August 16, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Saturdays Hot Takes

  1. Which Eva are we talking about??
    ETHER…AALIYAH!!!!!! I always wondered which one of them sacrificed her out of Dame, Jay, or RKelly. But i think it was said that it was Dame that did it. Oprah it is most definitely TO DAM LATE!! Kendall will pop that lil coochie i see Lmao 🤣

      1. Yes like she said in the comments that Ether diss was all about Jay…Nas went off on Jay something serious honey!! Still listen to that song “til this day”

        Oh yea y’all another thing, so I’m assuming Jess Hilarious has “sold out” also???? I mean She did come from under Nick Cannon. So all his ppl that come off his show have they “sold out?” 🤔 i kno I always Have alot of questions lol 😝

      1. Ok thanks! I was just making sure. Wonder is it true about her finances🤔 and is her “donor” still stalking her like she says he is??? He also mentioned something about bonding her/them out of jail “again” …wats that all about??

        This is off topic too but i was also wondering did Ice Cube “sell out” also???

  2. Oooh, but I thought Flo Ridah and Pleasure P from Pretty Ricky were together??

    Kris n’em wanna flex their reality TV superstars muscle, but Jada and Will have that A+ Elites Hollywood muscle…they may teach them what real flex is.

    Too late may have lost a large fan/support base behind this.

  3. So does Oprah not want to deal with the backlash or does she realize that story was riddled with lies?

  4. If will and jada need me to beat all the karthotians/jenners asses bitch tell them to dm me on IG….. @thedutchessofshade BITCH I GOT TIME…..

  5. Trey Songz is clout chasing off of Meg because she’s poppin’ right now. His behavior makes him so unattractive to me…

    1. I said the same thing her college ass better wake the fuck up this nigga just want to get with her because she popping right now it’s the same thing with Offset he’s making sure to get his shit together because Father of 4 was a flop album and the rest of the Migos said they ain’t making another album so the only way he can be relevant in music and get people to still book him for songs is to stay with Card stop cheating so much. Trey hasn’t had a hit in years he ain’t getting bookings or features like that anymore Megan is his new come up and claim to relevance.

    1. That’s what I’m wondering. Apparently, on some of the truth blogs, they’re saying that she sacrificed her mom just for that purpose.

    2. I was thinking the same thing especially after seeing that her mom passed away. I’m hoping Gina is going to speak on her.

  6. I notice a while back you did a Blog about entertainers sacrificing their mother… did the big ole freak sacrifice hers????

    1. Someone mentioned in her latest song Big Ole Freak that the checkered floors are Masonic symbols but on the flip side she said her mom passed of a brain tumor

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