he just ddnt kno when!! Then the tweet came. Smh

  5. Are Will and Jada still romantically involved? Or is the marriage like just a facade? I literally cringed when I saw her and August I kinda felt like she was using him for her pleasure lmao anyways August definitely in his feelings 😂

  6. It makes me feel very good that Nipsey’s friends are NOT buying the bullshit! Every time I go past a post and people are trying to argue somebody down about it being gang-related, I want to cry. Because up until about a few months ago I was one of those people that would just BELIEVE. There were things that I would question but then I would let it go. THIS I’m not letting go. And I’ve gotten into so much with people over this situation, but I refuse to walk around with a blurred lens about what’s going on. They don’t understand that the sooner we wake up the better off we are. Because these blinders are for a reason. They’re trying to weaken the strength so that when it’s time to fight people will be too blindsided to do so.

    But if we wake up now and start throwing this shit back in their faces then it’ll just come all the way down. But people are so quick to believe the propaganda and the narrative that the media is trying to paint for them. I don’t know what to say. But it hurts like hell that we’re allowing all of this to go over our heads.

    I’m so sorry for this long comment. I just feel so passionately about it. Especially as the mother of not just a marine, but a black man.

    This man was coached, and probably compensated handsomely for his work for these people. If he wasn’t, then he said his family up to be. But trust and believe that this was not gang-related, it was not personal, it was a hit that was ordered against this man. He stood for too much. What they don’t want is for us to evolve. They don’t want for us to be into black ownership. They don’t want us to be into our intellect. They don’t want us woke! And most of all they don’t want us uniting! What’s so hard to believe about that?!

    1. I wish I could Like this a million times…i feel The same way u do..I’m so very appreciative of G and her crew for waking me up!!!!!

      1. Thx sis. And I’m appreciative as well. We’ve been fed lies for so long. From kids on up.

      2. You are so very welcome. Anything you or anybody else wants to the hidden truth, let us know.

  7. 2019 HAS ALREADY GIVEN ME 365 DAYS WORTH OF STRESS ALREADY‼️‼️‼️‼️ Idk how much more SHOCK and SUGAR I can take….. G, y’all got me BORDERLINE DIABETIC 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. IG, We have to give you and others the truth. We all needed to hear the truth. That what makes us stronger.

  8. Someone is footing the bill for Kellz bc how is he affording to stay at Trump Tower all this time with no money coming in?

  9. But at first they said nipsy peoples said it was gang related honestly I just don’t know I just know those pics they were posting before all of this didn’t feel right. It’s a sad situation.

  10. From the love Nipsey is receiving you can definitely tell his city had more love for him than this b/s narrative they’re running .
    I was wondering what took the blogs so long . I picked up on that August Alsina video from the beginning 🙈.That man is hurt .
    We already HOV and a lot of other artist whom don’t have anything to say have a whole graveyard in the closet.

  11. I knew nipsey’s death wasn’t gang related
    And that this guy is the “fall guy” they can keep lying if they want and some ppl I know are buying it was gang related smh just DUMB!

  12. Let’s be real clear Nip wasn’t killed over no gang beef. Thats the story they putting out for the dumb m(asses). The truth is that shooter was more than likely comprised in probation or jail and Mk’d to carry out the assassination of Nip. Just like yes, on the surface the guy who shot Malcolm was of the NOI only later did it come out he was comprised by the CIA. Nip more than likely had a choice to make since he got that Grammy nod. And he was already independent 100% and he gain a Lil buzz by wanting to speak on our beloved Dr. Debi he those two things against him. Nip can’t be useful for the elite, if the elite can’t make no money off him. Ain’t no way in hell they gone let you be young black successful while 100% independent and you gonna get nominated for they awards get they bags and come back to YOUR BUSINESSES?? Fuxk No! “Rather than wait for him to be “down” let’s just snuff his light before he can get others to turn on theirs.” Sad.

  13. Since Nipsey owned the rights to his music, his next of kin (wifey) now owns it. His music has skyrocketed on streaming services. Follow the money trail and see who profits the most out of him being killed…

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